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  1. I see what you mean and that makes a lot of sense. The genre not receiving respect really hasn't allowed much advancement for soap writers and actors. That is unfortunate, because those who work in the soap genre do more work in a year than those in primetime and film.
  2. Rest in Peace, Paula Kelly. She was a tremendously talented triple threat https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Broadway-and-Film-Actress-Paula-Kelly-Dies-at-76-20200209

    1. DramatistDreamer


      Jackée Harry recently tweeted this clip from The Women of Brewster Place and it exemplifies how versatile Kelly was in her talent, she had such easy chemistry with Lonette McKee. Everyone in that miniseries was excellent, yes, including Robin Givens.


    2. DramatistDreamer


      And one from Kelly's one-time co-star, Lonette McKee.


    3. ReddFoxx


      The Women of Brewster Place was one of the first movies I ever saw as a child and every performance was striking because they embodied the character's perfectly. When she goes from laughing to breaking down she transitioned so effortlessly. It's not easy to play a character that is tough and vulnerable, but Paula did it.

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  3. My point wasn't really needed a bigger audience, just that prestige would have allowed them to reach a larger one. At it's peak the genre had a large enough audience to sustain it. There really isn't a whole lot that prestige could have done for soaps.
  4. Being held in better regard would have allowed soaps to reach a bigger audience. On the flip side even if they were treated as being prestigious, you still had the problem of accessibility. Before VCRs and VCR Plus if you missed an episode of a soap opera you were just out of luck. And even after VCRs came along they were so expensive that a large portion of the soap audience wouldn't be able to afford one. When VCRs became cheaper and Soap Net started, soap operas had passed their stride.
  5. Nancy hands his crap right back too him and without hesitation. He set the rules of engagement for his President and all she is doing is play by them.
  6. Illinois uses a primary instead of a caucus, so the chaos would be out of the equation. If you mean chaos by candidates and campaigns flooding the state then that definitely would be an adjustment.
  7. Will is just a moron and totally mindless. Ben and Ciara are so melodramatic. When he was telling her about his execution date being set it was like watching a parody of a soap opera.
  8. Probably so. After this the DNC is likely to shift things around and give a more diverse state first voting status. Illinois would be the perfect state to allow to go first, since it basically mirrors the demographics of the country and has plenty of rural areas so no one can say that rural voters wouldn't have say, plus it is Midwestern.
  9. One national primary where everyone votes on the same day would solve lots of problems, but there are some states would be be high resistant because they covet their first in the nation status.
  10. The best thing for a campaign to do would be to write Iowa off as a loss due to error and focus on the next states coming up. Delegate wise it wouldn't really hurt to do that and it would avoid drama. New Hampshire is a primary so there will be no craziness because the votes are tabulated and reported out by the state.
  11. Will is an idiot, but I have a feeling that I know how this is going to play out eventually. He'll get cleared once Sonny and Evan have gotten really close and then teams up with Ciara to help clear is new friend Ben. They find out it was Evan who offed Jordan, but no one believes them and Sonny will be liked "OMG, Will, this is crazy. You divorced me, so stop trying to make Evan seem like a bad person!". Evan ends up holding Will or Ciara (or both) hostage and Ben escapes from prison just in time to save them. It could happen.
  12. I have that user on ignore and didn't even remember it until I couldn't see the posts that were being referred to in this thread. Some times it's best to push that ignore button and keep it moving.
  13. As ridiculous as this storyline is, I am enjoying Kristian Alfonso's performance. It is so absurd that it works. When Gina was smiling behind John's back when he was distraught it was super creepy.
  14. So many of Sanders' supporters are not and have never been Democrats. They are fringe people with ideologies that are nonsensical and who vote for anyone who promises massive changes or revolution. Plenty of Ron Paul supporters are now supporting Sanders.
  15. Stefano was right about Anna being annoying. The way she was going on and on was grating.
  16. Xander mentioned that they paid off the doctor. Sarah did mention last week that the baby seemed different, but Xander said something to convince her otherwise. Will wanting to stay in prison is just stupid. Of course he would be concerned about Maggie, but it's idiotic writing for him to want to stay in prison for something terrible he didn't do.
  17. Now I'm picturing Trump screaming "GIMME THE TAPE!!!"
  18. "Girl, I've seen Ben in the showers, so I get why you act a fool over him even though he killed people."
  19. Agreed, Will was saying he caused the accident, but wasn't even sure about it. Clearly he has none of his mother in him because Sami would have not given herself up like that with no proof.
  20. If Sanders gets the nomination, I cannot vote for him in the general. I'm in California, so my vote won't really make a difference on account of the electoral college. Russia already targets black social media users to try and keep black voters home and Sanders accepting this endorsement gives them more fuel for their trolling, so he'd have a major problem in swing states where the black vote is critical. That's why he would be a terrible nominee.
  21. The character's name or the actor's name? Because both sound a bit porn like, lol.
  22. That's one of the better looking soap stunts that has been done in awhile.
  23. It was a good show and the story lines made you want to tune in next week. It should have been scheduled on the same night as a Tyler Perry show. Like his shows or not, he has a strong, loyal audience and Ambitions could have picked up some viewers from that audience.
  24. Sonny's crying reminded me of this Some other things about the show today. Sarah did hold her baby for awhile, so how could she not realize that Xander brought her another baby? Just an opinion, but that is a writing fail.
  25. We'll see what happens, but it seems as if the writers didn't think out the details of the accident.
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