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  1. I totally agree, they have struck gold with Elizabeth Gilles. It will be interesting to see how they develop the Fallon character and if they keep Jeff in her orbit considering how much this incarnation of Dynasty has went in an opposite direction than the original with this pairing. I really hope they do something different with Jeff than continue with him having a vendetta against the Carringtons only for him to always be defeated by them. Part of me wonders if this Liam character is going to turn out to be Adam Carrington, they've already mentioned Adam so I wonder when they'll revisit this character. I think the amount of conflict between Blake and Cristal makes them hard to root for as a couple, they'll need to overcome this or the writers will need to find a way to develop Cristal in her own right, I don't get the love between these two and for Cristal to have longevity on this show she'll need to be a more fleshed out character and her relationship with Blake explored further. And unlike the original, there's definitely still feelings and a spark between Blake and Alexis so I'll be very intrigued to see where they go with them, Grant Show and Nicolette Sheridan have great chemistry but I think this Alexis needs to have her own love interest too before anything happens with them, in order to develop a little more independence for Alexis. Could we see a Dex Dexter in the new season?
  2. Renewed for a second season! I pray The CW gives it a more decent timeslot than the Friday graveyard for its second season. http://deadline.com/2018/04/the-cw-renewal-10-series-riverdale-all-5-dc-shows-supernatural-dynasty-jane-the-virgin-crazy-ex-girlfriend-1202356900/
  3. It was in a little flashback clip to Fallon and Steven's childhood. It's a home movie where Steven is playing (the old Dynasty theme on) the piano and then Fallon jumps in front of the camera to get attention. There's a mirror behind so you can see the reflection of a woman wearing a big hat and sunglasses who I'd presume to be Alexis.
  4. There is no point trying to replicate the Joan Collins mould for this Alexis. If Cristal is now a latina, Jeff Colby is black and Sammy Jo is a MAN then why not put a new spin on the Alexis character. I think Melinda Clarke, who played Julie Cooper Nichol in The OC, could be great as a bitchy new Alexis, or Kelly Rutherford who could take the character in a total ice queen direction. At this point they have nothing left to lose. I feel bad that it tanked in the ratings but they did this to themselves, there was no joy in the pilot, the way it was shot made it look really dull and lifeless when it should be glossy and glam looking. The wedding, for a billionaire and his new bride, looked cheap and dreary, and the inclusion of David Bowie in the soundtrack to make it "edgy" failed miserably. I do agree the characterisations of Fallon and Steven are very cliched (00s teen drama bitchy girl, 60s play harmless gay) and more work could have been done with them. I would have liked for the coin to be flipped where Steven is concerned. Why not take him down the road of a bisexual version of Ryan Phillipe's Cruel Intentions character, Sebastian? Rich playboy who flip flops between men and women all in a bid to get attention from his father, who still wont take him seriously? Blake pushes him away because he sees nothing but Alexis in his son with his manipulations and trouble making. As for Fallon, they've got something right with her wanting Blake to take her seriously and treat her as an equal, but why not use her as a perfect representation of how women are still fighting for equality with men, especially in Trump era 2017? Blake could be urging her to be the perfect pampered heiress doing fluff charity projects and having an Ivanka-esque powerless position within Carrington Atlantic (don't even get me started on the fact this doesnt nearly have the same ring as Denver Carrington) only for Fallon to oust her father from the company after a series of schemes to show her power and ability. She's your Tiffany Trump right there, not taken seriously by her father but this Fallon is determined to show him, and the world, that she's a force to be reckoned with. The Cristal/Sammy Jo having secrets that threaten to expose Cristal's new wealthy lifestyle plot is something straight out of so many failed late 90s/early 00s primetime soaps. Why not choose to portray Cristal as an educated, successful in her own right businesswoman? Why does she need to be a gold digger from the wrong side of the tracks? Wouldn't it be more interesting if, in this version, Cristal was just as much an equal to Fallon and Alexis? Able to outmanoever them while still remaining kind and pure?
  5. The first season has just been added to Netflix UK. Hooked. The telenovela on which it was based, La Reina del Sur, has also been added.
  6. Amanda has the potential to be a great character should the reboot go there and they keep the backstory that Alexis kept her pregnancy secret from Blake after he banished her from Denver only to later learn he is the father. There's a lot of potential to have her as the outsider, eager to build relations with the father she never knew she had and resentful towards her mother for keeping her away from the rest of the Carringtons all her life, jealous of Fallon and wanting everything she had - so much untapped potential for an Amanda/Fallon dynamic that the original Dynasty never explored. They could then go back down the Royal Wedding route with her again and pay homage to such an iconic Dynasty story. Is the reboot still set in Denver or have they relocated it?
  7. This sounds terrible! And changing the ethnicity of Jeff and his backstory takes away the whole Carringtons vs Colbys plot arc and history from the original series. Me no likey.
  8. LOVE most of it! The diamonds falling in the background of Nikki's shot, the champagne glasses clinking in the background of Ashley's shot (ironic since the bish can't get a love interest), it's giving me LIFE. I like the paint stroke effects and the background shots related to the character posing. My only criticism is the very generic font used throughout and the fact the "The Young and the Restless" text is so high up for the title card instead of being centred on the screen, And the reuse of the headless woman, if that was a motif they wanted to keep they could have easily reshot with one of their countless female starlets rather than use a shot of Michelle Stafford from over a decade ago.
