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  1. I don't whether to mad or sad that I missed this.
  2. Yay! A newbie to the thread. We welcome Tracy fans of all shapes and sizes Great to have you aboard!
  3. Hmm. Interesting with Jack/Stefano. The Max/Cassie/Abby stuff is great.
  4. Whoa! Didn't expect that from Jack. Can't wait to see where this goes! Woohoo to Anna's return! Cassie the third party to Max/Abby? Heh.
  5. I have soapnet. Not time, though. Especially sinc eit's on at 10 and I'm often at rehearsals or doing homework. Alas, my limited chance for viewership gives me a fresh perspective sometimes.
  6. Must watch those clips at my leisure later today (would say tomorrow, but it's already tomorrow). Have some cleaning to do, inspection of le house tomorrow, and my room looked like Dorothy just blew through. I did see some of Monday via Friday, but will have to watch anyway, because those were some good scenes. I can only really watch GH on Friday's and I always hope that there's something good to see.
  7. Popping in to say hello. Haven't watched since I last posted. But saw I was missed, so figured I'd say hi anyway. Jane Elliot rocks my bureau.
  8. Well. Someone had to come gush a millisecond after the episode ended! Welcome to the board, tracyluver!
  9. Wow. Tracy showed...vulnerability. I think I'm in love with today's script writer (even if her scene was too short). The way she went from vulnerable to needing to get back into bitch Tracy mode with her quick 'I'll be right back' was so classic Tracy! She couldn't show her vulnerability for too long, especially given how Dillon's taken advatange of her in the past. We've missed you, girl! Okay. Back to the crapfest, I guess.
  10. Woot! My classes are cancelled! i can see it live!
  11. Love who the top star is! Go Suzanne! I love he rpart in the story that she's in, from what i've read. Responsible for mowing down Zach while drunk, yes?
  12. I always have my window maximized. Still cuts off. LoL. I have discovered that if I highlight/copy and paste, I can read the whole thing. LoL.
  13. No problem. BTW, does anyone else get comments that get cut off? This happens on all the blogs I read. The only reason I can read comment son MY blog is I can hit edit to read the entire content. Is there some kind of setting issue I don't know about?
  14. My *only* complaint is that you have two events going at once, but other than that, great stuff! I think I'm the only Days-blogger who's not killing Shawn, Sr, LoL. Laura/Sami is a very unique combination -- love it.
  15. The Lulu bedside scenes and Skye'Lorenzo coscenes were definitely missing Ms. Q today. Oh, aggravation.
  16. Of course! You know? I watch and there's no Queen to watch reign the losers.
  17. Pretty sure he's 18. GH is so confuddling. Welcome angel2devil!
  18. Good LACY? I don't want to get my hopes up. *cries*
  19. Hasn't she been 17 since, like, 2002? She was at least 15 when Dillon came on 2003. Guess she would be underage. Not sure about Dillon. It just seems like a lot more time has passed. Oy. And since I haven't posted any Tracy love today....TRACYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
  20. Uh, wow. Dillon and Georgie aren't old enough to not need consent? GH is so bad with continuity, LoL.
  21. Welcome, smirks! Nice to see another Tracy Q fan on board, especially one with such wonderful insight and snark. Like all of us. You'll belong.
  22. I think Jane kows enough not to piss off Phelps. There was no real scenario or precedent before the Francis incident, but I tihnk she knows where she stands. Unfortunate as it is. And, as long as she stays in line, Geary's love will keep her as with the show as he is. Now, allow me to wash my mouth out with cologne, Listerine and Alka Seltzer, for trying to make the prcesses of GH's empire logical.
  23. Well considerign the past outs that haven't happened, I think it's safe to be confident. Our girl is safe. Plus, she has Geary love to back her up.
  24. Note: John Lupton, unfortunately passed away. Just an FYI. It's too bad that OLTL has grabbed Jerry VerDorn, he'd make a good Bill. As for Molly, I was in th epast going to bring her around and I was considering a very high-class bitch type for her (considering she married and had a doctor for a son, and seeing how bad Colin turned out, maybe doctor wasn't his choice career, but she was living vicariously through him or something). Marj Dusay could be an interesting possibility! Any of the kids, I would just scourge casts of other soaps. Drew Tyler Bell just left or is about to leave B&B, maybe he'd be good in one of the roles.
  25. Fueral Guest List Mickey: Melissa Anderson Sarah Horton Bill Horton Laura Horton Mike Horton Jeremy Tommy (brother), Sandy (Tommy's daughter, last seen as doctor who took the bloodtest in th e80's to prove Tony wasn't Stefano's!) Marie Steven (Julie's brother), Spencer, never cast (Steven's son) Jessica Blake, Marie's daughter with Alex Marshall, possibly her husband Josh Fallon Susan Martin, former client, durign which case he fell in love with Laura, Julie's ex-best friend/nemesis Don Craig, former colleague who once went after Maggie's affections! Shawn Kimberly Kayla Possibly cast his never befire seen sister-Molly Brady Murphy! Frankie Max Will (They really pushed him in babysittign Will during the SSK, could be a great character development to have him having had a great attachment to Shawn) Rex, Cassie
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