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EW/HW - Now and Then

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ISNT it crap!!!?? :lol:

I completely agree with you.

I don't know what she was thinking with these stories.

The person who emailed me the info has been trying to buy the actual

bible from some underground folks in NY.

I was amazed how crazy it sounds because people usually rave about

her writing.

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It's 1989, but you'd never know it on some soaps given the lack of well-developed minority characters. A tough and candid story takes on this highly charged issue and rates the shows based on their treatment of the minorities. Some score high marks while others fail miserably. Here's the ratings given:












Source: SOD March 1989

The difference between 1989 and 2007 where race is concerned is shocking. The only show that is attempting to showcase non-caucasians is Y&R. GH continues to disappoint along with the other six shows.

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The child serial killer thing is pushing it, but since that was suggested by Barbara Bloom, I'll give her a pass. I also fail to see how Ellen Wheeler could or Bloom could turn their noses up at it...have you seen Kriezman's GL or LML's Y&R? lol What about ATWT with Prostitute!PaulShooting!Emily, the Raven lake serial killer, Porn!Star!Ali, etc.? After reading a summary of Boof's GL bible, I actually don't think it sounds bad. It had an over the top feel to it, but in a good way, a way that would bring buzz and could work if executed properly. Right now GL is launching a horror story (with Cassie, Edmund and Will) which is a disaster. If they were going to do it, they may as well have given Moof the spot.

Love the idea of Julia Barr and Kim Zimmer as lesbian lovers. It is totally believable that sex addict Reva has swung both ways. It also sounds like Reva is with Josh and not Cassie, which is a positive. The return of the Bauer's, plus Bert could be a classic, if the secret is good enough. I don't think she'd pull a Maryanne, so it's a shame they didn't pursue this. Love Ed's return (where is Michelle though?), the multiple personalities could give him lots of meaty material to shine. Marj Dusay has always sucked as Alexandra, so I'd be open to anyone taking over the role. Is Sharon Gabot any good? Phillip being recast is overdue. I hate all this off screen stuff they keep doing.

Of course I'd be in support of the Victoria Rowell angle. If you guys look at the stuff she wrote for the Winters family last year, it was very character driven with a strong focus on the family. I can see why she caused such a stir among the cast. But that's another story.

My question is, why couldn't GL hire her as a co-headwriter, story consultant or script writer? Why just throw everything out? You mean there isn't *one* story in that bible better than the Natalia/Rafe take over we're seeing now? They could've allowed her to work at GL and see what she could bring to the show.

Since you guys revealed that, I guess I could tell about Daniel's porn addiction on Y&R. A story she created, but didn't get to pursue. If you guys recall, there was the big reveal that Daniel and Kevin had Alex fake rape Lily to redeem Kevin. Everyone was confused when there was no fallout. Originally Daniel's porn would begin, but it got sidetracked with Carmen's murder and then Christal Khalil returned (who Boof refused to write for). If you guys recall, in the months CK returned she hardly ever appeared and was written out of all the family scenes. Boof tried to get the role recast, but was obviously unsuccessful.

Basically, after Lily learned of Daniel's betrayal, she begins dating a black boxer who Neil dislikes. Then Daniel begins looking at porn and develops a sex addiction. He falls in love with Jana, who turns out to be a transvestite. The entire family, including Dru and Devon, would be involved. As the story was executed we still have no clue why Daniel was addicted to porn.

I don't recall all the details bc the emails are on another computer. All I can remember about her DeMira story on DAYS is that Lexie was a major player and gets battery acid thrown in her face. No boring EJ/Sami true love crap, it would've had major, long lasting impact. Kristen played a major part in this story as well. Had it been done, DAYS would've been laying the groundwork just in time for Eileen Davidson to be fired from Y&R. Funny how things work out, because you DAYS fans were close to the big Kristen return. Unfortunately, I doubt Hogan even knows who she is, so don't count on it now.

It had an over the top feel to it, but in a good way, a way that would bring buzz and could work if executed properly. Right now GL is launching a horror story (with Cassie, Edmund and Will) which is a disaster. If they were going to do it, they may as well have given Moof the spot.

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ChrisB, I love reading your posts. They are insightful, informative & entertaining! :D

I burst out laughing when I read that Boof refused to write for Khalil. :lol: I imagine it might have went down like this: "Hell no! I ain't writing for that [[email protected]#$%]". By the way, I still do not know why there is a feud between Rowell & Khalil.

There are some serious cliques behind the scenes at Y&R. A lot of people roll their eyes at the mere mention of jealousy being a major reason, but the fact is, it is there. Many people are jealous of people like Boof, Rowell, Sherwood, just to name a few and have succeeded in running them out of daytime. I think the only way Rowell returns to daytime is if she is allowed to be a writer. Who declined Rowell's request to be a writer on Y&R? Was it Bloom? LML? Anyway, Rowell gave LML & her fellow cast mates a big F-U by quitting! :lol: Many fail to understand the strong appeal of Drucilla & Rowell. Since her departure, Y&R has fallen hard in the ratings & quality.

What has been going on with Sherwood since her controversial firing? Who fired her? Bloom or LML? I honestly believe Sherwood's ouster was about two things: trying the downplay racial differences and jealousy. I heard that some people at Y&R intentionally got Sherwood angry just so they could fire her.

As for Jana being a transvestite...hell to the no! Any word on Boof being wooed by Frons to join OLTL?

