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Talking Supercouples

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Supercouples are such an integral part of soap operas' identity, I'm curious to see how people define them.

What are the determining characteristics of a supercouple? Is it a couple that is generally thought of as soul mates, or just an extraordinarily popular couple?

For instance, Belle and Shawn have been set up as each others true loves since high school. Is that enough to qualify for the term? Or what about Zach and Kendall? They don't have the same "destiny couple" marketing, but I tend to think they're actually more popular.

And is it possible for one character to be in two supercouples? Or do the declarations of undying love to either party undo the superdom of the other? Brenda/Jax and Brenda/Sonny and Sonny/Carly all really supercouples? Or Holly/Robert and Robert/Anna and Anna/Duke?

Are supercouples a thing of the past? Or do you think that any of the newer couples on soaps could qualify as a supercouple?

To me, a supercouple should have years of history together and a huge fan base. So I actually don't think there are many younger couples that would qualify. So many of the most popular couples are fairly new (Zach/Kendall, Patrick/Robin, Gwen/Will), and in my mind, it would be premature to call them supercouples. One that I do think could have supercouple potential is Lucky and Elizabeth, but there, too, there are problems. They certainly have the history together, but Elizabeth is currently in another popular couple, and Lucky recasts have lessened the significance of their history. Who do you think deserves to join the ranks of the supercouples?

And, who is/was one?

Wikipedia lists these:

Would you add or take away any?

I know I would add Lucy and Kevin. They may have ended on a sour note, and most of the final years of Port Charles is best forgotten, but these two did actually go soap hopping together, and had most of the attributes of a supercouple.

I haven't seen much of Santa Barbara, but from what I've seen and heard, I would also add Mason and Julia.

Maybe Mickey and Maggie?

I would take away Shawn and Belle (forced together in a very inorganic way, in my mind, and dented by recasts), and Sonny and Carly.

What about all of you?

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Nope, Zach and Kendall by TODAYS standards definitely are a Super Couple, they have 4 years of history, have been married almost two, and have had two marriages, and just about every obstacle under the sun thrown at them in a little over a year without a breather.

Super Couple today aren't defined the same way they were in the past.

I think Zach & Kendall, Will & Gwen definitely qualify as Super Couples.

Patrick & Robin are one in the making, they need a bit more history under their belts to be one

There aren't many couples on soaps anymore that fit the Super Couple mold, Super Couples are definitely a rare breed.

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First of all, let me say, for the record, I'm not a fan of supercouples. I think they - more than anything else, really - are responsible for the mess this genre has become. Yes, I have favorite couples - Quint & Nola, Greg & Jenny - but when I watch a soap, I watch it for the whole show, and not just two people. (And no matter how much I might "dig" a particular couple, if the writing for that soap is uniformly awful, and stays as much for an extended period of time, I'm gone.)

But, to pretend supercouples don't exist in daytime, IMO, is a little bit foolish. So...

Supercouples, to me, have an us-against-the-world quality that is unmistakable, and undeniable. The "best" couples of this kind are those who shouldn't be together, but who can't help but be together. Perhaps, the best example of this is the very couple who started the whole phenomenon, GH's Luke and Laura. No matter how many forces were at work, trying to drive them apart (her marriage to Scotty, his connection to the Mob...the Cassadines, the fact that he raped her in the beginning...), very few would ever deny that their attraction to each other was too strong to be ignored, or that their love wouldn't help them eventually to overcome these obstacles, and more.

If you ask me, though, the absolute best couples of any kind are those who move heaven and earth to be together...but who just keep missing that damned boat. Examples: GL's Kyle & Reva, AMC's Edmund and Brooke. As then-AMC EP Felicia Minei Behr once said, in regards to Edmund and Brooke's breakup, "You don't always end up w/ your soulmate."

I think so, anyway. I mean, if that weren't true, then how do you explain, for example, ANOTHER WORLD's Rachel, who had that kind of love with Mac and with Carl?

