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2 hours ago, Faulkner said:

Who’s watching Rafa/PCB? The Spaniards always lay down for Nadal, but I’m hearing he’s looking crazy dominant.

Rafa looked rusty the first few games but then took charge. He kept putting his towel on the linesmen chair which is a no no but no one bothered to tell him not to. His game looked very strong. I don't think PCB should've played this week. He looked tired.


I didn't see Novak match but I heard his whole family is at the tournament to wipe his tears away. Novak is a grown man with a family yet he acts so immature. 

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Well sh*t, now I don't feel as bad as I did when I read about Vee's loss- at least her 40 year old behind kept Vika out there for 2 hours and, from the look of the score, kept the match competitive. Sofia, the new Australian Open champ got her as$ double bagelled!Oh My God Omg GIF



Haven't the lights gone out at the Italian Open before?  I seem to remember this happening years ago.

They just got lights for night-time play, like, a decade ago.

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