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  1. You know Miss Jenkins!?I LOVES me some Miss Jenkins (Diane)! Don't nobody betta talk bad about Miss Jenkins! She's one of my fav charaters. Don't say nothin bad bout Miss Jenkins cause that's when Benita goes off! Mmmhmm...Just don't re-cast her with a great actress only to turn her into a stank ho with no semblance of the OG character and kill her off in 6 months... But I ain't one to gossip so you ain't hear it from me!

    1. DRW50


      Welcome back.

    2. SFK


      Well played! :-D

  2. Quite to the contrary, I think her run at Y&R has paved the way for a big career where I and others will enjoy more of her amazing-ness

    1. bellcurve


      Jobs are hard to come by for women over 40 in TV.

      She's not a name, she's already been fired from AMC and Y&R. Maybe she can play a dayplayer's mom on GH or be the new Kristen on DAYS. Just remember the good times with your She-Ro. Sorry. :(

  3. Damages is SO damn good.

  4. No fair just talking to Mark--we all want to hear the stories!

  5. Wow - 5 stars? Thanks!

  6. Wow - and they said Erica Cane was the Queen of Soaps. Looks to me like it's Miss Q!
  7. CPW was so good! The first season was more fresh, the second season got real Dynasty which was cool by me 2.
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