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May 18-22, 2009


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1.(1) Y&R: Monday: 3.8/5,485,000 (+57,000)

2.(2) B&B: Monday: 2.7/3,744,000 (+577,000)

3.(7) DAYS: Monday: 2.0/2,723,000 (+273,000)

4.(4) ATWT: Monday: 2.0/2,615,000 (+62,000)

5.(3) GH: Monday: 2.0/2,592,000 (-111,000)

6.(5) AMC: Monday: 2.0/2,572,000 (+60,000)

7.(6) OLTL: Monday: 1.9/2,395,000 (-61,000)

8.(8) GL: Monday: 1.6/2,134,000 (+127,000)

1.(1) Y&R: Tuesday: 3.6/4,897,000 (+12,000)

2.(2) B&B: Tuesday: 2.6/3,328,000 (-416,000)

3.(6) AMC: Tuesday: 1.9/2,620,000 (+48,000)

4.(7) OLTL: Tuesday: 1.9/2,555,000 (+160,000)

5.(5) GH: Tuesday: 1.9/2,494,000 (-98,000)

6.(3) DAYS: Tuesday: 1.9/2,465,000 (-258,000)

7.(4) ATWT: Tuesday: 1.9/2,442,000 (-173,000)

8.(8) GL: Tuesday: 1.6/2,028,000 (-106,000)

1.(1) Y&R: Wednesday: 3.4/4,520,000 (-377,000)

2.(2) B&B: Wednesday: 2.3/3,107,000 (-221,000)

3.(5) GH: Wednesday: 2.0/2,588,000 (+94,000)

4.(4) OLTL: Wednesday: 2.0/2,582,000 (+27,000)

5.(3) AMC: Wednesday: 2.0/2,575,000 (-45,000)

6.(6) DAYS: Wednesday: 1.8/2,407,000 (-58,000)

7.(7) ATWT: Wednesday: 1.9/2,387,000 (-55,000)

8.(8) GL: Wednesday: 1.5/1,946,000 (-82,000)

1.(1) Y&R: Thursday: 3.4/4,527,000 (+7,000)

2.(2) B&B: Thursday: 2.4/3,229,000 (+122,000)

3.(4) OLTL: Thursday: 2.0/2,670,000 (+88,000)

4.(6) DAYS: Thursday: 1.9/2,567,000 (+160,000)

5.(3) GH: Thursday: 2.0/2,566,000 (-22,000)

6.(5) AMC: Thursday: 1.9/2,496,000 (-79,000)

7.(7) ATWT: Thursday: 1.8/2,265,000 (-122,000)

8.(8) GL: Thursday: 1.4/1,751,000 (-195,000)

1.(1) Y&R: Friday: 3.5/4,943,000 (+416,000)

2.(2) B&B: Friday: 2.4/3,437,000 (+208,000)

3.(3) OLTL: Friday: 2.0/2,599,000 (-71,000)

4.(5) GH: Friday: 1.9/2,510,000 (-56,000)

5.(4) DAYS: Friday: 1.9/2,475,000 (-92,000)

6.(6) AMC: Friday: 1.8/2,326,000 (-170,000)

7.(7) ATWT: Friday: 1.6/2,263,000 (-2,000)

8.(8) GL: Friday: 1.4/1,895,000 (+144,000)

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You know, ATWT is likely doomed next year, it's true......but B&B won't be far behind if it's demos keep tanking the way they have been. CBS doesn't own the show, so the international market means nothing to them; they get no money from it. If CBS's replacement programming for GL is profitable, CBS may be down to one soap in the next two years.

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Good point on B&B. I wonder if, with the international base, they might be the one show to successfully negotiate an alternative US network home (e.g., cable, internet)? That said, I don't know why I'm even asking, since the show has disappointed me for so long...

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B&B probably makes a ton of money for whoever it is that actually owns the international rights to it (The Bells?) that they might just negotiate a package deal with CBS to take both shows. I imagine Sony or whoever has so much business with CBS the network will just be convinced to take it as a loss in return for Y&R staying put. I don't think they will want to break up the two because that could limit crossovers, promotion and whatever other advantages both shows enjoy from being in the same family.

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B&B keeps losing in that key demo though. IN the end I am not even sure CBS will be able to ignore that.

They will weigh it in with how much they lose. If they end up losing a significant amount of the profit they make from Y&R, it won't be worth it to them at all esp. if they take into account licensing fees too. And all that would be gone with a cheaper talk show or game show or something owned by them.

They have never let company loyalty of other shows influence them before.

Remember Procter & Gamble made them as far as daytime and they made enough off the P&G daytime shows for years that they could afford to take chances with primetime shows.

Even back then it didn't stop them from cancelling other P&G shows.

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I agree that if B&B 18-49 women demo does not improve that it will be in danger of cancellation. GL was canceled when its 18-49 women demo was constantly at .9 and this was after the new production model to save money was tried for a year. Like ATWT, B&B is another show that I have stopped watching because it is such a mess. I can't even begin to figure out how to fix these shows.

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We don't see the 50 and above demo, but my guess is that OLTL does not have a lot of households there anymore which would affect their overall HH's. The bulk of their audience at this point seems to be under 50 thus the reason their demos that we see look good.

The last time I saw the 50 and above demo Y&R did very well in it. It is the only show that seems to do well in all demos and watching it you can see why. They are the only one that tries to reach the entire audience, offering something for all to relate too.

You would think after all the years it has set the pattern that some dummy behind the scenes would say "gee look at that it works."

YOu would think so anyway.

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That's just it, SteveFrame. ABC doesn't care about the 50+ demo, so they're not going to purposely model their shows after one that does do well in that demographic. Frons has even commented crassly that Y&R appeals to the nursing home set!

I've always wondered just how successful Y&R is in that 18-49 demo. Sure, it's number 1 in that group, but given that its HH numbers are much higher than those of all the other shows, you'd think that their demos would be substantially higher too. They're really not that far ahead of GH in that category. I think we can conclude from that that a good percentage of their viewer base (and more than wanted by advertisers) is 50+.

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No they are significantly higher in that demo either. They were #1 in it the last time I saw them and they were higher there than their other demos, but Y&R does well in all the demos which is even's out in the long run.

They are either #1 or near the top in all them which makes their HH higher over all.

It is the process of being well rounded that puts them over the top.

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