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EW/HW - Now and Then

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Ok, I don't mean to sound stupid here but this whole conversation has me a little confused so if anyone could answer a few questions for me I would appreciate it.

1. As I understand it, she supposedly wrote for Days and YR right? Did we ever get any conformation on this from anyone but her? Did the soap admit that she was there.

2. She Ghost wrote for them right? If she wants to get into the soap business why would she not want to get credit for her work? That doesn't make any sense to me.

3. She wrote a bible for GL, YR, and Days? How were people able to see these bibles? Did she leek them to the public after she was turned down?

4. Now there is speculation that she is at OLTL? But from other posts she is in other countries so how is that possible?

5. What episodes of Days did she write?

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QUOTE (Chris B @ Nov 11 2007, 05:08 PM)
Y&RWorldTurner, she was credited for one script at DAYS and it was a great script btw. Obviously it wasn't the only thing she worked on. Boof even said in audio interviews with WoST that she was ghost writing on another soap, but didn't reveal it was Y&R. The reason it was on the hush is because of all the exploitative press they'd get because of her Osama bin Laden connection. This is untimately why she was fired from DAYS, not because of talent, too much press.

My source told me months ago that three slots would be opening at OLTL in November and that Ron was interested in her. Same source also said that she would be credited for her work. I posted this in the Writers and Directors thread BEFORE Veronica Sandridge was credited, so it's not something I'm retconning. It was out there, but nobody was willing to entertain any Bola Boof talk. VR apparently tried to get her credited at Y&R, but was unsuccessful.

Chris everybody writes bibles all the time for extra money. The producers want bibles to skim new ideas from.

I hear Patrick Mulcahey wrote a ton of rejected bibles for "GH" and lady named Anne Shoettle keeps submitting bibles

to "Days" that get trashed.

Karen Harris "supposedly" wrote a killer bible for AMC that Frons wouldnt approve but people could not stop talking

about it. Her co-helper was Victor Miller.

Columnist Marlena DeCroix submitted a bible to Brian Frons that was really great but too expensive to produce.

Tricia Pursley who played Devon McFadden on "AMC" wrote a fantastic bible that Julia Barr and Susan Lucci really

liked but the network said no.

Kay Alden's bible for "AMC" which I have not seen is supposedly radical in that it focused on Erica and Brooke,

killed off Ryan Lavery in a car crash caused by Greenley and un-did the un-abortion storyline.

Frons felt she took the show too seriously and didn't want the show to revolve around Erica and Brooke's feud.

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If K0!a was the one in charge of doing the story for the Winters Family(Carmen Murder shiz excluded), she did a decent job.

There, I said it!

It wouldn't surprise me if she, herself, wrote one of the best scenes of Y&R that year: Carmen and Dru in the Newman Break Room.

"Oh no, I got a problem witchu b***h. I got a problem witchu." LMAO. It fits her style. I liked it, even though it made Dru come off as batshiz crazy.

Although I don't like B00#'s tactics, I DO admit, she'd probably do better than most HWs now. But she would need to stay off the boards and keep that mouth of hers shut to keep a job. Which is difficult for anyone(including me) to do.

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You have GOT to be kidding.

She was fired because of too much press attention! LOL

Have you ever heard of "GOOGLE SEARCH"? There was tons of press about her writing for

"Days" from the N.Y. Post to TV Guide to Time Magazine.

Days Exec-Prod Stephen Wyman claims he's one who hired her in many articles.

Here's a Google link:


I like this one called "Vola Wars"


She never wrote a bible for "Y&R", she was ghostwriter there.

She wrote bibles for "Days" and "GL".

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Bellcurve, wanna know a secret?

The shows have gotten to the point where they only hire writers they can "CONTROL", people

who will do what they're told.

That's why Karen Harris and Kay Alden don't get HW gigs even with very strong bibles.

That's why Vola Voof, who all the soap producers LOVE for her energy and personality, don't want

to have her because she is like a Victoria Rowell, too unpredictable.

Pam Long, Lorraine Broderick and several others have said they won't come back to daytime

because they can't stand being told what to write, what to cut. The producers mess up the writer's

name and reputation by tweaking their stories.

Frons is not about to deal with a good strong writer like Karen Harris who isn't going to

bend to his will all the time.

He'd rather have Dena Higley or look at Jean Pasanante at ATWT who basically is told what to

write step by step.

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That's not true, did you listen her interview with our very own Ryan on his radio show, from earlier in the week? She said she never had an interest in writing for soaps, and had many friends who have wanted to write for soaps, but couldn't. She went on to say that the industry doesn't like hiring aspiring new writers, that's why the same old hacks are recycled from show to show.

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Yeah that IS her and I'm surprised you find her comments shocking.

Many African and African-Americans don't want to have "mixed" children, especially

Africans I've noticed.

I'm black and female and I totally understand where she's coming from.

She's not against people who are mixed, but she's tired of the media and society

basically sending the message that blacks must become mixed or they aren't


That was one of themes in her autobiography that really made me like her was

her lack of self-hatred. She feels being black is fine by itself.

It's unfair how whites are not given the same messages at the box-office or during

MTV. You still see a majority white movies feature two white people in love and a white family.

I notice her message resonates with a lot of black people and others being told that we

must assimilate.

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ChangedBYSon, Victoria Rowell had the Y&R writers write that Dru was upset with Damon for dating Phyllis, who is obviously white. I thought it was a nice touch since like you said, these things are major issues among black families.

This sounds perfectly in line with what she did at Y&R. I'm bias because I love Jill, but I think her best storyline was reigniting the fued between Jill and Katherine. If she could do half as good for Brooke and Erica, that would've been a showstopper. I will never understand why a DEMAND for an AMC headwriter isn't to make Erica central to the show. She never has anything to do and she's ABCD's biggest star. GH also should've given Genie Francis MILLIONS and a primetime deal (ala Kelly Monaco and Tyler Christopher) to sign a contract. Did no one see the ratings they got? If they could've stayed at 4 million they'd be in great shape.

It's not a surpise that the networks want people they can control. It's the only way to explain how B&E got hired at AMC after cancelling so many soaps. I still haven't seen a single story that could've WOWed producers enough to hire those hacks.

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