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  1. mateo22

    Episode 114

    Such good stuff!! I like the way the whole 'who is Carrie' storyling is playing out. You've got good control of the character which makes her quite interesting.[and I hate that Noah essentially used her, he's such a jerk] James sneaking around is fun too. I never know where he is going to pop up next, LoL!
  2. mateo22

    Episode 110

    Love, Love that ending with Luke and Noah. I'm really enjoying the Will and Gwen stuff as well.
  3. mateo22

    Episode 108

    Eeeek! Okay, Okay, I know you totally hate me for 'disappearing' for a little more than a week, but I do get busy from time to time, That said, I love the ripple effect of the aftermath of the party. There has been some great character interaction and 'dialogue'. The James/Barbara stuff has been amazing! :sigh: I feel so bad for Luke, but at least he's got lots of support.
  4. Yay, Congrats on the 100th episode!!! Love, love, love how you got everyone together here. Everything with Barbara was fantastic. Quite touching at moments too. And that end, SHOCKER! LoL. good stuff! The Luke/Noah/Carrie stuff and how it has seeped into so many other characters is great. It really works and doesn't feel shoved together. As I was reading this it all felt fluid and things wove together nicely. Nice touch with all the different people sneaking off and making calls or confronting someone. You can't have a party without that, LoL. Good work guys,
  5. mateo22

    Episode 99

    Great post Drew. Thanks for pointing that out about Jack's relation to Luke as well. I'm not completely fluent in the ATWT history, so I just read it as him being his uncle. What you pointed out makes sense though. I'm still not too comfortable with Noah and Kevin. When I first started reading this I was all for them, but lately Noah's actions don't sit well with me. Guess I'll just have to stick with it and see how it all plays out. Keep up the good work, Dusty,
  6. mateo22

    Episode 95

    ITA Drew. This Carrie stuff has me hooked. and things look so different around here,
  7. mateo22

    Episode 94

    ITA with the Luke and Kevin comments!!! Nice touch with the Rosanna/Paul bit at the end.
  8. mateo22

    Episode 93

    Ugh! I'm still not liking the way Noah is acting. Get a grip dude, you're gay! Love that Kevin has come back. I remember reading that several eppy's ago. I haven't disappeared yet, Dusty,
  9. mateo22

    Episode 92

    Man, I love this stuff,
  10. mateo22

    Episode 91

    Good stuff. ITA with Drew about the Memorial Day thing. Nice touch!
  11. Crazy with the mole at Worldwide.... Why am I starting to dislike Noah more and more, LoL. Perhaps I'm just bitter, Still can't wait to find out more about Carrie.
  12. mateo22

    Episode 85

    Yeah, yeah, with the teasing of who the heck Carrie is and her past. It better be good!! Nice touch at the end too.
  13. mateo22

    Episode 84

    ITA. Keep up the good work,
  14. mateo22

    Episode 83

    Damn! I need to find out who Carrie is already,
  15. mateo22

    Episode 82

    nice conclusion to the Lily/Holden adventure, or at least temporary pause, LoL. Glad to see Luke go to Lucinda. Should be interesting to see what Noah's decision is..... Good setup with the Carly/Carrie/Jack stuff.
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