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The Tennis Thread


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Can anyone stop Novak Djokovic from winning Wimbledon and thereby tying Federer and Nadal with 20 Majors?

And perhaps even more interesting, can anyone stop him from joining Donald Budge, Rod Laver, Maureen Connolly, Margaret Court and Steffi Graf as a winner of a real Grand Slam in singles?

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I heard Sonego has been playing stupidly but also had some sh!tty luck with some bad line calls (one of which he didn’t challenge) and the rain delay, which happened when he was BP down (he double-faulted when play resumed).


Meanwhile, Federer is just skating along…

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Posted (edited)

FFA should've lost to Nick but Nick got injured. FFA played like [!@#$%^&*] in that match. No way would he beat Alex... WRONG. 


Sasha is garbage too. He'll never win a major.


Roger is getting the royal treatment again. He has had one easy draw and Roger hasn't played great yet still winning due to his opponents shoking. Now they cancel the match that will showcase his next opponent. So his next opponent will have played three straight days in a row when they could've finished the match after Federer.

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Hopefully Felix can build on this win, especially since he still has yet to reach 21 years of age.  I'm glad for him. 


Most of Manic Monday has been a dud though. 

Too bad Venus and Nick had to withdraw from the tournament due to Nick's injury- they were genuinely entertaining, something that has been very much in short supply this year.

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The women's tourney has been an utter snooze fest. Those remaining are just horrific.


The mens side minus 2 matches or so has been a big snooze too. 


For the love of god... Someone beat Roger... It's ridiculous!

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3 hours ago, Toups said:

FAA and Shapo!! Big day for Canadians.  


Yes!  Good for you guys.  FAA kept his head in the game and went for it.  Super happy his confidence is building and he's hanging in tournies longer.  


Now, what happened with Ranucandu?  One minute, she's slugging it out against AT (very impressive ball striking), I doze off and the match was over.  

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