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  1. I think he’s a very genuine guy, but dude will cry at the drop of a hat. (And I know he got choked up about the passing of a dear friend, but PB clearly has a lot of emotion brimming under the surface. I suppose anyone who watches him as Jack can see that.) It’s just sad what daytime has become and the tricks actors employ to do even passably interesting work. But it’s funny hearing the little snippet of Julianne Moore talking about trying to salvage the heavily expository dialogue even during an era we deem a golden age of soaps.
  2. Mamadur from Paris 🇫🇷
  3. Gauff/Ostapenko could be a very entertaining final too. I wonder which Jelena will show up.
  4. Medvedev is just rolling like a boulder. Meanwhile: LOL.
  5. Harry from Vietnam 🇻🇳
  6. Borko from Serbia 🇷🇸
  7. Bremen from Brazil 🇧🇷
  8. And her next match against Petko is totally winnable. I dunno. If Sascha is as sloppy and unclutch as he was today, Berrettini could sail through.
  9. Well, at least it looks like the will nonsense is indeed a scam, but these fakeouts using off-screen characters would seem to draw attention to all of the missed opportunities to expand the Chancellors (and strengthen Devon’s family ties). We know the show has neither the budget nor the interest in doing so.
  10. And Federer out in spite of a massive choke from Zverev to lose that second set after holding five match points. Oh and Roger was sniping with the umpire and also got a point penalty. When are we going to put this “classy” nonsense to bed?
  11. I see these names: Tucker. Chance. Is Y&R recasting these roles, or will they just remain off screen?
  12. Oh Novak. That was a repeat of the Cincinnati match with Medvedev. Cruising, then falls apart at the end of the second set. In a year when he’s been generally under par, he somehow won two Slams and a Masters. Go figure. With Novak failing to defend his title, Nadal will be the new #1 on November 4. Deservedly so.
  13. More of ph.balance in London 🇬🇧
  14. Lucas from São Paulo 🇧🇷
  15. Lol. That’s been up for a whole day. Shows how much they care about GH.
  16. WTF in 2017 in the semis before losing to Dimitrov in the final.
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