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  1. Thanks all for the birthday love. And Stace for the PM! The rest of of SOn seemed to have missed that my birthday was Friday, no thread for me
  2. TL!! Had to sign in regarding the strike. Hopefully TPTB get smart and don't let this go on too long. I'd hate to think of friends suffering for reasons beyond their control.
  3. Actually Stace, I don't watch any soaps anymore. Yeah, it's gotten that bad for me. I'm not home and don't rally give a ...well, let's just say, me and Tracy have a lot in common. I have no patience for stupid soaps and she has no patience for stupid bimbos.
  4. Don't scold me Stace; I can't help if I can't watch the show anymore. I still love our girl, though!
  5. Just stopping in, since GH sucks too much to be watched by me. Hello!
  6. OT, angel but eeee to your Leann siggy. I'd kill to see her and Jane do something together...
  7. Dillon! Damn this place grows like an overgrown garden. 390!
  8. Well, it's certainly been awhile, hasn't it? I miss Jane. I miss Tracy. I hate GH. Why must they torture us so? Evil execs. It's like the lyricists for "Phantom of the Opera" wrote... "And my managers must learn... that their place is in an office not the arts!"
  9. After long back and forths the past week, and even for months and months, I've decided that, for the moment, my forrays into fan fiction must come to an end. I didn't want to do this, so soon into my blog. I had so many plans, but a number of things have gone into this decision. I find I spend far too much time on the computer. Others seem to handle balancing a blog, posting time, school, work pretty well. I, however, am very bad at doing this. I'm trying to spend less time on it now. Ending the blog, and an fan fiction writing, is a big part of this. I've also cut back on posting, in general. Another reason is that soaps, in general, have just become frustrating, Even Days, which has come so far in such a short time, doesn't quite have it anymore. It's better, and I enjoy it for what it is now, but, at this rate, I think the magic is gone. I could be wrong, but either way- I'm disillusioned with the genre as a whole, and sometimes, it just dsepresses me when I write things so far superior to those in the actual genre. With school coming up, the blog would likely drown worse than it already is. Week-by-week, I've been unable to get a whole week's episodes finished. I'd usually rather be doing other things, things that are more fun. Doing a five-day-a-week blog is so demanding, and I'm definitely not up for it, I've discovered. This may be my last year at my current school, and then I'll be transferring and my schedule will change drastically. I want to find a different job, that I can better balance in anticipation with this new potential school. And so, the blog does say good night. I'm so sorry for the readers out there who are disappointed in this decision. I'm itching to write, as always, but fan fiction just doesn't satisfy me anymore. I have the urge to create, to have a blank slate. I want to get out there and act. I need my options open, basically. I'll catch you all on the boards.
  10. Daring and gutsy. Orpheus has really lost it, going after Roman's family so full throttle after the boat. Two children now dead.
