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  1. I miss SuBe so much! It used to regularly get 1million viewers in the UK if I recall, which was a lot for a daytime show on a lesser watched channel. Channel 5 tried launching DAYS after Sunset ended but it didnt do too well...it's odd, I think Passions would have been a lot better a replacement or GH.
  2. I'm so excited that Port Charles is back and I'm really curious to see what happens with Robin and Patrick's baby. Also, listening to ITZ...I cant WAIT to see what Maxie gets up to!
  3. I love the fact that the Qs are front and center, just as they should be. This looks set to be an interesting family drama that I'm looking forward to reading.
  4. UKBoi


    Looking forward to this. I like that your spinoff is focusing on characters who arent always front and center on the main show, unlike Night Shift which is just pimping the characters who are on far too much already.
  5. UKBoi

    Episode #1

    I have to say, I really enjoyed this episode! I like how you're basically starting up a new series but linking it to an old one, it really gives the best of both worlds. I like the chemistry between Megan and Vanessa, you can see that they're total opposites and I'm looking forward to their drama. I also find myself really liking Joy. I'm definately going to be coming back tomorrow to see what happens next.
  6. Jake Weary, Zac Efron (who does look kind of like Bryan Dattilo if you think about it) or even OLTL's Brandon Buddy could all be good choices for the role of Will Roberts. They're young enough to be believable as the son of Alison Sweeney and Bryan Dattilo but old enough to be involved in mature storylines.
  7. I just watched High School Musical for like the third time this week. I have the cold/flu and a good cheesy film like that is great for making you feel better. God that sounds sad...
  8. Well a hilarious option would be Samuel (after Sami) haha. Robert Roman Reed could be cool, Robert after Kate's surname, Roman after Carrie's father.
  9. UKBoi


    How about Grayson McCouch (Dusty, ATWT)?
  10. UKBoi


    For "Paris", I think Bobbie Eakes would rock it. For Jan's mother, I think Melinda Clarke from the OC would be great!
  11. UKBoi


    #1) Andrea Evans, Jacklyn Zeman, Kim Zimmer or perhaps Dana Sparks? #2) Jennifer Bransford would rock in this role! She may be a little young though? Laura Wright, Gina Tognoni or Kassie DePaiva would all be great for the role.
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    For Will: Jake Weary, Jesse McCartney, Zach Roerig Older guy: Ron Raines, John McCook Other teen: any of the Will suggestions
  13. UKBoi


    Jon Hensley, Jon Lindstrom and Bradley Cole are my choices for the 40something male. This Days fiction is really cool! Keep up the good work!
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