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I didn't know Haidee Granger was black. She was pretty instrumental in LOVING's creative turnaround back in the early '90s if I remember correctly. I wonder what she's up to these days. Guarnieri I remember from The Cosby Show.

Notice that there have been lots of women of color working as HWs/EPs in daytime and not many men. I remember Rodney Christopher, a black man, working as a writer's assistant on AMC. I don't know if he ever moved up to being a credited writer.

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Her last known position was on Welcome To New York as a producer.

Terri Guarnieri has been named exec producer of the NBC daytime soap "Another World."

Guarnieri, a producer on "The Cosby Show" from 1986-92, was VP, daytime programming, East Coast, at ABC. "World" is produced by Procter & Gamble. (Variety, Tue., Nov. 23, 1993)


Rodney Christopher: Vice President, Advisory Services

Rodney Christopher celebrated nine non-consecutive years of employment at NFF in November 2006. He is responsible for and participates in a range of activities at NFF nationally. Previously, he oversaw all aspects of Advisory Services. Mr. Christopher was on staff from 1992 to 1996, and returned to NFF in 2001 to manage the Nonprofit Recovery Fund, which raised and distributed over $10 million to help New York City nonprofits recover financially from the economic effects of September 11th. He represented NFF on the selection committee for the inaugural New York Times Nonprofit Management Excellence Awards, and has served on the boards of the Artists Community Federal Credit Union, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Gay Men of African Descent, the New York Technical Assistance Providers Network, and the Simon’s Rock Alumni Association. In his years away from NFF, Mr. Christopher became a published author and worked in television production. He has a BA summa cum laude in Social Sciences from Simon's Rock College of Bard and an MS in Urban Policy Analysis and Management from New School University.


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I haven't actually read it, but I heard it was rejected for a number of reasons.

It took me two days to pull together the following from a really trustworthy

source, though, but this is conjecture:

(1) The town discovered Reva had a lesbian "fling" in her college days after

Reva refused to be blackmailed by an anonymous person (Cassie) and the

news of Reva's "experimenting" clashed with Preacher Josh, especially when

the person she experimented with (Julie Barr as Hope Spaulding for "3 weeks only")

came back to Springfield wanting to write a book--and seduce Josh away from Reva and Cassie.

(2) Vola used "vintage stock B&W footage" of Bert Bauer to introduce a "secret" mystery

in Springfield that was alluded to by daily showing these vintage clips of Bert

Bauer dubbed over with Bert saying that no one in Sprinfield must ever know

the secret contained in a letter in her jewelry box and that she must take it to her grave.

(3) Vola brought the Bauer family back by reintroducing Ed Bauer and a "new" hunky

grandson moving to Springfield. Ed was suffering from a special strain of "alzheimers"

where he developed a multiple personality and was suspected of being the town serial

killer while his grandson (a boxer) became at odds with Alan Jr. and they both fell in

love with a beautiful new girl in town (DemiNotchka Reardon).

DemiNotchka Reardon had a terrible secret that brought her "grandmother" Nola Reardon

to town for a brief 1 week only visit. (obviously budget reasons)

(4) Vola wanted her personal friend Sharon Gabot (ex-Raven, Edge of Night) to take

over the role of Alexandra Spaulding by having Alexander undergo a "face lift" and

wake up as Sharon Gabot.

(5) Philip (recasted) came back to town after a serial killer damaged Beth's brain which caused

her to turn back into good sweet person and lose her memory of her evil years, but

then Rick Bauer wanted her, too, and Rick's black wife tried to pull the plug on Beth,

but the serial killer killed the black wife.

(6) A serial killer in Springfield turned out to be an 8 year old black boy whose

mother turned out to be a hair perm mogul (Victoria Rowell in what Vola had promised

would be her "Emmy role"), "Hennessy Rossmore", who had returned to her childhood

home--in Springfield--to confront a horrible incident from her childhood.

(7) The town of Springfield was rocked by Bert Bauer's "secret from the grave", which

temporarily drove Alan Spaulding into a mental institution as Philip and Alexandra fought

to secure control of his company and new enemy Hennessy Rossmore (Victoria Rowell) vowed

to take it over as "revenge" for the Spaulding "maid's" suicide during Hennessy's childhood

(apparently because of Alan Spaulding, "little girl" Hennessy had been locked in a basement

with her dead mother--"the hanging maid"--for a whole week and become slightly "OFF"

because of it).

The maid, who had been Alan Spaulding's "backstairs" mistress, had hung herself.

A lot of the storyline featured revenge-thirsty Hennessy Rossmore vs. the Spauldings (Alan,

Alexandra, Philip) and Hennessy being pursued romantically by Jeffrey as she tried to rehabilitate

her 8 year old serial killing son (he killed off like 7 characters, including his basketball pal Remy).

I hear Barbara Bloom and Ellen Wheeler shot it down for being too over the top with too many

"over-40" veteran characters, though they supposedly agreed it was well written and most of the

expensive people (Julia Barr) were only on for a few weeks.

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Yeah I agree with you though you never know how things would play out on screen

until you see it acted out, but I don't like it at all.

Bloom supposedly was the one who suggested a serial killer plot be included for what

it's worth, but she was appalled at a child being revealed as the killer.

Btw--I would kill to know what Bert Bauer's "secret from the grave" was. The whole

Spaulding thing was separate from Bert's big secret that rocked the town.

Bloom and CBS were opposed to using "stock footage" of a dead character and

having that character on-air in a storyline every day for 6 months, but it is

legal and with "over-dubs", they can do anything.

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Thank you so much ChangedBYSon for this info. :D Yes, a few of what you posted about Voof's proposed stories are over the top (eight year old serial killer?), but some of them showed promise. I'd love to know what Bert's secret was- especially if it drove Alan right into a mental institution! :lol:

As for Rowell in the role of Hennessy Rossmore, I love it already! Man, Voof needs to be writing for a ratings-challenged show before it is too late.

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HAHAH It just is so over the top that I actually admit I think I may have watched--it seemed like what Pasisons hsould abeen if Reilly actuallyc ould wright camp--though I take it this wans't mean to be camp. When was the bible offered to GL? I have to admit i've never even heard of Vola Voof before...

Did she submit work to other soaps?


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