  11. Our Days in Salem Episode #16 – Thursday, July 19, 2007 At Basic Black Adrienne is meeting with Anna, who informs her of Kate’s attitude. She knows that Basic Black wants her designs, but she doesn’t want to have to deal with such hostility. Adrienne assures her that she won’t need to. Anna finds this reassuring, but is curious as to how she can promise this. Adrienne tells her that Kate won’t be attached to this project. Anna’s not so sure that will be enough. <HR> Meanwhile, Kate shows up on the doorstep of the Kiriakis Mansion. Henderson welcomes her inside, treating as if she were still married to Victor. Belle comes down the stairs with Claire, and Kate is glad to play doting grandmother for a moment. Belle allows it, even though Philip isn’t Claire’s biological kid and how Kate was involved in keeping the secret. Kate is glad Belle is there, because she wants to talk to her about Basic Black. She admits that she’s getting restless now that things have begun to settle once again, but she tells Kate she couldn’t possibly take on anything full time right now. Kate says that she’ll arrange for something on her terms, if she’ll agree to come back. <HR> At the Pub, Caroline greets Celeste and Lexie and takes them upstairs to see Benjy. Celeste introduces Lexie to her brother, telling her not to be too hasty. Benjy embraces Lexie like a brother should and asks Celeste not to treat him like a child, or an invalid. She apologizes, understanding that the DiMera ego remains intact. The mention of the name seems to frighten Benjy. “Benjy, darling. They called me here, because of you. Now, please, let me help you. What has you so frightened? What has your father, or Antony, or Elvis- what have they done to put you in this state.” Crossing his heart, Benjy sighs and signs something to Celeste that makes her understand. <HR> Stefano is looking through a photo album. In it, there are photographs of all of his children. He tears up at a photograph of Renée, reminded of the mistake her made with André. He continues a moment of mournful sadness as he looks over Megan, Kristen, and Peter. As he turns the page, the few children still relevant in his life are presented to him: Tony, Elvis, Benjy, and Lexie. “What have I done to my own family,” Stefano wonders, shaking his head, and remembering Lexie’s harsh words. “Bo and Hope have yet to pay a price heavy enough by my hand to know what it meant for me to lose my dear Megan…” He glances at a photograph of Renée and grows angry. “I was such a fool then. My Tony loved you so, my darling Renée. My ego and agenda proved to be your end. You fell like a pawn off my chess board- my own daughter, and all because you knew I was alive. If only I had gotten to André before… oh, but what use is this thinking now? You are gone, gone now twenty-three years. Tony has never been the same. I could blame Daphne,” Stefano laughs at the memory of his common-law wife, “but she only did what she saw best. All part of the game. I tried so hard to replace you. I adopted children, I sired new ones, and for what, hmm? Peter is in prison. Kristen is dead. Antony is ever being investigated. Benjamin is terrified of me. Alexandra loathes me… and Elvis, well, he may not be trustworthy. Is this all that is left of my legacy? Where did I go so wrong!” <HR> Next on… -Billie recognizes Sonia -Stefano reveals his latest deceit -Anna checks in -Belle accepts Kate’s offer
  12. Our Days in Salem Episode #15 – Wednesday, July 18, 2007 Mickey and Maggie are taken aback by Nick’s pronouncement. They ask if he’s not happy here, but he tells them it’s not that it all. He’s just…growing up, and he thinks it’s time he tried to make it on his own. Maggie recalls the Willow debacle and doesn’t think he’s ready at all. Mickey tells Maggie that they need to let Nick make that decision, whether or not they think it’s the right one. Nick tells them he’ll be back after his appointment. Maggie embraces him and sees him off. It’s clear she doesn’t like this, and intends to get to the bottom of Nick’s sudden urge to be out of her house! <HR> Lexie is milling around by the nurse’s station, clutching a Styrofoam coffee cup, her hands shaking. Celeste arrives with Jett in tow. “Oh! Mom, you scared me. What are you doing here?” “I came here to check on you,” Celeste admits, and tries to get Lexie to open up about what happened with Stefano after she left. Lexie’s lips are sealed which worries her. Lexie notices Jett, and Celeste introduces them. Jett charms