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Final World Trade Center Plans


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So the plans for the new World Trade Center have been finalized and here are some pictures. I think it looks great. Definitely a new look for America, but it's not original or revolutionary. The only thing I don't like is the name "Freedom Tower."

Here are the heights of the buildings, from left to right in most renderings:

1 WTC / Freedom Tower, 1776 FT

2 WTC (Foster), 1350 FT

3 WTC (Rogers), 1255 FT

4 WTC (Maki), 946 FT

7 WTC (Childs), 750 FT

Skyline View

A Closer Skyline View

Close view of the Complex

Close View of the Complex at Night

View of the Pool/Park

View of Entrance

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Okay...in like the 3rd, maybe 4th picture...there's two squares in the bottom right. Is this where the two towers once stood?

If so, I'm lost...because I thought they were going to build one big tribute tower right in the middle of where they stood and it was gonna be huge. I heard that at one time...And I also heard that they were going to build around Ground Zero, but leave it there and build some kind of tribute to it.

However, in the pic, it looks like a bunch of shrubs around the 2 squares.

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