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PSNS: Dana Sparks Interview


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Digest: Did you say yes immediately?

Sparks: Of course, I did. I said yes immediately.

Digest: How many episodes are you back for?

Sparks: I don't know. It's open-ended at this moment. I'm just waiting to get back to Harmony.

Digest: So are you back on recurring status?

Sparks: Yeah. That seems to be the popular thing these days. I'm very with the trend [laughs].

Digest: Have you taped a scene yet?

Sparks: Yes.

Digest: What was being back on the set like?

Sparks: Grace is still in Europe. [...] A lot of yelling. It's Grace with a backbone.

Digest: So Europe has been good for her?

Sparks: Yeah, it has. She's dressing a little snazzier and she has a backbone. You can't change your life and not change who you are.

Digest: So, why is Grace back in the picture?

Sparks: She finds out about Ivy's terrible deed. She's the last to hear, but it's Grace and Ivy at it.

Digest: Will she make it to Harmony?

Sparks: You never now. I'll believe it when I'm there.

Digest: As Grace and not her twin sister, Faith, right?

Sparks: As Grace. [...] not that everybody doesn't already know Charity will be back.

Digest: Is David or John in the picture?

Sparks: Not visibly, but they have a presence.

Digest: There have been lots of changes since you left.

Sparks: Yeah! Babies and kids and pimps. This Spike dude is out of hand. Grace needs to come back and clean up the town. We need goodness back in Harmony.


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I love her too. This makes me feel better her being on recurring.

The one bad thing is it sounds like Ivy and her go at it over the phone and I want a full on catfight. If she remains, we will likely get it but I am excited. This makes things seem much more logical. I am with King-Charity has to be contract. Grace on recurring is fine by me considering Andrea Evans is too and she works quite a bit for a recurring actor. Grace is needed in Harmony. Can't wait for this now!!

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Yes and I don't blame her. Why they ever got rid of her was beyond me. They made her recurring and never showed her again and that was wrong. Both her and Charity need to be here long term. If she is recurring, that is fine because just look at Andrea Evans but Charity must be contract I would think.

If Grace isn't dying, then who is? I remember a spoiler saying that Kay's choice would lead to death. I wonder if Charity is only returning for 9 episodes because they are going to kill MIGUEL. That would seem to go along with the victim being close to Kay and that would be shocking. I don't like the actor so I am ok with it. It says Sisco's character comes between a couple. Charity would be angry that Kay chose Fox and if it led to Miguel's death she would blame Kay and Fox or if she chose Miguel and Miguel ended up dead as a result due to Fox and all she would blame them too. Kay would feel upset and breakup with Fox hence the trouble for a couple on the canvas. That could be what is going on since Grace seems to be an open-ended role for now.


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Exactly Mike. I don't put much thought into it when Passions threatens that "someone major dies".

It's likely Miguel, Fox, Kay, Grace, Charity ... and then bam ... brought back to life by Tabitha and/or Endora.

No one dies "for real" on Passions. Antonio's probably alive. We all know Alistair and Beth are. Martin and Katherine and heck, even Rachel, were never dead ... Grace ain't dying. I had thought of that ... and they still might "kill her off" but I bet she comes back to life somehow.

And I love that Grace has spunk this go around. She was such a door-mat towards the end it was horrible.

When does Dana first appear? November 2nd? I GOTTA TiVo that. And when does Sisco come on as Charity?

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