her, expectedly. <HR> At the Brady Pub, Kayla is trying to teach Stephanie some simple sign language, to ease her communication with her would-be brother. Benjy sits alone to his thoughts, drinking some coffee. Stephanie grows frustrated and gets up from the bar stool, starting towards the door. Benjy stands and grabs her arm. He mouths “patience”. Having been watching Kayla, he reiterated what Kayla was showing Stephanie. His sensitivity in using it everyday to communicate helps Stephanie to let it in. The moment is ruined, of course, when Steve arrives, announcing he’s brought some friends. John and Billie come inside. <HR> At Bo and Hope’s, Chelsea is picking up after Ciara, who is been put down for a nap. The doorbell rings. When Chelsea answers the door, Maggie is there. She wonders what she’s doing here. “Why don’t you tell me?” Maggie suggests, walking inside. “This is about Nick, isn’t it?” Chelsea asks tentatively. “Oh, what gave that away?” Maggie retorts, and Chelsea can see she’s a bit edgy. Chelsea wants Maggie to know that moving out was Nick’s decision. Maggie knew that the home wrecker was involved somehow. Chelsea is offended, but Maggie doesn’t back off, remind her that if not for Chelsea, the whole mess with Willow could have been avoided. She gave Willow all she needed to control their vulnerable Nick. <HR> At the Pub, Benjy grows cold and sits down, back to everyone. John thinks being here isn’t a good idea. Kayla wonders what’s going on, explaining to Steve that Benjy’s already suspicious. Steve says time isn’t on their side. They had to raise the stakes. Benjy gets up and in all of their faces. He signs angrily, knowing that they’re talking about him and letting them all know that he refuses to talk to them. Steve asks him whom he will talk to. Benjy turns away and Steve doesn’t relent. All he is able to get out of Benjy is him signing “Tarot”. <HR> Back at the hospital, Jett asks about Abe. Lexie explains that he’s in recovery now. It’s taking a lot longer than expected, but he’s accepting the transplant. Jett thinks that’s wonderful. Celeste feels that she is needed elsewhere. Lexie wonders what she means. She’s not sure. It was just a feeling. Suddenly, at the nurse’s station, a nurse calls her name, saying that there’s a phone call for her. Taken aback, she takes the phone and Caroline’s voice sounds on the other end, telling her they need her at the Pub. When Celeste asks what’s going on, Caroline says Benjy asked for her. Celeste tells her she’ll be there. Lexie asks her mother what this was about. Celeste tells her daughter that at last she’ll meet her good brother, Benjy. Lexie says she couldn’t possibly leave Abe right now. Jett says he’ll stay and let them know if there’s any change. Lexie thanks him, and the two women rush off. <HR> Chelsea admits that she made a mistake, but now she and Nick are finally getting onto the right foot and she wants everything to be perfect. “And that can’t happen as long as he’s living with a guardian of sorts?” Maggie asks. Chelsea means no disrespect, but living with an older relative does sort of cramp your style, especially if you both do. A realization hits Maggie and she asks if this is about sex? All Chelsea will say is that she and Nick need a chance to have time for themselves. Maggie takes it for what it is and comes to her own conclusions. She thanks Chelsea for her honesty and leaves. Chelsea wonders if she did the right thing. <HR> Next on… -Stefano recalls the early days of the feud -Benjy confides in Celeste -Kate presents Belle an offer -Anna warns Adrienne
  13. Our Days in Salem Episode #14 – Tuesday, July 17, 2007 At the Brady Pub… Benjy asks Kayla why he should believe she and Steve are helping him after what he’s done. Kayla tells him that they will always love him like a son, no matter what Stefano makes him do to try and hurt them. Benjy flinches when Kayla places her hand on his, pulling back. Benjy doesn’t believe a word she says. He knows something isn’t right. <HR> Steve arrives at Basic Black and sees his sister, just off the phone from Justin. He wonders what she’s doing here. “Well, big brother, it just so happens that I’m sticking around town for a while, and this is my operation.” He congratulates Adrienne, but wonders about John. She explains that he wants to focus on his life while he still can, and help with the DiMera investigation, so he needed someone he can trust. Steve wonders about “the Roberts broad” and Adrienne says that after the TV station