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  1. ANNOUNCER: Over twenty years ago, he disappeared into the mist while looking for his missing wife... [sHOT OF ANNA REMOVING HER SCARF IN THE BRADY PUB] ANNOUNCER: Now she's back... ANNA (in the Brady Pub): Tony's changed. ANNOUNCER: And so is he. [sHOT OF TONY ON THE PHONE WITH ANNA.] ANNOUNCER: And now they come face to face. [TONY, IN RIDING GEAR ON THE GROUND IN THE DiMERA GARDENS, STARING TOWARDS AN OFF-SCREEN ANNA, AS IF ENTRANCED] Tony: Anna.
  2. Keith

    June 26, 2007

    These past few episodes with the rehashing is so great for me....hellooooooooo recaps! I love, love, loved the reveal of Julie and Maggie and the fire at Chez Rouge. Doug's reaction, and Victor's defense...wonderful. Loved the little tease with Hope/Chelsea, and Bo punching the mysterious cloaked figure.
  3. Reeeeeeeoow, Lauren, reow! Love it. Lauren and Michael were never well-suited to begin with, but I do like her sisterly relationship with Kevin. Freakingly Lily. This storyline is so great, but she annoys the crap out of me. I supposed that's meant to be, since it's Christel
  4. Our Days in Salem Episode #2 – Tuesday, June 26, 2007 Sami asks that Marlena not look at her like that, telling her old habits die hard. She noticed tension between Anna and her at the Pub last night. Marlena tells her that she’s imagining things. She and Anna were good friends before she left Salem. Sami finds it hard to imagine they remained so, between the long-distance and the way Sami terrorized Anna’s daughter. Marlena explains to Sami that Anna was never a very motherly type, informing her that even when Anna was in town, Marlena behaved as a motherly figure while married to their father, Roman. Sami’s not sure what to think of this, but Marlena tells her it’s time to stop stalling and to get her in with Dr. Jacobs now. <HR> Back at the Brady Pub… Kate stands in the doorway, closing the door slowly. “Well, I’m glad to know how you really feel.” Lucas turns to Billie, outraged at the realization that she invited Kate to breakfast, too. He gets up, saying he needs to get to the hospital to see Sami. Kate stops him, making a snide remark about Sami always winding up in the hospital. Lucas asks her how the SEC is treating her and brushes past her. <HR> Chelsea asks that they not talk about this right outside her bedroom, where Nick could overhear. This confirms Hope’s suspicions, and tells Chelsea that if she wants to talk, she knows where to find her. Chelsea wonders where she’s going. Hope tells her she’s got bigger little fish to fry before she goes off to fry some really big fish. Chelsea doesn’t get it. Hope asks if she’s noticed how Jeremy cavorts around the house. “Oh, I’ve noticed. I think it’s crazy that you let him stay here.” Hope insists that any Horton is welcome in her house. Chelsea says that sometimes family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Hope smiles, and goes to find Jeremy, just as he arrives up the stairs. Chelsea excuses herself and Hope seizes opportunity. Downstairs, Chelsea sees Stephanie on the couch. Not wanting to deal with another tirade against Nick, she attempts to slip past her in the kitchen and thinks she’s succeeded, until she hears the door linger behind her. She turns around and sees Stephanie has followed her. Stephanie tells her cousin that she heard she and Nick got pretty hot and heavy last night. Chelsea is mortified to learn that Jeremy saw them going at it on the couch. Stephanie tells her to get over it. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, even if your partner is a scrawny computer nerd. Chelsea admits that nothing happened. “I knew it! I know exactly why, too.” Chelsea humors her and Stephanie says she thinks she’s got the hots for Jett Carver. <HR> Marlena helps Sami get settled into her hospital garb and ready for the procedure. Dr. Jacobs comes in and assures her that her baby will be in very little danger. Sami’s still anxious, both to know who the father is and out of fear for what could go wrong. Marlena tells her daughter to relax as Dr. Jacobs preps her. Sami laughs, commenting how there’s so much she never did with Will. She remembers that Lucas didn’t either, because of her lies and convincing even herself that Austin was Will’s father. Marlena tells her that it’s all right. He’ll be here. Sami takes a deep breath as Dr. Jacobs tells Marlena that she may want to see this. Sami clamors to see the screen, too. The image is distorted at first, but then Marlena gasps, saying a signature, “My goodness,” followed by, “Sami, you see what Dr. Jacobs is talking about. Look there. Right there. Tell me what you see.” Sami’s confused, but tells her mother that she sees two