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OLTL Discussion: Week of March 5th

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Todd/Vicki- Always love their scenes together, wish it would have been longer. Love their relationship.

LOL Todd's idea of making a woman feel special is to treat her like a hooker!!! He may as well have Van, he certainly payed enough!!!

Miles/Blair- Their scenes were basically fluff. KDP looked great!!!

NAt/John- OK now I have to go with NAt on this one. She needed to tell Bo the truth. It is not her fault that John left without telling her where he was going!!

Van/Dorian- Love Dorian defending David. Van is just a stupid b*tch, because I would think that she would want to help the man who

"supposedly" killed Spencer and saved Blair's life!!!!

Dorian/David- LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE ASA TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**I would love to see Blair, Asa, Dorian, and David in a storyline together. Also Nora and Bo!!!!!**

As always OLTL give me back my Todd Manning!!! This pansy is just killing the character!!!

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Can I just say that TPTB are making one hell of a huge mistake by not getting Tuc/David back on this show permantely, because I LOVED Dorian and David today, its the only way that I can tolerate Dorian. They are so made for each other, and I would love to see them back together and wrecking havoc on Llanview.

For a change, I actually enjoyed the Jess/Nash stuff today. Very emotional stuff.

Didn't understand though the instant friendship between Layla and Cris. But I guess they needed it to make the point of V/T being friends, I guess.

Always enjoy the McBain brothers, sometimes its the only way I can take John.

Bo and Rex are ALWAYS enjoyable, and they always leave me wanting more.

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