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  1. This is so tempting considering you posted it but I'll refrain myself.
  2. He was pissed after the loss. How could he let a tired and injured player beat him?...lol I guess he was stunned at how Medvedev served two first serves and blasted ever shot back to him. Medvedev will move up to #5 in the world with win today but by Monday will drop back to #7 in the world. I still believe he'll be ranked #5 for the US Open. Medvedev won't have anything left for the US Open though...he is gassed after three straight finals.
  3. So happy for Sveta...I can't stand Ash dull game. Ash being #1 is laughable.
  4. Happy Birthday YRBB! 








    1. Khan


      Happy Birthday, @YRBB!

    2. YRBB


      Thank you Soapsuds & Khan! :D

  5. Well at least we got a shirtless Ben today.
  6. And Karen ran out of gas. Waiting for Medvedev to run out of gas too.
  7. Sloane Stephens loses once again.
  8. Kei having trouble breathing during matches. Confirmed by TC. He plans on seeing doctor. Wonder if he will miss US Open.
  9. Yeah MS return has done [!@#$%^&*] for Y&R ratings.
  10. Roger looked 38 today.
  11. It dropped to a 0.9 demo and 2.57 viewers.
  12. I'm just hoping for firings soon. Hope we get some news soon.
  13. I hadn't watched all week until yesterday. The best part was Tripp laying seductively on the couch shirtless as JJ opened the door. For a minute there I thought Tripp was trying to seduce JJ.
  14. Kei couldn't stand the heat. Now he has 720 points to defend at the US Open.
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