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ALL: Best of (Week of Jan 1-5)

Best of Soaps (week of Jan 1-5)  

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  1. 1. Best Show

    • All My Children
    • As The World Turns
    • Bold & the Beautiful
    • Days of Our Lives
    • General Hospital
    • Guiding Light
    • One Life To Live
    • Passions
    • Young & the Restless
  2. 2. Best Actor (week of Jan 1-5)

    • Jeffrey Carlson (Zarf/Zoe, AMC)
    • Thorsten Kaye (Zach, AMC)
    • Roger Howarth (Paul, ATWT)
    • Michael Park (Jack, ATWT)
    • Jack Wagner (Nick, B&B)
    • Winsor Harmon (Thorne, B&B)
    • Peter Reckell (Bo, Days)
    • Stephen Nichols (Steve, Days)
    • Greg Vaughan (Lucky, GH)
    • Steve Burton (Jason, GH)
    • Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan, GL)
    • Ron Raines (Alan, GL)
    • Trevor St. John (Todd, OLTL)
    • Jerry ver Dorn (Clint, OLTL)
    • Galen Gering (Luis, Passions)
    • Ben Masters (Julian, Passions)
    • Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R)
    • Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R)
  3. 3. Best Actress (week of Jan 1-5)

    • Alicia Minshew (Kendall, AMC)
    • Eden Riegel (Bianca, AMC)
    • Maura West (Carly, ATWT)
    • Marie Wilson (Meg, ATWT)
    • Susan Flannery (Stephanie, B&B)
    • Hunter Tylo (Taylor, B&B)
    • Julie Pinson (Billee, Days)
    • Allison Sweeney (Sammi, Days)
    • Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, GH)
    • Laura Wright (Carly, GH)
    • Beth Chamberlain (Beth, GL)
    • Marcy Rylan (Lizzie, GL)
    • Kassie DePaiva (Blair, OLTL)
    • Robin Strasser (Dorian, OLTL)
    • Lindsay Hartley (Theresa, Passions)
    • Emily Harper (Fancy, Passions)
    • Jeanne Cooper (Kay, Y&R)
    • Michelle Stafford (Phyllis/Shiela, Y&R)

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We are still absent the weekly Top 10. Since this is the first week of 2007, I thought I would continue these until Matt comes back or SON decides to do something else. We can all talk about who we feel is the best of the week.

I am going to add something new and add a poll that will run until Next Friday January 12th and the winners will be pronounced.

I am going to need your help with this though. I don't get to watch Passions until the weekend and need to start the poll before that. I need someone to help me to have Passions performers ready to start for the voting at least by Saturday morning.

I will try to nominate 2 performers (2 males/2 females) from each show. I know that some will not agree with my findings and you are welcome to say so. That is what this is about. I just thought this would be a different approach and fill in for the poll until Matt gets back or SON does something. It will be different in that we can't vote for one from each show, just one total in Best Actor and Best Actress. I will say that I am working on a different procedure for making the ballot for next week.

Anyway here are my choices for Best of the Week so far.

All 9 shows will be entered into the poll but we can each state who we liked the best.

As far as myself my pick for Best Show this week was Young & the Restless. They were just firing on all keys this week. I liked Days too but Days was not as good as it was last week IMO. So this week I go with Y&R.

There will not be a poll for Individual Episode but the episodes that stood out to me were Friday's Y&R. Jeanne Cooper & Jess Walton were magnificent. Thursday's episode was good too. Absolutely loved the scenes with Eileen Davidson & Peter Bergman. Also Friday's B&B was wonderful. Absolutely loved the ending. Totally classic soap opera.

