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Y&R: Sneak Peeks

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Thanks to Oceanview at the N/P site :)


Leanna Love Returns

Carmen's ex-lover, David Chow, has a (Leanna) Love-ly time dragging Dru's name thru the mud this week on Y&R.

"David calls Leanna and says he has some information pertaining to Carmen's death," sets up Barbara Crampton, who plays the "Ruthless" reporter. "So she interviews him. He has obtained a copy of the tape that shows the fight between Drucilla and Carmen (from Noah's camcorder), so they put that on the air for everyone to see. It brings up new questions as to Dru's guilt. It focuses the spotlight on her as a potential criminal in the murder investigation."

Leave it to Leanna to stir up more trouble for the good folks of GC. "I don't think she has it in for everyone," defends BC. "She certainly doesn't have an ax to grind against Drucilla, and she just met this new character (David). She's more of a Nancy Grace type. Just like the rest of the country, people are hungry for what's happening in people's lives today; what's sensational, the next big thing. Leanna hears a hot story and she's like, 'Okay, let's go with it.' She has the evidence right there: the video. It's good tabloid journalism."

Dru won't think so when she catches herself on the evening news.

Sneak Peeks

Week of Jan. 8

Concerned about Lauren, Phyllis and Michael take drastic action.

Jack loses his closest ally.

JT gets a new client: Katherine. <_<:rolleyes::angry:

David goes after Dru.

Can't Miss - Thurs. Jan. 11 - Victor teams up with Brad to find the Grugeon reliquary. -zzzzzzzzz

Highlight of the Week - Y&R, Thurs. Jan. 11 - Ashley says a tearful goodbye to Genoa City. :(

Week of Jan. 15

Sheila takes a stab at escaping.

Colleen confesses.

William sends Gloria over the edge. :huh:

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QUOTE(Chris B @ Jan 3 2007, 11:30 PM)
The 2007 preview said that Gloria's attraction to Will will help him discover the skin cream stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Bitch needs to pay!

They better do this some justice...It's HIGH TIME, and I mean HIGH TIME that GloHo gets her comeuppance rather than her getting away with stuff left and right...I pretty much can figure that Will will use her attraction to him as leverage to get the goods on her (I still recall that conversation he had with Ashley shortly after John died; Will: "Is there anything I can do for you?" Ashley: "If you can find a way to get rid of Gloria, that would help."----not exact words but very close)

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