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GL Actor Returning

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When the show ends, and if they don't at least try to bring Peter Simon back as Ed, it would be unforgivable, IMO.

On a personal note, I'd love for Michelle or Ed to mention that Bridget is doing well wherever she is. I started watching in the early 90's, and Bridget was a big part of the show back then.

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The most important to me are:





Maybe Marah (only if Josh & Reva reunite, then Shayne and Marah should be on the show I suppose for the end)

I don't need Jonathan or Alan-Michael, but I do think if Jonathan does not return Sarah needs to because Phillip has a right to meet his grandchild. I don't need to see Jonathan ever again however.

Ed and Ross are a part of GL's heart to me (along with Holly and Vanessa), they absolutely should be back, and Harley was such a big part of the show for so very long to me it would just feel wrong to end the show without her being a part of it (regardless of how I felt about Harley the last few years).

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