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ALL: Soap Jumpers Best Role

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It seems in daytime stars some stars jump from one show to another. Here is some of my favorite soap jumpers, and the role I like them best in. What are some of yours?

Eileen Davidson-I loved her as Kristen/Mary Moria/Susan on Days. I have liked Ashley more since she is on the B&B

Jacob Young- I prefer him as Lucky on GH.

Louise Sorel- I only saw her on Passions and Days. I loved her as Vivian on Days.

Stephen Nichols - I prefer him as Stefan on GH.

Mary Beth Evans - I prefer her as Katherine on GH.

Kristen Storms- I like her better as Maxie.

Kathleen Noone- Loved her as Ms. Wallace on Passions.

Joseph Mascolow- Love him as Stefano.

Susan Seaforth Hayes- I like Joanna on Y&R better than Julie

Jamie Lyn Bauer-Love her as Laura Horton

Sarah Buxton- I like her best as Annie

Leslie Anne Down- She rocked on Sunset Beach as Olivia

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Bobbie Eakes - I prefer Krystal on AMC over Macy on B&B.

Cady McClain - I prefer Rosanna on ATWT over Dixei on AMC.

Eileen Davidson - I prefer Kristen on DAYS over Ashley on B&B/Y&R.

Lesley-Anne Down - I prefer Olivia on SUN over Jackie on B&B.

Jennifer Gareiss - I prefer Grace on Y&R over Donna on B&B.

Joseph Mascolo - I prefer Stefano on DAYS over Massmio on B&B.

Julie Pinson - I prefer Billie on DAYS over Eve on PC.

James Scott - I prefer EJ on DAYS over Ethan on AMC.

John Ingle - I prefer Edward on GH over Mickey on DAYS.

Kirsten Storms - I prefer Maxie on GH over Belle on DAYS.

Laura Wright - I prefer Carly on GH over Cassie on GL.

Crystal Chappell - I prefer Olivia on GL over Carly on DAYS.

Christina Chambers - I prefer Marty on OLTL over Maria on SUN.

Adrienne Frantz - I prefer Amber on B&B over Amber on Y&R.

Vincent Irizarry - I prefer David on AMC over David on Y&R.

Billy Warlock - I prefer Frankie on DAYS over Ben on Y&R.

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Here are a few off the top of my head...

Jane Elliot...a toss up between Tracey Q on GH and her tour de force as Carrie Todd on GUIDING LIGHT

Nicholas Coster...I only saw him sparingly on SANTA BARBARA, but I loved his turn on AMC in 88-89 although the character name escapes me at the moment...his chemistry with Susan Lucci was fabulous!

Kin Shriner...hands down Scott Baldwin on GH

Gillian Spencer...Daisy on AMC

Jack Betts...the evil Dr. Ivan Kipling on ONE LIFE

Judith Chapman...if you saw her legendary tun as Charlotte Greer on RYAN'S HOPE in 1983, you know what I'm saying when I tell you GRADE A

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Judi Evans - I loved her as Paulina Cory on AW so much more than Bonnie or Adrienne on Days.

Robert Kelker Kelley - Best as Bo on Days.

Kristen Storms - I like her as Maxie on GH. Days' Belle is impossible for me to like no matter who plays her.

Stephen Nichols - Stefan on GH.

Mary Beth Evans - Kayla on Days.

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Kale Browne as Michael Hudson (AW)

Larkin Malloy as Sky Whitney (EON)

Sharon Gabet as Raven Whitney (EON)

John Bolger as Gabe McNamara (AW)

Genie Francis--I liked Diana Colville (Days) as much as I liked Laura on GH

Stephen Nichols as Steve (Days)

Mary Beth Evans as Kayla (DOOL)

Ian Buchanan as Duke Lavery (GH)

Mark Derwin as AC Mallet (GL)


David Andrew Macdonald as Edmund Winslow (GL) :)

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Thorsten Kaye-like him better as Zach, than Ian or Patrick

Marie Wilson-better as Karen, but do like Meg

Cady-better as Rosanna than Dixie

Julie Pinson-better as Eve than Billie

Vincent Irizarry-better as David on AMC than on Y&R

Stephen Nichols-better as Steve, but liked Stefan though

Mary Beth Evans-better as Kayla than Katherine, do like her as Sierra on ATWT

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Billy Warlock ~ AJ Quartermaine

Vincent Irizarry ~ Dr David Hayward

Catherine Hickland ~ Lindsey Rappaport

Robin Mattson ~ Gina Blake on Santa Barbara

Justin Deas ~ Keith Timmons on Santa Barbara

Amelia Heinle ~ Steffi on Loving/The City

Timothy Gibbs ~ and please don't flog me for this, Kevin on OLTL. I still think he was the best Kevin ever.

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