distinct shapes, wondering if that’s the head and a foot, or what. Marlena says no. She pulls out an old picture of her sonogram when she was carrying Sami and Eric to make Sami make the connection. She takes the picture. “I’m having twins?” The realization washes over in a bittersweet moment, as Lucas stands in the doorway, just overhearing what Sami has said. <HR> Jeremy invites Hope into his room, so they can talk in private. She appreciates his kindness with a thick layer of sarcasm. She tells him that she probably didn’t make herself clear when she told him he could stay here. He’s heard the neighbors talking, and it seems like he’s not been faithful to Stephanie. Hope reminds him that this is Bo’s house, too, and that he’s Stephanie’s uncle. Jeremy claims they’re just having fun, but Hope isn’t biting. Hope tells him that while he can continue crashing here, he’s not to bring a girl here who isn’t Stephanie. As far as Stephanie as told anyone, they’re exclusive. It’s Jeremy’s business if he sleeps around, but he won’t bring that drama into her house, nor will he play loud music when nobody is around. If she gets one phone call about disturbing the peace, she won’t stop Bo or Roman from pressing charges, since he’s an adult. “Oh come on, aunt Hope, it’s just a little fun. You were young once.” She warns him not to play cute with her. She’s not afraid to make long distance phone calls. Her house, her roof, her rules, and that means no ifs, ands or buts. “And one more thing. If I ever hear that you’ve been playing Stephanie for a fool, well- I can forget any male pig is family for a few minutes.” Hope leaves Jeremy’s room and knocks on Chelsea’s. Nick is still inside. Nick wants Hope to know nothing happened, but she explains that Chelsea told her. She’s not here to scold him. She wants to give him a friendly warning. She knows how frustrating it must be that after everything with Willow, they just can’t get on with their lives, but he thinks that there’s more to Chelsea’s resistance than what she’s said. Nick figured as much. Hope says she knows nothing. It’s just a mother’s instinct. “Speaking of which, have you talked to your parents since you were cleared.” Nick shakes his head no, and Hope encourages him to do so. It might do him some good to pay a visit, if he can make the time. Back downstairs, Stephanie pushes her agenda, telling her that Nick is not the kind of guy for her. Chelsea says she’s sorry she’s not into macho pigs like Jeremy. Stephanie rolls her eyes, and tells her that she and Jett would be perfect. Chelsea reminds her cousin that he’s engaged. Stephanie shrugs, saying that she’s far away from here in Dayton. Chelsea can’t believe what she’s suggesting. Stephanie wants Chelsea to just admit that what she had with Nick is over, and she just refuses to move on. Chelsea seems affected by this, as Stephanie walks away. Bo walks in and Chelsea runs to him, thudding him with a hug. “Hey, Kid, what’s up? Talk to me?” She cries, just asking Bo to hold her. He does, doing his best to comfort her. <HR> Billie looks at Kate apologetically, but she tells her daughter to save it. She knew it would be a waste of time. After all the times Lucas has told her that he’s out of his life, she knew he meant it this time. He’s been downright vicious about Mythic and the SEC, and he’s made no attempts to be in touch with her. She can’t blame him. Enough about her, she wants to know what’s new in her daughter’s life. Billie reminds her mother that her life is Chelsea and since she cut herself out of it, she’s been at a bit of a loss. She wishes Chelsea had let her be there for her while she dealt with Nick’s run-in with the law. This catches Kate’s attention. Billie tells her about the hairbrush that was found at Bo and Hope’s after the fire, and how it was Chelsea’s and what Nick did. Kate thinks Chelsea should kick him to the curb, if he’s willing to risk an honest career like that for a crime she didn’t even commit. He obviously didn’t believe in her. Billie tells her to cut the guy some slack. Kate makes a biting remark about Billie defending him because he’s good in bed. “You know, Mom, if I were you, I wouldn’t be burning bridges right now, or I might join the club Lucas just started.” Kate apologizes for being crude, but she just assumed. She tells Billie to continue. She goes on to tell her mother about Willow’s death and how the truth all came to light – but Roman opted to just believe Nick’s story and throw out state’s evidence. Kate is mortified! <HR> Next on… -Roman refuses Anna -Lucas is unsure that he can handle EJ being the father of Sami’s unborn twins -Stefano confronts EJ about Anna’s intentions in Salem -Maggie sheds some new light on Sami’s dilemma
  5. Keith

