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I think McConnell knows there's a good chance Republicans will keep the Senate (polling is heading their way), but he's doing what he can while he can. 


A part of me is glad Biden is so blunt about that wretched Q cult but it makes me worry for his safety. And I'm not exaggerating. Look at this:



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1 hour ago, Wendy said:

Ah, @DRW50, you know I like you, but I have seen nowhere that says the GOP will keep the Senate. 538's Generic Ballot still goes for Dems, and WaPo had a recent list of flippable seats in play. So don't give up just yet. 

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No one has said that as it is still months away, but polls have moved more in that direction in states like North Carolina. Presumably Arizona and ideally Maine and Colorado (minus one with Alabama going the other way) will flip, but after that is going to be much tougher. If I am wrong I will be very happy. 


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What that means is Trump will still cut off funding but hopes the media will now ignore the story (which they will). 


He's lucky that Kelly is so spineless and that we will likely just keep getting off the record sources, which again means the media will lose interest. (I was surprised that someone at Fox News confirmed the story - they must be having a big internal battle these days).


Howard Dean says it best:



52 minutes ago, Ponds said:

Trump isn't going to do well in the states with a large military presence after the reports of his remarks today.  Soldiers overseas will be mailing their ballots very soon and I can't imagine they're too happy right now!


Hopefully their ballots will be treated carefully and safely, and kept away from pigs like Barr and Trump.


I had forgotten the military was tied between Gary Johnson and Trump in 2016. Clearly that did not last long. Not sure where they will end up this year. Some in my family who are long retired love Trump, others hate him. 

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