scandal, he doesn’t trust Kate. <HR> Meanwhile... Kate isn’t taking this sitting down. She’s outraged that she was overlooked. John assures her that she still has a job. She reminds him that she kept the company above ground while he played detective and can’t believe he’s going to let one mistake influence his decision. He tells her that a little mistake would be one thing, but the damage her one mistake caused gave him just cause to not give her that much power again. This causes Kate to storm out of the office. <HR> Billie stands in the doorway at Sami and Lucas’ apartment. “Well, little brother, are you going to invite me in?” He does so, and wonders what she’s doing here. She has the results of her sweep. Sami comes out and is surprised to see Billie. Lucas explained that he asks his ex-cop sister to investigate the safe-house. There are too many horror stories of people putting their trust in a public service only for there to be spies from the enemy right under their nose. Billie tells them about Benjy Hawk being found, presumably as a spy. “I’m not understanding this. The guy’s deaf and a mute. Why would the DiMeras send him to keep watch?” <HR> Kayla tells Benjy that this trust issue goes both ways. Steve and she are only being cautious. He’s sure there’s something she won’t tell him, and as long as there are secrets, he’s not going to tell them anything. They can promise protection to the sky’s limit and he won’t believe them unless they’re straight with him. Kayla tries to reason with him, saying that she has nothing to hide and neither does Steve. Benjy tells her that her word simply isn’t good enough anymore. <HR> “Speak of the she-devil,” Steve remarks as Kate exits John’s office at blank speed. Adrienne asks why he’s here. He says he’s got DiMera business to discuss with Mr. B. Adrienne tells him his timing could have been a little more perfect. He apologizes, saying that he can’t help it if is timeline doesn’t mesh with hers. She tries to stop him from going in, but can’t. “Steve?” John cocks an eyebrow. “What are you doing here?” “Look, Dude, I know there’s some weird blood between us right now, but there’s something you need to know.” <HR> Kate is waiting for the elevator. When it opens, Anna appears. Kate is nothing short of unpleasant to the fashionista, wondering why she shouldn’t call security for trespassing. Anna announces that she’s here to meet about a deal with her company to bring her clothing line back to the U.S. under a larger corporation. “If I’m not wanted here, Ms. Roberts, I’ll gladly do my sell to other companies.” “Lucky for you, that’s not my call. Excuse me.” Kate steps onto the elevator, leaving Anna to wonder what she’s getting herself into. <HR> “You remember the Benjy Hawk kid that me and Kayla were planning to adopt?” Steve asks John. “Yeah. You don’t usually forget the kid’s you’ve hurt. I hear he’s not such a kid anymore.” “No, in fact, his little boy is a spitting image. Anyway, he was found at what was going to be Lucas and Sami’s safe-house.” John tells Steve he was there, but wonders what’s being done both with the kid and with finding a new safe haven for Sami and Lucas. Steve explains Roman’s little plan to use Benjy to get to the other DiMeras. “What about Sami and Lucas?” Steve tells John that Roman wouldn’t discuss it with him. “Understandable,” John points out, saying he’ll have to call his people to see if they can’t forge a deal between the ISA and the police again. If they want to protect Sami from the DiMeras, they need to have the right arsenal. <HR> Billie sees Sami’s point, but explains that’s why there’s an investigation going on. Sami admits that the thought that there could be someone on Stefano’s payroll in the Salem PD is rather daunting. Lucas wonders if getting the ISA involved might make her feel any safer. Sami asks Billie if she can look into it. Billie says she’s way ahead of her. John was with her when they discovered Benjy. She points out that the game is getting complicated, and that Sami and Lucas may have to put on a bit of a performance if things get much worse. Lucas asks what she means, and tells him that the only way to beat the DiMeras is to play their game. She knows if any two people were up for a little deception it’s these two. Lucas assures Billie that everything has changed, but Billie maintains that they’re still capable of pulling it off. She tells them to keep that in mind. Meanwhile, she has other business to attend to. She kisses Lucas on the cheek and heads out, wishing them luck. <HR> Steve tells John that’s all well and good, but breaking Benjy is on top of the priority list right now. He could be just the break they need. John asks if he’s suggesting that he come face-to-face with Hawk, who could rightfully resent John for his time as Stefano’s mercenary when he was responsible for Benjy’s hearing loss. Steve tells him that they’re running out of options. <HR> Next on… -Maggie grills Chelsea -Benjy is angered to see John -Kayla attempts to teach Stephanie sign language -Lexie meets Jett
