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  1. DAYS Actress upgraded to contract status

    Since Ciara is moving out, perhaps Claire moves in with Grandma Hope, so she can mess up her life too!
  2. According to the NBC Days summary for this episode, Rory replaced Fynn, who was on Deimos's payroll. Fynn was supposed to deliver the drugs and then angrily end their association. It made me wonder if Deimos is behind Dario and Summer scamming Maggie, that Summer really isn't Maggie's daughter. Fynn may have drugged Brady for Deimos and gave him those crazy Summer visions, hoping needy Summer would drive a wedge behind Brady and insecure Theresa. Awhile back Victor wondered and immediately dismissed Deimos being behind Daniel's accident, but now I'm the one wondering!
  3. Days casts another AMC star

    I think he'll be Deimos, as in the ancient Greek spirit of fear, dread, and terror!
  4. Days casts another AMC star

    Just when I thought I got out, VI drags me back into daytime! I haven't seen much of Days over the years, so I'll need to immerse myself in Days studies!
  5. My goodness, what a LONG, pointless 27 minutes. I really hope there's no more More next season and we get at least three AMC/OLTL episodes a week!
  6. Or they did tape 47 episodes and are saving the last four for whenever S2 starts, to buy them even more production time.
  7. @BrookeNewton Soon very soon “@CBRVA: @BrookeNewton Do you know when you go back taping #AMC yet?
  8. The only way I could have seen Cassandra keeping the baby is if it was by her Paris boyfriend, lying to Yuri that she was a virgin hoping they'd treat her better. But her initial reaction to the pregnancy news says otherwise.
  9. Kendall's heart transplant is failing, and David's new device is her only hope?
  10. Then David could have rejoindered with "why did you shoot that guy five times in the back?" While her justified anger at Jim was hot for what he did to Laura and threatened to do to Jamie, Brooke's murderous intent was cold, planned! David shooting JR was much more a crime of passion, mere moments after seeing his daughter die in front of him.
  11. LOL, proving once again the FB crowd ain't too bright! I still want to see more of David/Cara enjoying their son together, one of the reasons why the episode reduction is giving me fits!
  12. Colby was supposed to have a "surprise" for David today per spoilers. What was it? I can't bring myself to watch that piece of trashy vapidity!
  13. They should have been British mobsters, so MH could have used his own wonderful accent!