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Shortland Street


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Sarah is such a moron. I can't wait until she looks like a complete idiot for believing Zac is innocent. I hope Roimata smacks her hard.

And this new rivalry between Vasa / Nicole is so entertaining. I love Vasa in bitch mode. She's such a broken woman. A great complex character. I'm going to need Nicole to start fighting back though.

Jasmine still needs to die painfully.

Luke's death is going to be so sad, but man, I've never seen a character quite like him with all his "quirks."

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Brooke has quickly turned into my favourite character. Funny how when I first started watching during the Bree story I naively thought she was some innocent heroine. I couldn't have been more wrong. She is fabulous on a stick. On the other side of the coin is douchebag Josh. One of the most shady chumps that's ever made me lose my lunch.

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I'm surprised none of the British soaps jumped on the Harlem Shake bandwagon while it was at its most popular (or maybe they did and I just didn't care enough to look).

I'm sure you probably feel like you're replying to yourself. I don't watch this show very often but I'm glad you're talking about it.

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EastEnders has a harlem shake video, but it's pretty pathetic. From what I could tell, only Fatboy and Tamwar were in it from the cast.

And thank you for your sentiment. I figure no one else will ever talk about with me if I stop so as long as I'm watching I'll keep posting away here and there.

As for today's episode, Jared needs to check himself quick. He's living like a king and all he could do is be a pest. What Gus and Vasa had was some of the best soap chemistry I've ever seen and he constantly has to sh*t on my memories. At least I can live happily with the wonderful Boyd and Nicole set up. And Lana really needs to put Kylie in her place. Though, I guess since I'd be devastated if Lana (Brooke Williams) left, I can forego sense and be on the Kylie guilt train to keep her in Shorty.

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I love SS. In England when it was first shown different regions showed diff shows ( so sometimes each region were at a different stage)

Luckily my region showed it from the begining til I think September 2001 or 2002. I used to watch it at lunchtime when I was off school with my Mum, then it started being on around 5pm so after school.

Then I had years of not being able to watch :(

Started again a few years ago watching Irish pace during the Joey serial killer storyline & then year and abit ago New Zealand pace when Jill got killed in the finale.

I now watch both Irish & New Zealand pace, so glad I dont have to get updates from wiki anymore

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Rachel is awesome amazing how she started on the show as a teen & has grown so much.

Great choice of top5 especially Brooke, Irish pace has just had a storyline where she scammed money from her Dad & even operated on him without him knowing.

Brooke is the love of my life. I could watch her all day. So many of the women are so complex on this show. Brooke, Rachel and Vasa being chief among them. I already miss Lana.

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