  14. Our Days in Salem Episode #13 – Monday, July 16, 2007 At the Brady Pub, Steve glances over at his daughter, over by the bar talking with his grandfather. He tells Kayla that Shawn was right about him all those years ago – he’s just not cut out to be a family man. Kayla tells him not to worry about Stephanie. He knows she’s right, giving his wife a knowing look. Benjy wonders if they are talking about him. Steve whispers something to Kayla, kisses her and goes to leave. Kayla attempts to ease Benjy’s worry, but he feels that things haven’t been right ever since they bailed him out. Kayla tells him that things haven’t been right since he showed Steve that tarot card. <HR> At their apartment, Sami and Lucas enjoy post-coital bliss in their bedroom. Sami tells her husband that it’s nice have him home with her all the time, but she worries about Mythic and the SEC. He tells her to just be glad EJ hasn’t come after him. She sighs, thanking him for ruining the mood. He apologizes, and promises not to mention Wells anymore, but she reminds him that he’ll always be in their lives now, and there’s nothing they can do to change that. Lucas frowns, reassuring her that the kids will not be raised DiMera. Sami fears that none of the DiMeras will stop until these children are under their influence – and that’s if they survive the stem cell extraction that Stefano needs. The doorbell rings. Lucas gets it. It’s Billie, who wonders if she’s interrupting something. <HR> Maggie tells Mickey it’s wonderful to have him home from the office. He knows she must get lonely day in and day out with no one besides Nick around. “Bless his heart,” Maggie says, “but he does his own thing.” Nick comes downstairs, avoiding their eyes. Mickey clears his throat, and wonders where he’s going, since it’s obviously not work. He mumbles something incoherent under his breath. Maggie tells him to sit down and tell them what he’s up to. He says he doesn’t have time; he has to go meet with the landlord of the apartment he bought for Willow Stark. Maggie wonders why he’d go and do a thing like that. He tells her that he’s moving out. <HR> Kate storms in John’s office, where he is meeting with Adrienne. John introduces Kate to Adrienne as the new CEO of Basic Black, but Kate is cold- asking John for a moment privately. John tells her that whatever she wants to talk about, she can talk about in front of Adrienne. Sensing trouble, Adrienne tells John that she wants to call Justin and talk about they’ve discussed. John and Kate watch her go. “All right, Katherine, You happy now? You have me all to yourself. Now what?” Kate railroads John for coming in here after being absent for nearly a year and taking everything she did, all her hard work, and completely sidelining her. John appreciates where she’s coming from, but reminds her that her partnership with Austin and EJ fell apart at the seams. If John didn’t do something, the SEC would have eaten Austin, Carrie, Kate, and EJ alive – and only one of those prospects was attractive. Kate accuses John of using his power to get back at EJ, without care of anything else. John insists that was nothing short of a happy coincidence. <HR> Next on… -Steve pays John a visit -Sami and Lucas learn of the safe-house mishap -Benjy refuses to talk -Kate and Anna clash
  15. ANNOUNCER: This week on Our Days in Salem...a family reunion will make Benjy talk... [A SOFT PIANO MELODY PLAYS AS BENJY MEETS LEXIE AND THE SIBLINGS EMBRACE] [AN EPIC SCORE TAKES OVER AS BENJY GESTURES EMOTIONALLY] Celeste: His family has been taken hostage. Steve: Well, there's only one thing to do. ANNOUNCER: Operation Rescue Hawk begins, but will Benjy lead his friends into a trap? [A PHOTOGRAPH OF SONIA, BENJY'S WIFE, AND THEIR SON. BILLIE PICKS IT UP.] Billie: I know this woman. ANNOUNCER: Let the adventure begin!
  16. Brilliant montages and reunions for Roman/Marlena and Steve/Kayla juxtaposed with the terror of what's going on around them.
