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Y&R: Week of May 11, 2009

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Cane going wouldn't be a big loss, but I'm more concerned of what is left once he's gone. The insulin shock romance with Lily and the weird planning for the character helps hide their problems with Billy (he's so shallow, he's been spread too thin storywise, and I've never believed most of his relationships with the Abbotts or Jill), or with Mac's reintroduction, or their overall muddled younger set.

I think Y&R needs a clearout of more than just Cane, or Cane and Lily. I would go as far as suggesting they clear out all the characters in that age range, except possibly Chloe, who has gone into more of a groove lately, and Daniel, if they can reconnect him to Phyllis and give him more of an identity. Then if Graz leaves, they can keep him around long enough to bring other characters in his age range, this time properly cast, with understandable motivations and relationships, instead of the "look out wall, here we come" storytelling. I'd also like to see Jana stay around but I think they may have reached the end with her. Billy, Mac, Kevin, Amber, Cane, Lily, Colleen, I think they all need a rest, some temporary, others permanent. I don't even know whether JT is still in their group or not.

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Just read this from another board and I'm posting it here (hope it's ok to do that) - BUT THIS SH*T, IF TRUE, WILL MAKE ME REVOLT. Seriously.


SOAP OPERA MYSTERY HOUR: This week's hottest blind item

—Which west coast superstar is being asked to take recurring status? You'll be shocked to find out who it is!

Poster: I've been told (very recently) that this is Melody Thomas Scott. She was asked to take a pretty sizable pay cut, but when she learned that none of the male actors (ahem, Braeden) had been asked to take the same cuts, she refused. Apparently the producers have been asking many of the female stars to take cuts (Jess Walton, anyone?) but they aren't doing the same with male actors.

Anyway, when MTS refused the pay cut, the producers asked her to go on recurring and she refused, telling them that if they continue pushing the issue, she'll quit -- and she won't come back like Jess Walton did.

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