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    As I told you and Roman over IM earlier this morning, that scene between Lexie and Sami was something I wouldn't dare miss. Their relevance to each other's stories was too important, even during Lexie's absence, thanks to Celeste's desperation to find her daughter.
  6. Keith

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    It's good to be back!
  7. <br> Our Days in Salem Episode #1 - Monday, June 25, 2007 <br><br> Billie arrives at the Brady Pub the next morning for breakfast, meeting with Lucas. Immediately, she notes that he seems distracted and asks, “All right, what’s Sami done now?” <br><br> Lucas asks that she stop channeling their mother. Billie apologizes, admitting that while she’s happy for her brother’s happiness, Sami’s history does lend itself to wariness. Lucas understands and thanks her for her concern. Billie asks where Sami is, and Lucas tells her that Marlena is getting her settled in for an amniocentesis, where he’ll join her later. Billie suspects that there’s more to this breakfast than just an intimate, brother-sister chat. <br><br> “Come on, Billie. It’s not like that. I promise. Can’t I just have a nice breakfast with my sister?” <br><br> “Lucas, your wife has been marked by a crime family. She’s determined to end this decade-long feud herself. You should have your hands full keeping tabs on her, not having a nice breakfast with your sister,” she counters smartly, and Lucas admits that she’s right, and there’s more to the invitation than just breakfast, adding that it’s good to see her. <br><br> “I’m not sure I like where this is going,” Billie remarks. He promises that all he wants is a favor, and she laughs. “You’re married to Sami Brady and you want a favor? I definitely don’t like where this is going.” He promises her it’s nothing bad, and she tells him to just come out with it then. He does, telling her that Roman is relocating them to a safe house, temporarily, at least until the baby is born. She wants to know where she comes in. Lucas tells her that he wants her to look it over before they just go in blindly.<br><br> <HR><br> At the hospital, Celeste tells Lexie she’s glad a visit with her son could sway her position on her future with Abe. She warns Celeste that she still has her doubts, but she’s simply taking a cautious approach. Celeste is sure that being out of the hospital will be good for her spirit. Opening the door, she comes face-to-face with Sami. She attempts to brush past her, but Sami stops her. “Sami, you do not want to get in my face right now. Okay? Get out of my way, or so help me, I will kill you.” Sami is taken aback by Lexie’s words, but there’s more. “It wasn’t enough that you nosed around my marriage, or that your manipulations cost me job. You know, if you hadn’t helped my brother cross state lines, I never would have been away from my family.” <br><br> “Don’t try to pretend that you have no fault here, Lexie!” <br><br> “Save me the noble crap, Sami! I know I chose to sleep with Tek. I know I chose to lie to Carrie, but none of that exalts you from blame. You took an opportunity and you ran with it.” <br><br> “Lexie, I’m really sorry about what EJ did to you, I really am, but what about what he’s done to me? Do you really think life around your little brother has been anything short of hell for me! Not to mention, whether or not he crossed the border to Mexico, you still wasted precious time while my stepfather lay bleeding from your brother’s gunshot. You were more worried about what Abe would assume about you and your little boyfriend than about a good friend, who could have died on your watch. You call yourself a doctor.” <br><br> Lexie looks ready to lunge at her when Marlena scolds Sami, who backs off, apologizing for losing her cool. She doesn’t want to fight with Lexie. It’s the last she needs after what happened to her. Marlena reminds her that she doesn’t need any extra stress, considering she’s getting the amnio today. Celeste warns her that it is totally unnecessary; she knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that Elvis is the father of her unborn child and the procedure will only put her pregnancy at unnecessary risk. Lexie coolly tells her mother than amniocenteses are perfectly harmless when performed correctly. She understands Sami’s need for feasible, physical evidence. <br><br> “Now, if you’ll excuse us, I want to get my daughter out of this place,” Celeste interrupts moodily, leading Lexie away from the two blondes.<br><br> <HR><br> Chelsea lays awake in her bed with Nick snoring next to her. She tries to gently poke and prod him awake, but groans when he won’t budge. Finally, she tosses a pillow at his head and he falls to the floor with a thud. Just as this happens, Hope knocks on her door, asking if she’s all right. Chelsea begins to freak out, trying to get Nick to sneak out. <br> “Chelsea, last time I tried to sneak out, it came back and bit me in the…” whispers Nick before Chelsea shushes him and whacks him upside the head, reminding him that they didn’t even have sex. Nick argues that Hope will think otherwise. Hope knocks again, demanding entrance. Nick gets up in his state of mostly undress and answers the door, despite Chelsea’s protests. Hope raises an eyebrow and looks past him at Chelsea, asking to speak with her stepdaughter in private. <br><br> Chelsea concedes, promising Hope that nothing happened between Nick and her last night, but she admits that something almost did. Hope is disappointed that Chelsea would abuse her privilege of staying with them. Chelsea doesn’t see the big deal, and Hope tells her that she’s lucky that they trust her enough to let her in the same house as her baby sister, Ciara, not to mention babysit her. Chelsea gets it. Hope is curious why nothing did happen, if guilt didn’t get to her or Nick. Chelsea reveals that they had no protection. Hope is surprised, at first – then questions it. “Is that the only reason nothing happened between Nick and you here last night?” <br><br> <HR><br><br> Next on... <br><br> <br><br> -Kate learns some surprising information from Billie<br> -Sami's visit to the doctor gives her more than she bargained for<br> -Hope lays down the law<br> -Stephanie forces Chelsea to see the truth <br><br>
  8. No more mob! No more mob! Lol. Loved the confrontational scenes between Sonny and Lucky. Interesting happenings at the meeting of the five families...wonder who's arrived.
  9. -Lucas wants a favor from Billie -Lexie comes face-to-face with Sami -Hope catches Nick in Chelsea's room OUR DAYS debuts June 25th!
  10. Keith

