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Shortland Street


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Just started watching. I picked the week of Angel's arrival, like Bright Eyes, so yeah, I'm two months behind but I'll catch up. I like to give myself room, so to speak, between past and more current episodes.

Anyway, reading this thread helped me better understand what's going on but it seems easy enough to get into. I already like the Bree/Brooke/Annette storyline. I like Chris, would have liked to have seen his story that lead him to this point. I guess I can. He's the only original cast member who's stuck around, right? Is who he with Rachel, right? Reddish/brown hair? I like her too. They both seem interesting.

I like the show so far. It being a half hour (well 20-22 minutes) is great.

How is the pacing on the show? I feel like the soaps abroad always use more characters in episodes and the overall 'flow' is better, not so disjointed and some actual thought and length are put in some scenes (well, I haven't noticed too many long scenes in Shortland Street but it's a half hour, I kinda expect it)

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Rachel is one of the legends of Shortland Street. She used to be such a devious bitch. She's arguably the most popular character in the show's history. And like Rachel, Chris didn't stick around from the character's inception. Both have had long breaks from the show.

Regarding pacing, the show moves swiftly. If they would just get rid of Jasmine, Angel and Ula, I'd be a much happier camper. And though I very much enjoy the show, I do find myself thinking that if it was written by the EastEnders team it would be so much better, individual episode wise. Case in point, Friday's episode, which I won't spoil for you.

Where are you in watching now?

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Today was the final episode of the season. Here is the 2013 promo ... Will Luke succumb to his brain tumour, leaving his newlywed bride, Bella, a widow? Will Zac successfully frame Josh for raping Roimata? Did TK, after secretly being drugged by Zac, kill Murrary moments after he and Wendy finally reunited? Shortland Street returns for it's 21st season, January 14, 2013 ...

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I don't watch it too often but I enjoy hearing what you have to say. Since I have no real history with the show I don't have to punctuate your comments with any bitter rantings.

Thank you. You should watch the finale for the beautiful outdoor scenery they did with the wedding alone.

I do wonder what longtime fans think of Zac now being a rapist since he had earlier stints on the show before he returned this year.

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