  17. Our Days in Salem Episode 11 – Thursday, July 12, 2007 “Rolf, how is he?” Lexie persists. “Your father needs his rest,” he insists. She’s curious whether she should trust Rolf, given their history. She asks if she may see him. He allows it. She apologizes for her insolence, but needs him to understand that she’s so sick and tired of being walked all over by everyone. He asks if this means that she’s ready to move on from Abe, at last? <HR> Jett stops by the Carver place unaware that Abe is in the hospital. As the doorbell rings, the scene switches to indoors… In the Carver residence, Celeste is sitting Theo down for lunch. Hearing the doorbell, she tells him that she’ll be right back. At the door, she sees a young man she does not recognize. “May I help you?” “Yes- does an Abe Carver live here?” Celeste tells him yes, but wonders who is asking. Jett introduces himself, leaving Celeste wide-eyed with shock. <HR> Stephanie looks up, surprised to see her parents here. She glares daggers towards Caroline. Kayla greets her mother, who asks about their guest. Steve tells Stephanie that they have someone they want her to meet. After she asks who he is, Kayla introduces Benjy and explains his condition. Stephanie remembers, but asks how she’s supposed to talk to him. She doesn’t know sign language; she doesn’t have the patience. Steve tells her to slow down, telling her that Benjy has mastered the art of lip-reading. Knowing he can’t speak, Stephanie remains unsure. Stepping forward to introduce herself, she looks him square in the eye and says, “Hi, Benjy. It’s nice to meet you. I’m…Stephanie Johnson.” <HR> Lexie cannot believe that Stefano isn’t past that. If she remains married to the police commander that is her prerogative. Stefano points out that Abe limits this freedom she so desires, pointing out that she always strays. “How dare you,” she stews, telling him that he might as well call her a slut. Stefano tells his daughter that she simply has never found the right man for her, and for her to keep going back to Abe hurts everyone around her. “It hurts Theodore, it hurts me, it hurts your mother… even you, Alexandra. Why won’t you even consider it?” The good doctor tells her father that this conversation is over. She needs to go see her husband in the hospital. He tells her to say hello for him, with a laugh. She grumbles about being ridiculed, showing herself out. <HR> As if knowing she doesn’t know how to sign, he nods and pats her shoulder with a smile, almost lipping a “you too” as Caroline leads him to a seat. Bizarre though the circumstances, Stephanie smiles to herself, as they all sit down. “There’s that smile. It’s been a while since I saw that, you know,” Steve says, and Stephanie immediately sours. “Oh come on, Stephanie. No one likes a sour puss.” Stephanie gets up in frustration and excuses herself. She goes over to the bar, upset so she starts to hum to herself. Shawn asks how some of that lemonade sounds now, and Stephanie tells her grandfather that she could use the distraction, and thanks him. <HR> “I’m sorry to have startled you,” Jett tells Celeste, but she apologizes. She says he’s free to come on in. He asks when his uncle can be expected back. She reveals she’s not sure, as he’s in the hospital. Jett is taken aback by this tidbit of information, and asks what’s wrong. Celeste assures him that he was only in for a procedure. Jett digs deeper, and learns about Abe’s bout with blindness. He had no idea, asking what the doctors have said. “You know what, let’s go to the hospital, and you can see for yourself.” <HR> Anna arrives at the mansion to see Stefano. He asks about Tony. She says that everything that money can guarantee is being done to ensure he’s out of there soon. Stefano damns Roman Brady, saying he should be rotting in hell. Anna, who obviously still cares for Roman, asks Stefano why he never disposed of her ex-husband. "It's all part of the game. No adversary has been quite as fun as Roman." She asks him what his next move is. He tells her it’s about time to consult the chessboard. <HR> Next on… -Benjy becomes suspicious of Steve and Kayla -Lucas and Sami commiserate over EJ’s place in their lives -Kate railroads John over his latest decisions regarding Mythic and Basic Black -Nick tells Maggie he’s moving out
