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    Gooooooo Frankie!
  2. My $0.02 about signing something that could possibly lead to someone being out of a job. As far as I'm concerned, Frons has not done his job well. And as a dissatisfied customer, practically former customer, I feel deserving of retribution. I think that's the basic feeling for anyone who would start such petition, not to mention sign it. His job is not just any job, it effects the public domain, entertainment, at least on some level. If he's not doing it right, someone has to tell him. Only the customer can rightly do that, IMO.
  3. Alan! :( I'm watching Elphie!Tracy now. And SQUEEing. The vid - Tracy/Dillon! Awwww!
  4. Keith


    Goodbye Mick! Love ya, but won't miss you too much! What took so long, King?!?
  5. I need a reason? I like Tracy because she's Tracy Quartermaine, B*TCH!
  6. Well, as far as it being too soon, big story details are probably planned far in advance while smaller story nuances aren't. Though I'd expect to hear about feb. sweeps before MAY!
  7. As promised, pictures: The Cake: Gift from the Parentals Me and Jaclene: The gang: My mom was right- I looked SCARY.
  8. Carly and Jax the power couple? Whatever. I'd pay to see Carly against Tracy under a competent regime.
  9. For Ashton, may I suggest Charles Shaughnessy or Stephen Schetzner? For Marta, I'm thinking the girl who plays Paloma on PSSNS, who seems good despite her material. Maybe Lindsay Hartley. If not Eileen, some ideas for Kelly...Leann Hunley may be a few years too old, but she'd be good, I think...Heather Tom would also be a decent choice!
  10. Geary & Elliot: They'll solve your case if you can solve theirs. It's all I could think of! And don't worry, Deb, lots of pictures will be taken. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a botched job
  11. Deb, you know I love you, right? You absolutely made my night - especially since I will be doing the very same this weekend for my costume party.
  12. Keith

    HOT SEX!!!!

    KRISTEN & [email protected]!! WHAT!!!!!!???
  13. I liked the 15 minutes I saw. I love how it went to break after Tracy told Luke he needs to be an adult, all break I was mentally berating her about being two-faced, because while entertaining, she's hardly adult most of the time, and she comes back with an 'I know I can't talk' comment.
  14. Keith

    WHO IS SHE!!!!

    Good question! Gah, I love your Frankie, Melissa, Greta, Eric arc!
  15. I know I've already said it, but Congratulatiosn to DebNfey!
  16. Keith


    JESUS! Hope's kidnapper completely took me by surprise - and I have no idea why! Jan & Jeremy, eh? Hmm.
  17. Not going to be around for too long? yay!
  18. Oh man. That song just really added to punch in the gut. Really emotional stuff. Wow.
  19. Keith

    New Hunk In Salem!

    Great choice! He could pull off the son of a Brit!
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