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PSNS: A Few Spoilers

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From SoapCentral

Erin Cardillo (Esme) Returns for 4 episodes begining April 27th

Liza Huber (Gwen) returns on May 10th

Sheridan hires Spike to help her with some dirty deeds.

Theresa is captured and forced to listen to the stalker's rants.

Sheridan and Ivy get into a fight.

To save Ethan from certain death, Theresa make a deal with the stalker.

Fancy quits harmony PD and applies for a job as a guard at the prison.

Jessica begins prostituting again and finds another dead john

Sheridan tries to make love to Luis in his jail cell

Endora starts her first day at The Paul Revere Preschool

Tabitha gets a fuzzy image of Little Ethan and the stalker together.

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I guess to set up the big story for May. Jessica/Noah/Simone/Paloma will finally solve the mystery of the dead johns.

Here's a few more from SOD Insider

Jessica get's the upper hand on Spike when she learns of her huddy's deeds.

Eve apologizes to Julian for leaving him for TC

Eve and Sam walk in on Ivy and Julian having sex!

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