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  1. I couldnt disagree with you more here, Sebastian's death was one of the reasons that movie had so much impact and also sets up a really good dynamic for how things are when this new series kicks off...Kathryn resents Annette for Sebastian's death and how she exposed all of Kathryn's secrets from the journal as a result, while Annette obviously hates Kathryn due to how she will never truly know if Sebastian loved her or if it was all part of his sick bet with Kathryn. And then please I hope more than anything Selma Blair reprises her role as Cecile (and Christine Baranski as her mother) that would be killer. I get that Reese Witherspoon will 99.9% likely turn down reprising her role especially as a series regular but with a worthy recast this role could be very relevant.
  2. "If you cant stand the heat get out of my kitchen" was that not someone else's tagline before? Maybe Kathy from RHONJ or Ana from RHOM?
  3. Was it not heavily rumoured when GH was recasting Carly when Tamara Braun left that Sarah Buxton and Galen Gering's wife Jenna were the front runners to secure the role? The casting of Jennifer Bransford was very surprising after these two names were banded about but I have to wonder if they knew all along that Laura Wright would be leaving GL in the coming months and wanted a placeholder Carly who maybe wouldn't be as well received to make the transition to Wright more welcomed by fans.
  4. I remember when his casting had been announced and had they not also cast his daughter and then it all fell through?
  5. Sorry why is nobody discussing the magnificence that is Chateau Sheree. That house will be gorgeous when it's completed...which should be around the same time as the material DAYS is currently filming makes it to air.
  6. 100% here for this. Such a Beemer fan to be honest, now if only JER or Carlivati were writing for DAYS there would be endless scenes of Beemer and Lavoisier in next to nothing working out, in the sauna, etc etc.
  7. This was a great trailer. The new season looks like it's going to be a good one. And so soon!
  8. Michaele and her husband are the biggest turn off for this franchise. I remember reading when it was first on in the US that suggested they literally faked everything to be on the show and portray an image of wealth that they just didn't have (maybe they would have fit better in the Atlanta version) using someone else's house etc. I have to wonder how it would have played out had we seen the original full first season before it all got cut to shreds and reworked following the White House scandal. Do we know if Miami is definitely 100% done or is there a chance it could return?
  9. The DC franchise is being rerun in the UK just now (for those who don't know, ITV2 run a two hour Housewives block every afternoon, repeated at 9.30am the following day, which has made the Housewives really popular over here now) and it really was a flawless series. I say this as a huge Miami fan, but why Bravo gave DC the chop and renewed Miami after that HORRIBLE first season is beyond me.
  10. If you look, right after Alexia's comment, they cut to Lea giving her the major side eye.
  11. This show looks AMAZING in a Sunset Beach way... I CANNOT WAIT
  12. Blogger TamaraTattles (she who is being sued by Sheree Whitfield for going into the site of the unfinished Chateau Sheree and blogging about it) is reporting that Kenya won't be back for next season of RHoA. Kenya Moore Bids Farewell to Real Housewives of Atlanta
  13. Melrose Place cancelled?! OH HELL NAW! Gurrlll, hold my earrings!

  14. "I have a taste for luxury, and luxury has a taste for me" Ew no! Get off my screen! Did not like her at all. Bethenny vs Jill is so interesting, I wish soaps had this sort of complex female relationships playing out. It's not about a man, it's not about money, it's just two women and their friendship. I was team Jill but now I'm firmly team Bethenny. I cannot STAND Ramona. She needs to go. The NYC wives are so unlikeable, except from Bethenny and Jill.
  15. Plus he has said that he won't operate on her again because he thinks she's becoming addicted to it, so I guess the man has some backbone. I just wish Heidi would ease off. She's setting a bad example to the girls who look up to her by going out of her way to look like a Barbie doll. Any girl who says she wants 'H for Heidi' sized boobs, in jest or otherwise, needs a reality check. But yes, I am very interested to know about which male soap stars have had work done.
  16. Frank Ryan is the guy that did Heidi Montag's surgeries, right?
  17. Very random request here but would anyone happen to have the full mp3 of the final version of AW's closing theme tune? It was on WOST but I couldn't join because they didn't accept PayPal and now it's too late. I'd hate for this to be gone forever, it was a lovely piece of music.
  18. Shame, I always thought that sounded like it could have been amazing. I wonder if launching a soap similar to that would be a hit nowadays, the whole vampire genre is everywhere and I wonder if adding something like that to the daytime lineup of, say, NBC could revitalize the genre.
  19. Was there not another soap proposed for NBC shortly after Passions that would kind of be like a Dark Shadows update? I think it was called Thunder Cove or something? I remember reading that Lesley Anne Down was attached and that it would be a kind of sister show to Passions?
  20. This seriously pisses all over The Real Greenlee Returns... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf7OOX3ADY4
  21. I disagree. Bissix wasn't exactly the best actress in the world and while the Clare storyline was phenomenal, it ended at the right time. If she'd stuck around they would have had to have watered the character down to give her longevity, so I'm glad she went when she did.
  22. UKBoi

    Episode 313

    I'm excited for finding out who will play Cassandra and what her storyline is going to be. It would be funny if you guys chose Sarah Brown for the role. Will we be getting another PC Chronicles soon to tell us about all the casting changes the show is undergoing? And a new opening is on its way, right? PC is on a role these days!
  23. UKBoi

    Episode 312: Tough Love

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was very light considering the subject matter is so heavy, and I really want to see Carly get back on her feet. I dont know why, but when reading these scenes I keep picturing Tamara in the role instead of Laura Wright. One thing I dont get it is why Nikolas was so hesitant for Jason to see Carly...surely he would know that Jason is the one person who Carly might actually benefit from seeing at a time like this, or is that the point? Nikolas is jealous of Carly and Jason's relationship?
  24. UKBoi

    2008: April

    SO EXCITED BTH IS ON SON!!! About time this great show got some wider recognition!
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