    June 22, 2007

    The recap was very helpful! Loved the whole thing. Great job.
  11. Haha. Tracy, I love you. Ryan, you write her so beautifully. Loved the scenes with Carly and Luke. Very interesting.
  12. Keith

    June 20, 2007

    I like Katherine. She has a very 80's feel to her. Liked the Alan stuff.
  13. Keith

    June 19, 2007

    ROFL @ Kayla sneaking aboard. I could hear the "comic" music in the background and the bewildered look on Mary Beth's face. Yay Tony/Anna!!! Hmm, Have the tables finally turned for Alan and Nicole? Interesting... EEE! Celeste is a real character!!
  14. Great stuff again. Lovin' the Lily stuff. Hate Lily, but it's an interesting story.
  15. Tonight, Tuesday, June 19th, the headwriter od 'Our Days in Salem' will be calling into 'In the Zone', to give an exclusive peak at the summer previews for the blog show, before they're posted here. 'In the Zone' is a radio show that discusses soap operas, music, movies, and everything in between. I urge you readers out there to tune in from 10PM EST. The live link for the show will be posted in the 'In The Zone' thread on the message board. Don't forget! 'Our Days' debuts anew June 25th! Edited: Here's what's coming up, as talked about on ITZ: The cat and mouse game between Stefano and the Bradys will continue, as some facts won’t be like they seem. Bo, Steve, and Hope re-team against the DiMeras while Kayla is out of town. Steve is reunited, if bitterly, with Benjy, who may hold the key to unraveling the real truth. Expect to see him featured more heavily and to get romance somewhere unexpected. Kayla will become involved once she’s back. When Anna is back, initially she’s only out for herself, playing both sides. She’s part of the DiMera illusion, but she has no love lost for that family, so she’s helping the Bradys as a distraction for Tony. She’ll look to Marlena when she decides to begin her own investigation. Lexie is happy to be back with her family, but she’s hurt with how she left things with Abe. Divorce may not be off the table. Doug and Julie make plans for permanent residence in Salem. Kate provides distraction for Sami in the form of grandson, Will. Sami backs off, which makes Lucas happy, but that may not last. John and Marlena at long last settle into their new home and enjoy some much-needed romance. He remains determined to protect his family, and so is she. John is trying to piece together the puzzling missing pieces of his memory again. He’ll put pressure on Elvis, so he can remember anything incriminating about that night in the boathouse. Marlena’s sure that what they already know about Steve was enough, but John’s not convinced. He gets so desperate that he involves Sami, promising her something in return. The SEC fallout is not over and with EJ off playing hero to Sami, Kate is left to deal with the brunt of the blame, which doesn’t sit very nicely with her. She’ll get friendly with Tony, who is more than happy to put pressure on his little brother. The B-Plots that will play alongside this, which were not talked about include: Touch the Sky Airlines Things begin to fall apart for Max before they even get started. He loses the garage and winds up bunking with Nick at his new apartment, only to learn that Abby really has moved on. He turns to old habits to heal new wounds, which lands him a strange, trouble-making bedfellow. Grounded since Max can’t make ends meet for their deal, Jeremy and Stephanie are left to chill in Salem and some hidden truths make themselves known over