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OLTL: Discussion for the week August 30

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While the elitist snobbery was new, I saw last summer Matthew acting out plenty. I came to love Matthew and sided with him over B&N but I sure didn't see him as some perfect goody two shoes teen. He could be cutting and cruel and appeared to worship Asa's ability to get what he wanted. Clint is going to appeal to that boy who worshipped Asa and I see that as good story. Matthew is Luke Skywalker and he'll be tempted by the dark side (er Clint). I far prefer Matthew & Clint BE story to Matthew & David screwing whores.

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Someone needs to shred that memo! Today is prime example of a show that had some killer emotional setups and could have been very intense and dramatic. A family begins to mourn, a woman confronts a serial killer, and an uncle lures a nephew over to the dark side... all good soapy setups, and most of it was one great big yawn except for Bo walking into Matthew's neat trap about everyone having the right to work.

JVD, EA and KM were only ones really into their material today. KDP was like this is one great big joke of a story, MW, and I don't buy it for one minute and neither do you.

It's like the writers, directors and most of the actors are MIA.

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