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  1. I also find Nico hot.... Renaud is another favorite of mine...too bad he his instagram private.... https://www.instagram.com/renaud_lichtenstein/?hl=en
  2. Here is more of him... I was watching it earlier..have to see the repeat in a bit to catch him....LOL
  3. He is hot. What match did he umpire? There are other hot male umpires in the tennis tour....LOL
  4. Cecchinato out in first round...will drop out of the top 40 I believe with loss.
  5. FAA out in Paris. Kerber was injured coming in so no surprise. Mugu...not surprised either and Grigor wins in 5...next up Doper Cilic... Sonego is playing like crap...expected a closer match.upset.
  6. Sonny: What happened here? Maggie: I had to take the carpet rug to the cleaners again. Sonny: Why? Maggie: Is your marriage to Will ok? Sonny: Yes, why? Maggie to Sonny: Are you fulfilling Will's needs? Sonny: Yes, he hasn't been happier... Maggie: And I know why! Announcer: Days of our Livessssssss
  7. The soaps can't even hold the older viewers. They have fallen so low too. Time to cancel all soaps left....the ratings are disastrous!
  8. I hadn't realized how easy Nadal's draw is. Everyone who has beaten him on clay this year is on the top half minus Tsitsipas. Rafa better not win! Early tomorrow morning first round begins.....hope Roger is upset.....he is playing a dirt baller....
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