I hope so, and...not really. Number one, romances, such as they are on soaps these days, are entirely too rushed or hurried for viewers to really feel that kind of love between characters. I don't mean any disrespect to any 'shippers out there when I say that, either. You have your favorites, and I totally respect that. However, at the same time, it's hard for someone like me to get behind alot of the more popular pairings today, when I haven't had the chance to get to know them the way I did Cliff & Nina, Tony & Annabelle, or even Mason & Julia.

And number two, couplings today are so calculated and focus-grouped and pre-determined, IMO, you almost can smell the so-called Next Supercouple in the Making coming a mile away. With some exceptions, my favorite couples all shared an organic, "accidental" quality.

Again, that's tough for me. I don't think the lot of them have what it takes to be among "the greats." I will say, however, it's refreshing to see ATWT's Luke and Noah sort of carry on that tradition, but in their own, unique way. (For a brief moment there, I was scared their run-in w/ Colonel Mayer would result in another love-on-the-run story.)

Let's see...

In terms of who to add:

AMC - Benny & Estelle, Brian & Hayley, Chuck & Donna, Jeff & Mary, Jeremy & Erica, Linc & Kelly, Linc & Kitty, Mark & Ellen, Mateo & Hayley, Mike & Erica, Phil & Tara, Stuart & Cindy, Tad & Hillary, Tom & Brooke, Trevor & Natalie

ANOTHER WORLD - Cass & Frankie, Cass & Kathleen, Catlin & Sally, Jake & Marley, Jake & Paulina, Jake & Vicky, John & Sharlene, Rachel & Mac, Rachel & Carl, Ryan & Vicky, Steve & Alice

ATWT - Jeff & Penny (in many ways, the original supercouple, before even Luke & Laura)

B&B - Ridge & Caroline

DAYS - Bo & Carly, Frankie & Jennifer, John & Isabella, Roman & Marlena, Tony & Anna, Tony & Renee (before DNA got in the way)

DOCTORS - Nick & Althea (who were a little "mature" for supercouple status, but who were definitely a fan favorite, back in the day)

EDGE OF NIGHT - Adam & Nicole, Preacher & Jody, Sky & Raven

GH - Scotty & Laura, Steve & Audrey, Robert & Anna (though, I will admit, Robert & Holly seemed to be more popular)

GL - Alan-Michael & Lucy, Beth & Lujack, Kelly & Morgan, Kyle & Reva, Matt & Vanessa (whom I hated, lol!), Mike & Leslie, Phillip & Beth, Tony & Annabelle

LOVING - Alex/Clay & Ava, Jack & Stacey, Jim & Shana, Trucker & Trisha

OLTL - Ben & Viki, Bo & Delila, Bo & Sarah, Brad & Jenny (a particularly messy supercouple, but...), Cord & Tina, Jake & Megan, Joe & Viki, Larry & Meredith, Max & Gabrielle, Patrick & Marty, Rob & Cassie

RH - Jack & Mary, Joe & Siobhan, Pat & Faith, Rick & Ryan

SANTA BARBARA - Joe & Kelly, Mason & Julia

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW - Len & Patti, Scott & Kathy, Steve & Liza, Tony & Jo, Travis & Liza

Y&R - Brad & Traci, Chris & Snapper, Cricket & Danny, Lance & Lorie, Mac & Billy (before DNA - and bad casting - got in the way), Paul & Lauren, Victor & Ashley

And in terms of who I'd delete:

Bianca & Maggie (AMC)

Craig & Sierra (ATWT)

Lucas & Sami / Shawn & Belle (DAYS)

Sonny & Carly / Jax & Brenda (GH)

Julian & Eve (PASSIONS)

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Yeah, I also didn't say I didn't partake in the internet age :lol:

We could sit here all day coming with with reasons the daytime genre is on its last legs..... was it inevitable? I am inclined to think yes it was.... what goes up must come down :(

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