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OLTL Discussion: Week of March 5th

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Blair/Dorian/Starr- Loved the Cramer women all together. Dorian and Blair scenes always make me laugh!! Starr calling he mother a b*tch was so in character for Starr. Blair didn't react to is, because she was upset that Starr called her on her feelings for Todd!!! I love Dorian and Blair they will never turn their backs on each other, but they will call each other on their crap!!

Todd/Van- WTF was that!!! I think I just witnessed the complete distruction of Todd Manning!! That was some campy-a** scenes and so beneath the character of Todd!! Todd and Van are boring as hell and now they are creepy too!!! Give me back my Todd Manning!!!!!!! The only saving grace for those scenes was Starr. Loved the "sloppy seconds" and the other Van snark!!!

Cole/Marcie- Why is it that MAcie seems more of a mother to Cole than Marty!!! Loved Marcie with Michael!! Shirtless Michael was a real treat!!!

John/Rex/Mickey- I don't care what they have them saying or doing--I LOVE THEM!!!!! MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Adrianna/Tate= FF!!!!!!!!!! Tate= useless!!!

David tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well one thing is for sure, I can't wait to see David. I have a feeling he killed Spencer though, could be wrong.

Not really feeling Van and Todd, sorry.

Tate, I love Tate. What's his story? I hope they don't make him a bad guy.

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Enjoyed the Natalie/John flashbacks, but what did they mean?

Starr was funny trying to get the camera back from Jack and then freaking out when she found both Jack and Cole looking at her photo album.

Could care less watching Dorian screeching like she did today.

Was great seeing David, can't wait to see more.

Nash needs to stop pressuring Jessica, and Jessica needs to make a freaking decision.

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