What is it going to take for people to realize that daytime is in a critical condition? If Frons truly cared about AMC, OLTL, and GH, he would have resigned years ago. Have you seen the latest ratings for ABC-D? I truly believe that Boof wants to "save" daytime, but many people have their own agendas.

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I don't think there is a fued between Rowell & Khalil, they just aren't close. Not all co-workers are going to be friends. I recall in an interview when Phick began, Sharon Case was asked about her friends in the cast and she said most were off the show by that time and she just came to work. I think she named off some crew members and Jennifer Gareis. Considering VR visited her at the Y&R set recently, I guess they like each other.

The reason Boof didn't want to write for CK is because she didn't think Davetta's firing was fair (or that she was a good actress). When she and Rowell couldn't get it reversed, Boof suggested a recast, but was turned down. When she left shortly after VR, CK's Lily began being featured more. I heard she was told they wouldn't be needing stories for the Winters after VR left.

I'm not sure if the writing was a major part in VR's decision, although I can understand why that would upset her. LML has let everyone she knows

(including her son who hasn't finished college) write for the show. Plus Rowell's book got rave reviews and she was allowed to write for Diagnosis Murder. Why not at least let her write test scripts? I agree that they didn't recongnize just how important VR was to the show. The Winters family is dead without Olivia and Dru.

Yeah, daytime needs new writers with bold visions who come from other fields. The fact that Boof was a fan is an extra bonus. Same for Kay Alden at AMC. Although he got worse over time, Hogan did great things for ATWT and wasn't from a soap background. His early years on that soap were excellent. Instead I'm sure there is a bidding war for Megan McTavish and writers with similar backgrounds of destroying soaps.

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Victoria Rowell has told all the soaps she will gladly return to daytime if "Vola Voof" is HW.

That's why GL commissioned and paid for a bible.

Rowell knows that Voof L-O-V-E-S her and would write her into an Emmy Award. That bible

sounded like an Emmy for Rowell, especially playing the mother of an 8 year old serial killer

who has to be "rehabilitated"!

Think of the "psychological drama" Voof is known for.

Think of the townspeople being torn over sending a little kid to prison, but on the other hand

mourning all the people he killed.

Knowing the caliber Voof writes at, I think Rowell would have been up for Emmy.

The problem is both these chicks are seen Black DIVA B****ES, who can handle one of them

let alone both on the same show?

Ellen Wheeler would come unglued. LOL!

Kim Zimmer might have snagged another Emmy, too with the "college secret" from her past


I've heard Voof is actually pretty sweet and is a champion surfer. She's very soft spoken and

usually popular with the guys on the soaps supposedly.

She has a soft spot for E.J. Wells on "Days" because she's the one who created him. I got

confirmation of that from both a Producer on the show and from James Scott that she wrote

a whole 150 page "Character Outline" introducing him to the show, but was James Reilly's "idea"

but then Reilly left before anything was written. Voof came in and created/wrote E.J.

OLTL has no interest in Voof and have not approached her according to people at OLTL that

I know.

Frons reportedly likes Voof but only hires writers he can control.

She's in Denmark according to that country's national newspaper and will be going to

Sweden and Norway in the next month to continue promoting her books which are selling

like gangbusters in Europe so I wonder if she's actually available.

Chris B, it's amazing how much you know because I've got really good contacts Behind/scenes

on Y&R and you're like...SO ACCURATE.

Except Janna was going to be discovered to be a "sex change", not a tranvestite.

The lady who plays Phyllis hated Voof and neither Rowell or Voof thought Lily

should be "white" again. LOL! Is what I heard.

I guess it's all gossip.

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    • Sharon Case, Eileen Davidson, Amelia Heinle, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Melissa Ordway & Melody Thomas Scott so far seem to have re-shot their opening post-#YR50 cast photo and around the time of the gala filming. And I'm feeling as if it is possible both Lauralee Bell, Courtney Hope & Kate Linder's opening shots might have been a re-shoot, as well. I fully think if they had used the typeface from the 2003 opening it would improve it!

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    • Is there a subsection of time where quality (writing, production, acting, etc) slumped during what was otherwise a show's strong period. For example, The Wendy Riche era on GH (1993-2001) was especially strong. However there is a decline in quality after 1996 because of increased mob focus and the eventual departures of Brenda, Robin and Johnathan Jackson's Lucky. Some charachters like Tony, Bobby, and Felicia becan slipping into backburner status toward the end of the era.  Y&R was strong from about 1989-2001. There was however an inbetween period of 1994-97 where there felt like some drops in storytelling and production value. The camera work became more ornate after 1995 but the glamour factor especially in wardrobe was lost after 93. 
    • I will say the first 7 years are gold especially in terms of production value. Much like Y&R there was a slight quality slump between 1994-97. (In fact all CBS soaps minus Guiding Light maybe faced a alump after 93).  Much like Y&R, 1998-2002 was pretty good IMO.  I'd call it Bold's silver era. Brooke/Thorne/Macy, Brooke/Taylor/Ridge,  Brooke/Deacon/Bridget and Sheila's '02 return are some good storylines from that period. From what I've watched on YT, more trashy, cartoonish and camp than the earlier days of B&B but it's silver compared to today's show. I still need to get into the Rick/Amber/Kimberly/Deacon mess to guve it a solid judgement.  
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