  9. I bet you if Tamara Braun's Ava wasn't killed off during her last run, Ron would have brought her back and fully embraced her mafia princess status similar to Ava Jerome on GH
  10. This will only work if Corday backs the eff off and leaves Ron to do his thing
  11. Cheap you're so right! Is her mother that disinterested or uninteresting that she can't be on it? Look at Mama Joyce, or Porsha's mother...Kenya reading Sheree with Chateau Thelma, well where is Thelma? Her son looks like he has the personality of a brick, her eldest daughter (who she initially touted as her assistant) is with Sheree often on social media, why not on RHOA?
  12. I think the problem with Sheree is though, she has the potential to be great TV but she's too concerned about keeping up appearances. If Bravo were filming the ups and downs of the construction of the Chateau and all the trouble she's encountered, that could be really good viewing. The women talking about how she's faking it til she makes it and can't afford to pay, surely she has a loved one who cares enough to give her some tough love and say "Honey you cant afford this", SOMETHING like that. Also why has she not started a fitness line? Surely there's an activewear brand who will partner up with her or she could have story with Kandi and Todd producing a video for her (cue all kinds of snarky talking heads from Phaedra and Kenya), something!! Anything other than what she's doing now and I just want to see that goddamn Chateau complete.
  13. I've been rewatching ATL from the beginning and I'm on the season 4 reunion right now, where Sheree has just been asked if she's wearing She By Sheree and she said it's coming back soon, and that the Chateau is nearly complete. Cut to season 8 and neither of those things have materialised. I still don't know why Bravo benched her, she's TV gold. Her fight with Marlo, her squaring up to Nene at the reunion (let's be real, Sheree is the only HW who could ever go toe to toe with Nene and not back down, and give as good as she got). I want to know what's happening with the Chateau. We all seen those family pics on the stairs at Christmas and just the other day on her Instagram story there was clips of the family all having a gathering in the great room, yet she's not got a certificate of occupancy yet??
  14. In an ideal world, a return for AMC or OLTL would be great, and the Prospect Park versions were headed to a good place before it all went belly up. But is it fair to crap on the legacy of these shows for another failed reboot? If anything, ABC should trial them as telenovelas, running under the "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" banners with subheadings, meaning actors could return for short arcs and others could remain long term and intermingle with newbies. Online only, of course. It's a shame, if PP had all their eggs lined up properly these could still be airing today.
  15. Rinna is thirsty for the spotlight. Even when Erika was giving the "pat the puss" totorial Rinna was ready to get up and do it with her until YoLemon told her to sit down and "let her have her moment".
  16. Two minutes into the new series of RHOCheshire and the tagline recycling continues! First we had Suzie from Melbourne stealing Kathy Wakile from RHONJ's "If you cant stand the heat, get out of my kitchen." and the upcoming series of RHONY using Dorinda stealing Camille Grammer's "Diamonds arent a girl's best friend..." but Leanne from RHOCheshire is channeling her inner Taylor Armstrong... "I've finally found my voice and I'm not afraid to use it" make it stop!
  17. If the reunion told me anything it's that Andy is definitely planning on bringing back Sheree and Nene full time! Sheree got more exposure than Porsha and Kim Fields combined and it's nice to have to original HWs come back full time. Plus we can FINALLY see Chateau Sheree complete!
  18. If they dont give She by Sheree a peach next season and finally let us see that house get built I will be furious
  19. Except Queen Karen. She has truly become the highlight of the season. I hope if there's a second season, which I think there will be as they wont want any more one season wonders after DC, they should cut Cchaarrisse and maybe Katie. I hate that they've started always using sets for the reunions, I miss when they'd film in prominent locations in their cities in real places. As for BH, I think an overhaul is needed after this season. I'd definitely cut Yolanda and Kathryn and maybe Eileen too. Lisa V, Kyle, Lisa R, Erika and some new wives that actually live in Beverly Hills with that Adrienne Maloof season 1 kind of money and production values would be great. I wouldn't welcome Taylor or Adrienne back, they're better in small doses, but if Camille Grammer wanted to come back I'd welcome her with open arms.
  20. Didn't see this posted here, thoughts? I am DYING at those CGI stars at the end and not in a good way.
  21. I couldnt disagree with you more here, Sebastian's death was one of the reasons that movie had so much impact and also sets up a really good dynamic for how things are when this new series kicks off...Kathryn resents Annette for Sebastian's death and how she exposed all of Kathryn's secrets from the journal as a result, while Annette obviously hates Kathryn due to how she will never truly know if Sebastian loved her or if it was all part of his sick bet with Kathryn. And then please I hope more than anything Selma Blair reprises her role as Cecile (and Christine Baranski as her mother) that would be killer. I get that Reese Witherspoon will 99.9% likely turn down reprising her role especially as a series regular but with a worthy recast this role could be very relevant.
  22. "If you cant stand the heat get out of my kitchen" was that not someone else's tagline before? Maybe Kathy from RHONJ or Ana from RHOM?
  23. Was it not heavily rumoured when GH was recasting Carly when Tamara Braun left that Sarah Buxton and Galen Gering's wife Jenna were the front runners to secure the role? The casting of Jennifer Bransford was very surprising after these two names were banded about but I have to wonder if they knew all along that Laura Wright would be leaving GL in the coming months and wanted a placeholder Carly who maybe wouldn't be as well received to make the transition to Wright more welcomed by fans.
  24. Sorry why is nobody discussing the magnificence that is Chateau Sheree. That house will be gorgeous when it's completed...which should be around the same time as the material DAYS is currently filming makes it to air.
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