the course of the summer. This couple isn’t all it appears to be. Jett, meanwhile, will continue mixing it up with Chelsea… Nick/Chelsea/Jett Nick and Chelsea are broken up, but that doesn’t mean they can shake the effect they have on each other. Maggie will attempt to play matchmaker before Nick moves into the apartment originally meant for Willow. Chelsea will lean on Jett for support for a while, until she learns he’s not been upfront with her. Chelsea jumps at the chance to redeem herself further in Bo’s eyes, using it to avoid serious issues with Nick. Nick will meanwhile throw himself into his work, determined to accept his destiny as a loser. Max pushes him to go after Chelsea before it’s too late. The pair will be drawn to each other, but resistant. Abe tries to dissuade Jett from getting involved in Chelsea’s schemes. Chelsea’s distrust for both men will drive some interesting dynamics as she works to uncover a secret plot… Shawn/Belle/Philip Shawn grows restless in the Kiriakis mansion, not trusting of Philip and jealous of the time he spends with Claire. Philip offers to set the trio up with an apartment until they can get things turned around, if they’re not comfortable at the mansion. Shawn is resistant, wanting to wait on word about the boat. Belle accepts immediately. Victor wants Philip to go after them legally, but Philip won’t. Philip begins to look better and better and as he gets the upper hand, a kink Victor has been trying to work out in secret arrives just in time.
  16. Keith

    June 18, 2007

    Poor Will! Those scenes are so intense.
  17. Damn, I'm lost. Only means I need to read more! I liked the dynamic between Sonny and Ric's family and how each scene kind of became interwoven. Very nicely done.
  18. Keith


    Yay for CMM and SP! So wanna cast SP as someone -- he's certainly a good choice for Will's storyline.
  19. Keith


    You're up to something, King. And I'm excited! Loved the Tony/Kristen stuff with Marlena and Aidan bonding with Sami.
  20. This episode was PERFECT! Dynamic. Well-balanced. I loved how Jill was ready give Jack hell and then he told her exactly what she needed to hear. How Dru went at Phyllis and how Daniel didn't really defend her. Oh Lily, Lily, Lily! Looks like Danny boy's got you now... I'm finding myself really loving this story. The Amanda character is certainly an interesting addition...
  21. Shayna Rose will be returning as Stephanie, as previously announced.
  22. The role of Lauren has been recast! Aubrey Dollar, of Guiding Light and Broadway fame, has been cast has Lisa Jay's replacement for the conniving surrogate who worked Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans [Now Adrienne]) for all she had. Last we heard, Victor had paid Bonnie's bail. Could there be a connection? Trevor Donavan has been released. The show cites that he wasn't right in the role with the new direction of the character. Y&R star Michael Graziadei will fill his shoes in the coming weeks. 'Our Days' re-launches on June 25th.
  23. Keith


    Toy boat burning! How RANDOM! Ooh @ Jeremy and Georgia, that's kinda hot. Poor Victor.
  24. I must say Deb, I floved that. It's sad that Spinelli is newly created and already ruined by brainless writing. Wheras your take brings him up several levels to a place where he actually seems to have some kind of worth beyond the actor's charisma.
  25. I thought it was said that SC was stayong on recurring? So Dillon has an exit story? Sigh.
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