  18. Great stuff with Bope, the lifeboat crew, Jack/Billie and the gun totin' trio.
  19. Our Days in Salem Episode #10 – Thursday, July 12, 2007 Jeremy has been taken in for questioning. In the interrogation room… “You know,” Hope begins, “I opened my home to you- my home with a little girl in it, because you are family, Jeremy. Mike and Jenn are like siblings to me. Perhaps you just didn’t know any better, but here’s the newsflash – the DiMeras are bad news. They’re not just a bunch of punks out for money. No, they’re not like you. You see; there is a vendetta between our families. They’re not stupid. They know you’re a Horton. They will use you up until they bleed you dry.” “I can take care of myself, auntie Hope,” Jeremy says bitingly, “I grew up in a war zone, in case you’ve forgotten. I know how to get by just fine. So, if we’re done here…” “We’re not- not even close.” <HR> At the Brady Pub, Bo sits Max down, and asks his little brother what he thinks he was doing. Max said he needed money. Chelsea and Stephanie got him involved. He trusted it because Stephanie did. Bo asks about Chelsea. He says that she wasn’t exactly leaning towards the idea at first… “In fact, Chelsea wanted me to have Frankie look the contract over.” Bo wonders why he didn’t. Max tells him that the contract seemed legit. If not for Jett, he would have been in for one wild ride of a scam. “Listen, Bo, Chelsea and Stephanie- they’re not in any trouble, are they?” <HR> Back at the department… Roman invites Jett into his office. “I have to hand it to you, Carver. It seems to be in your blood. I just wonder why you never involved the local authorities…” He tells Roman that, no offense, but his investigation was too important to trust a foreign police department. One of the reasons he became a cop was because of on-going problem of corruption and abuse of power. He had to do this his way. Roman respects this, but points out that he was quick to tell Max exactly what was going on. <HR> Back at the Pub… Bo insists that the girls are fine. They weren’t up to their necks in the behind the scenes stuff. Max sighs, grateful that they’ll be spared. So is Bo, admittedly. The last thing Chelsea needs is more trouble, and Steve and Kayla need nothing if a break from it, too. Bo wonders, though: “Max, you’re a good kid. What was wrong with the garage?” <HR> Hope smiles, asking if Jeremy is scared. Jeremy puts up his best front, but she sees right through him. “You were getting money out of this venture, but the question is, what was the DiMera family getting out of this? Was it just another game with another witless family member? They had an agenda too, Jeremy, and you, my dearest cousin, are going to help me find out what it is. Unless, of course, you’d rather spending some quality time with the big boys —behind bars.” <HR> Max admits that he missed the thrill of racing. Bo asks why he doesn’t go back. He tells him that he doesn’t want to put himself out there like that, not after the accident. Bo reminds him “there are plenty of real good professions out there that can feed your taste for danger. In fact, if you’re so worried about the DiMeras, maybe you should look into the, uh, family ‘business’” Max laughs. He asks if Bo seriously thinks he could be a cop. Bo says he certainly has the street smarts. He just wants Max to promise that he won’t do something this stupid again. He does, and Bo leaves. Max let’s Bo’s suggestion roll off his back. <HR> In Roman’s office, Jett insists that he wanted the investigation to be as clean cut as it could be. He could tell that Max was the kind of guy who could help him out- someone on the outside, with the right smarts. Roman admits that Jett is right. Max would probably make a damned good cop. He tells Jett that he’s lucky he has such good instincts. “It’s like you said- it’s in my blood,” smiles Jett. <HR> Hope puts Jeremy on the spot. He says that he’ll do it, but wonders what’s in it for him. “No jail time,” Hope promises. “Do we have a deal?” Reluctantly, Jeremy and Hope shake on it. <HR> Next on… -Stefano wonders where Lexie's new outlook leaves Abe -Jett learns Abe is in the hospital -Stephanie meets Benjy -Anna proves she's up to no good
  20. Nice Victor/Maggie, Stefano/Victor, Marlena/Orpheus/Roman scenes.
  21. Ooh! Good episode. Lapped up every bit of it. I like that you utilized LML's stupidity through Adrian's comments to Colleen, and how you tied it into Daniel and Lily's relationship. Very nice work. And the Sharon scenes were great, from the slap to her and Brad obviously digging their own grave by spending any time together at all. Very curious as to what Lady Chancellor is up to!
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