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EW/HW - Now and Then

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ChangedBYSon & Chris B, you two are the ONLY members here worth reading! The others have got nothing on both of you. :D

Boof's comments are extremely refreshing. I read her interview with Kam Williams (http://www.aalbc.com/reviews/kam.htm) and laughed out loud countless times and that is a good thing. Boof needs to be a head writer, or at the very least a Creative Consultant, on any daytime show she chooses. As far as I am concerned, it is Boof or cancellation. With a strong ensemble of thespians, writers, directors & producers, Boof can "save" GL. She can even turn GH into the powerhouse series it once was. What are Procter & Gamble waiting for? Are they waiting for more record lows?

QUOTE (Chris B @ Nov 12 2007, 02:18 AM)
GH also should've given Genie Francis MILLIONS and a primetime deal (ala Kelly Monaco and Tyler Christopher) to sign a contract. Did no one see the ratings they got? If they could've stayed at 4 million they'd be in great shape.

I do not understand how ABC-D loves Geary and ignores Francis. Francis is just as important to GH as Geary is, and is just as talented. GH missed many oppurtunities to overtake B&B. How difficult is it to beat Bradley Bell on a regular basis? Boof, where are you? Daytime is dying (look at the latest ratings), and you can revive it.

QUOTE (Chris B @ Nov 12 2007, 02:18 AM)
It's not a surpise that the networks want people they can control. It's the only way to explain how B&E got hired at AMC after cancelling so many soaps. I still haven't seen a single story that could've WOWed producers enough to hire those hacks.

I think the HW who is the easiest to control are Esensten & Brown, followed by Passanante (Goutman has basically been the HW for many months now) & Kreizman.

Esensten & Brown SOD Interview: http://www.soapoperadigest.com/features/am...hetransformers/

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I don't understand the shock. I'm being objective. The assimilation she's so worried about should be examined starting with that weave, wig or whatever it is passing for hair on her head. I don't see a prevalence of images suggesting a "mixed" society either, but if there are, people of color are among the first to help perpetuate them. The darker you are, the more problematic you are in this country. But that's not what she's saying. Damn, don't people have a right to love who they want to? On the basis of her writing prowess, I balked at the criticism she consistently received here. But her comments at Boykin's site had me thinking the woman is certifiable. You don't go around calling people octoroons if you want credibility and respect.

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If network executives refuse to change Head/Breakdown Writers, why not recruit Creative/Story Consultants?

RSJ on AALBC: http://authors.aalbc.com/rolands.htm


TMA on AALBC: http://authors.aalbc.com/tina.htm


EJD on AALBC: http://authors.aalbc.com/eric.htm


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Actually, darling, that article doesn't say you were in Denmark, and it doesn't say your book went to #1 there. But you knew that.

Given that your U.S. Amazon sales rank is #689,999 today, it's hard to imagine you're selling any copies at all, never mind topping the bestseller list in a non-English speaking country.

But you are all the way up to #410,162 among JUST THE ENGLISH BOOKS that Amazon.de sells, so you probably sold, what...10 books last year in Europe? If not at Amazon, just where ARE all those daffy Danes buying their copies?

tima usruh, sweetie, tima usruh


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    • Well given the rumors I can see why. Monyetta (and foine Heath) supposingly stepped up. And then new girl Courtney was gunning for that peach. Surprised she did not get 7th Housewife place.   I don't think the FOHs on RHOA have been this important since Season 6.     
    • Ryan's Hope had to endure a lot of recasts, but I found the ones I saw mostly worked.  Mary Ryan - Of course Kate Mulgrew was a star in the role, but I feel like had they stuck with Mary Carney, they would've been fine. I guess the pressure of recasting such an important character got to them which is what led to Kathleen Tolan who was dreadful and probably killed any interest in the character. Nicolette Goulet was fine, but I was over Mary at that point. Siobhan Ryan - Sarah Felder was EXCELLENT and should've never been fired for such stupid reasons, but I loved Ann Gillespie in the role. Marg Helgenberger was loved in the role (although not a personal favorite). I also though the last Siobhan (Barbara Blackburn) was good she just needed more time. Frank Ryan - This was probably their most successfully recast role. I always liked Frank regardless of who played him. Daniel Hugh Kelly was my favorite, but they were all good. I know the original gets mixed reviews, but I didn't mind him either. The only Ryan kid they absolutely could not recast was Pat. None of the recasts felt like the same character to me. It wasn't that they were bad actors, but they weren't Pat. 
    • Kassie did some very strong work during her time as Eve. The writing was generally just not there, and they had no vision for the character. That said, the way she was brought on, it made sense for her to have hardened this much -- I don't think it was the most enjoyable thing to watch, but Eve had had a rough life. It felt like a legitimate evolution of a character who hadn't been seen for 20+ years, but people don't usually watch soaps to see a completely new iteration of a character they once enjoyed.
    • Im SHOCKED that the friends are in the promo bc usually they dont promote them like this. They should have had more than 6 wives.
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