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  1. I enjoyed last nights episode- a little over the top but I liked the return and was really shocked by it.
  2. I'm sorry I should have been more specific. I was really referring to his plans for the small business where he plans to cut the payroll tax by doing so it should increase employment.
  3. Ok so I realize that most people on here hate Romney (and I'm sure there is good reason) but for the sake of argument if it was anyone else that proposed his plan for the economy is there anyone who thinks the ideas are good? Goldendogs, I think that it will be very interesting when everything comes out about Libya and who knew what and when.. The question I think is who will be the scapegoat.
  4. Romney hands down won. Jim Lehrer was a joke as the moderator-he had no control from the beginning. I am really looking forward to the next couple of debates to see what else they have to say.
  5. The whole episode was great start to finish. There were several things that I didn't expect to happen that happened and overall very impressed. After what I consider last year as very lack luster I am optomistic that this could be a great year.
  6. Really this election has become so sad. A month ago I honestly had no idea who I would vote for and I really still don't. Every time either one of them open their mouth I'm waiting to hear what stupid thing will come out. At this point I think our country is in even more trouble no matter who wins.
  7. What I find ridiculous is tha most Americans probably would not have heard nor seen this video had these events not happened. Now the video has had so many hits on it eventually everyone will have seen it. I also don't believe that it actually had anything to do with the attack in Libya- that was premeditated I believe and was done in junction with the 11th anniversary of 9/11. I have actually heard news reports that one of the men had actually posted hours before he died that something didn't feel right and felt like there would be an attack of some sort.(Not sure how reliable this is but I have read it on two different web sites.) Also I know this is a heavy election time, but I'm not sure how I feel about either Obama or Romney actually doing any fundraising or campaigning today. They are both using this tragedy as a talking point of why they are the better canidate. I see both events as attack on us, our people, and our beliefs, if for nothing else it says we need to somehow come together as a united country again and stand against those who try to take those away and become the strong country we used to be. (just to clarify I am NOT advocating starting or getting into another war)
  8. If done correctly and not rushed then it should not discourage anyone to vote.
  9. Well said and I completely agree with it. I do believe they started to move forward with this shortly after 2010, but now that it is so close to the election it seems far to rushed to get the other states going this way. It is too close now and should be back burned until after the November election.
  10. I could be wrong but I believe that they were trying to enact this prior to 2010. It wasn't until shortly after that it be came more heard of. This is not a new thing ten states passed the voter Id law after the 2010 election. This wasn't talked about much in the news until lately with the closeness of the election but it is not a new idea. I believe that there should be some sort of identification process- but I also don't think it should cost money for it, it should be somehow accesible to everyone.
  11. While I feel that this election for me is whether to stay with the devil I know or the devil I don't. I don't feel that Obama has lived up to the expectations that we put on him. Is it all his fault no probably not but it still leads to the question of whether he will be able to do it this time or will we be even worse off then before. I don't quite understand the whole the republicans were against him from the beginning and didn't support him- didn't the democrats have control of House and Senate for the first 2 years? Does that mean he wasn't getting his own parties support either? Romney- Maybe he has good ideas maybe he doesn't for the most part so far I haven't heard enough from him on what those ideas are just that he wants to change everything Obama did. If you have ideas tell me- I'm ready to hear anything you got. As far as raising taxes\not raising taxes, medicare/medicaid reform, I think a lot of the problems with these things that as a country our social lines have blended so much. What is/should be classified as the lower, middle, and upper is different to everyone. Are there many people out there that need help absolutely unemployment is up wages are down but nothing irks me more than seeing someone in a fancy car with perfect clothes, nails and hair getting govt assistance that could go to someone who really needs it.
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