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SOD: December 2, 2008 Issue

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Cover Shot of Drake and Deidre [EXCLUSIVE! DAYS SUPERSTARS OUT! Hogestyn and Hall Leaving - Why Actors Are Being Axed]

Inset Picture of Nicole/EJ/Sami [Tragic Loss... And a BIG LIE]

Y&R Shocker: Nikki and Paul Have Sex!

The News Stories:

DAYS Gets A Pickup: Hall, Hogestyn Out!

McKenzie Westmore Joins AMC

GL: Reva Has Leukemia

Y&R'S Nikki and Paul Have Sex

AMC's Annie Stabs Erica

ATWT: Josie Is In Cahoots With Paul

B&B's Eric Tests Donna

Deidre/Drake/DAYS: Ken says the door is open for them to come back down the line, more or less. He explains that their already low budget has been cut nearly in half (40%). Talks about NBC's financial status and says that DAYS is lucky to be getting another 20 months, etc. I'm not sure this pertains to DH/DDH's firing, but he goes on a bit of a rant about actors willingness to take pay cuts. He pretty much says anybody can be recast (they're all just spokes in a wheel), fired. He says it's going to be a really rough 5 months and calls this "the darkest, worst period I have ever endured." DAYS is safe through 9/2010, at that point there's an option to pick them up for another year.

AMC: McKenzie Westmore is recurring. She'll be airing through March 2009.

Which Show? Insiders predict that if a certain East coast scribe doesn't shape up soon, a demotion (or worse) is coming for him/her. [so the East coast soaps are AMC, OLTL, GL, ATWT]

Y&R: Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) has signed on for 3 more years. Corbin Bernsen said Cooper called him up and said "Well, it looks like I got to live another three years." LOL.

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Anybody can be recast, he says??

"I would say that there are a few that are beyond recasting. Obviously Mickey, Maggie, and God rest his soul, Tom -- the original Horton family -- were never going to be recast. I don't think I could say the same about anyone else, except for probably Marlena, because nobody has ever played that role but Deidre (Hall)... I don't think the fans want to see a different Marlena. I don't even know if they would want to see a different John." - Ken Corday, Executive Producer DAYS, May 2, 1995

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Paul hired Josie to feign a connection to Jennifer and get close to Dusty.

Paul spotted Josie in an art school in Ohio and noticed her resemblance to his sister. He propositioned her. She'd get big money for saying a few things to Dusty to remind him of Jennifer. She had student loans and at first she saw it as "performance art." She didn't really grasp the cruelty, initially ... she's grown close to Dusty, etc.

So she's been avoiding Paul, who comes knocking during her anti-TG dinner with Dusty. Paul's not happy she's going off plan. Josie, on the other hand, would like nothing more than to get out of the plan. Paul manipulates her, "he wouldn't be interested in you if it wasn't for the info I've been feeding you." He offers her more money, she continues with the plan.

Dusty and Josie make love.

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This plot actually has some surprising potential. If this wasn't being deal with at the breakneck ATWT plot speed like the last few months it will be ruined, but if they do it slowly and build up Josie and her love for Dusty and him being unable to forgive her betrayal, maybe draw in Barbara who is unable to forgive Paul for forcing her to relive memories of Jennifer and have this somehow affect Paul and Meg and other characters, it could be a winner. Sadly I think this will be over by Christmas.

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