The ballot for the poll this week looks like this so far:

Best Actor:

Jeffrey Carlson (AMC)

Thorsten Kaye (AMC)

Roger Howarth (ATWT)

Michael Park (ATWT)

Jack Wagner (B&B)

Winsor Harmon (B&B)

Peter Reckell (Days)

Stephen Nichols (Days)

Greg Vaughan (GH)

Steve Burton (GH)

Tom Pelphrey (GL)

Ron Raines (GL)

Trevor St. John (OLTL)

Jerry ver Dorn (OLTL)

Galen Gering(Passions)

Ben Masters (Passions)

Peter Bergman (Y&R)

Christian LeBlanc (Y&R)

Best Actress:

Alicia Minshew (AMC)

Eden Riegel (AMC)

Maura West (ATWT)

Marie Wilson (ATWT)

Susan Flannery (B&B)

Hunter Tylo (B&B)

Julie Pinson (Days)

Allison Sweeney (Days)

Rebecca Herbst (GH)

Laura Wright (GH)

Beth Chamberlain (GL)

Marcy Rylan (GL)

Kassie DePaiva (OLTL)

Robin Strasser (OLTL)

Lindsay Hartley(Passions)

Emily Harper (Passions)

Jeanne Cooper (Y&R)

Michelle Stafford (Y&R)

Some of these were hard to narrow down to just two. I felt Deidre Hall should have been on there, but the other 2 just stood out for me on Days. On GL I could easily added Stephanie Gatschet too. She was wonderful. And on Y&R there could have easily been 4 Best Actress nominees this week. Both Jess Walton & Eileen Davidson were fantastic. Doug Davidson for Y&R & Trent Dawson for ATWT & Brandon Beemer for Days could have easily been added too. I just throw them out to say it was tough narrowing some of them down. Even Maurice Benard was tolerable on GH this week. But to make it fair I stuck with 2 per show. I think the poll will allow 20 choices but I am only going with 18.

As soon as someone can tell me 2 from Passions in each category I will put the poll up for voting. As I said next week I am working on changing the process for choosing the finalists, but I came up with the idea too late for this week.

As far as my picks for Best Actor and Actress. Right now it is between Jeffrey Carlson & Peter Bergman for Best Actor and Eden Reigel or Jeanne Cooper for Best Actress. All 4 of them were tremendous this week. Jeffrey Carlson achieved something that is hard for any performer to do - he moved me to tears when in his scenes with Eden Riegel this week. AMC really found a gem in him.

ETA: I added the poll and it is now open. I went ahead and set the poll for Best Actor and Best Actress so that multiple choices can be made. Since it can not be monitored like Matt's form could, I will ask and trust that everyone will only vote for 1 person from each show (1 actor from each show & 1 actress from each show) just like we did with Matt's poll. Happy voting.

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Okay it seems like the interest is not there in this but I will go ahead with this week anyway and see how it goes. I watched a couple of episodes and just made my choices for Passions from those 2. Next week I will try to do better for Passions.

Anyway the poll will be open in a few. Hope everyone will vote and leave your comments.

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This was a great week for acting.

Michelle Stafford began as Sheila, and it's so fun to analyze her performances. Of course, I should be more into the STORY than analyzing the actors performances, but I digress.

Alison Sweeney played the rape scenes on Days wonderfully and in an unexpected way. Sami stayed strong, and that made it even HARDER to watch.

Jeanne Cooper was amazing on Friday's episode of Y&R.

Julie Pinson finally got to wet her chops as Billie Reed for the first time.

Martha Madison was heartbreaking on Friday. The girl can cry like NO OTHER.

And Deidre's been great, too.

I watched the Zarf/Zoe stuff on AMC, and even though I find so many things wrong with the entire story, the actor in the role is doing a great job, IMO. He's rising above the material, from the bit I've seen.

Just from the shows I've watched, these are the performances that stood out to me.

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AND JSF I for one commend you for casting aside your favorites to vote on quality. That is what this is all about. It is so easy to vote for the ones we like and love. But it is a lot harder to vote for who deserves it. I give you a pat on the back.

ATWT is first and foremost the show of my heart but there is no way in my heart that I knew it deserved to win Best Show this week. But I sure wanted to vote for it. But I gave it to Y&R which was heads and above the rest this week IMO.

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