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Van Hansis acting is so bad!!

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He is just way too dramatic and whinny. I was thinking earlier, he kind of reminds me of Justin from Queer As Folk, but Justin had more depth and was a little stronger than Luke. Luke is YawnCity.

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Yeah I think it is that too. It went all to his head.

See thats what I hate his whinny too over the top dramatic acting. I would love someone else playing Luke.

And what was with all the bad monster thing with Damian? Oh Gawd..that was so bad and so damn cheesy. I was LOL at it. I cant believe Goutman let that [[email protected]#$%^&*] crap on the air. So bad.

Oh can you copy and paste it here?? I would love to read it.

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Exactly. And all of that Nationwide Nuke stuff, as much as I might agree with the concept behind it, really just backfired in that Hansis is way too caught up in being spokesman for all us homos...when we never asked for it. Really, Van. We don't need you.

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