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  1. My immune system has great timing.
  2. Hey, at least you said happy birthday to me on AIM!
  3. I don't know why this bugs me so much, but... Everybody else gets a birthday thread... and I never see one for me. Thanks to the very few who wished me birthday greetings off the board. You rock!
  4. Thanks all for the birthday love. And Stace for the PM! The rest of of SOn seemed to have missed that my birthday was Friday, no thread for me
  5. TL!! Had to sign in regarding the strike. Hopefully TPTB get smart and don't let this go on too long. I'd hate to think of friends suffering for reasons beyond their control.
  6. Actually Stace, I don't watch any soaps anymore. Yeah, it's gotten that bad for me. I'm not home and don't rally give a ...well, let's just say, me and Tracy have a lot in common. I have no patience for stupid soaps and she has no patience for stupid bimbos.
  7. Don't scold me Stace; I can't help if I can't watch the show anymore. I still love our girl, though!
  8. Ryan, I flove your avatar more than should be considered normal.
  9. I'm so over 9/11. I will never in my life be able to forget that day. I think about it every day. But the day gives the media excuse to do what they do best. We don't need to relive it every year. We don't need to see interviews with victims and their families. It sickens me. Sigh. I just hate overblown events. I prefer to have my own private, silent moments. Guess that's just one of those things, though.
  10. Damn, Ryan. Talk about sucktastic! I must stsart working out again. Step away from the computer...
  11. Just stopping in, since GH sucks too much to be watched by me. Hello!
  12. OT, angel but eeee to your Leann siggy. I'd kill to see her and Jane do something together...
  13. Dillon! Damn this place grows like an overgrown garden. 390!
  14. Well, it's certainly been awhile, hasn't it? I miss Jane. I miss Tracy. I hate GH. Why must they torture us so? Evil execs. It's like the lyricists for "Phantom of the Opera" wrote... "And my managers must learn... that their place is in an office not the arts!"
  15. The new board look is nice and sleek.
  16. Keith

    Sad Announcement

    After long back and forths the past week, and even for months and months, I've decided that, for the moment, my forrays into fan fiction must come to an end. I didn't want to do this, so soon into my blog. I had so many plans, but a number of things have gone into this decision. I find I spend far too much time on the computer. Others seem to handle balancing a blog, posting time, school, work pretty well. I, however, am very bad at doing this. I'm trying to spend less time on it now. Ending the blog, and an fan fiction writing, is a big part of this. I've also cut back on posting, in general. Another reason is that soaps, in general, have just become frustrating, Even Days, which has come so far in such a short time, doesn't quite have it anymore. It's better, and I enjoy it for what it is now, but, at this rate, I think the magic is gone. I could be wrong, but either way- I'm disillusioned with the genre as a whole, and sometimes, it just dsepresses me when I write things so far superior to those in the actual genre. With school coming up, the blog would likely drown worse than it already is. Week-by-week, I've been unable to get a whole week's episodes finished. I'd usually rather be doing other things, things that are more fun. Doing a five-day-a-week blog is so demanding, and I'm definitely not up for it, I've discovered. This may be my last year at my current school, and then I'll be transferring and my schedule will change drastically. I want to find a different job, that I can better balance in anticipation with this new potential school. And so, the blog does say good night. I'm so sorry for the readers out there who are disappointed in this decision. I'm itching to write, as always, but fan fiction just doesn't satisfy me anymore. I have the urge to create, to have a blank slate. I want to get out there and act. I need my options open, basically. I'll catch you all on the boards.
  17. Shawn... it's good to see you back. I'm glad you did what you had to do.
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