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  1. Those Lexie scenes were great fun to write. I'd kill to see a confrontation like that on the show!
  2. Our Days in Salem Episode #9 – Wednesday, July 11, 2007 Stefano is sitting at his chessboard, deep in thought. The doorbell rings, and Bart announces his guests—daughter, Lexie, and former paramour, Celeste. “Very good,” Stefano tells his brainless servant, “Show them to me at once.” Upon her entrance, Stefano can see despite her ravishing glow, that Lexie is still rattled by her experience in the tunnels. His heart breaks for her, attempting to go to her and comfort her. Celeste reminds him fiercely that no matter what he’ll have them believe, she holds him responsible for what happened to their darling daughter. <HR> At the Brady Pub, Stephanie (role now being played by Shayna Rose) struts in from the kitchen with Caroline in toe; she asks her grandmother if there’s anything else she’s needed for. Caroline asks her not to be hasty. “Have a seat,” Caroline tells her. Stephanie wants to know what’s going on. Caroline tells her to just sit down for five minutes and talk to her. “It won’t kill you.” Stephanie tosses her long hair over her shoulder, annoyed by her grandmother’s assertion. Caroline asks if she can get Stephanie anything to drink, but Stephanie declines. Caroline says she’ll return in a moment and not to go anywhere. <HR> Adrienne walks into the Hudson Street Diner, glancing about. She sees Hope, who is tending to Ciara. Hope thanks Adrienne for coming. The redhead wants to know what’s going on. Hope tells her that she needs a favor. <HR> Stefano asks Lexie to look him in the eye. She won’t. As he’s explained to Celeste, he insists he had nothing to do with what happened to her. “It is your demented brother, Tony, who is to be held responsible for what has happened here. And make no mistake. He will be made to repent.” Lexie, still not looking at him, asks why she ever believed him, and why she should believe him now. Stefano tells her that he is her father. “Father?” Lexie scoffs. “A father is supposed to protect his children. Have you ever done that? Have you?!” She gets in his face, angry and wild. “I know all about your history, Father, and not once did I ever stop to question it. Your influence filled me like a poison, and I am one of the few survivors. It started with Megan, and you couldn’t give her the respect to mourn her, you had to blame someone and shed more blood! You played games with Tony and Renée, and allowed her to be killed in your game against Roman, Benjy hates you and fears you, Peter’s in jail, because of the things you pushed him to do, and Kristen is dead! Tony and I are the only ones left standing, and barely – oh, but Elvis. Dear sweet Elvis- yet one more in a long line of pawn-children. It’s just too bad he never got with Sami, because life with that bitch would be a lot safer than an eternity with you!” She motions to slap him, but he grabs her wrist. <HR> Outside of the Pub, Steve and Kayla stroll along with Benjy. He’s quiet, not talking. Kayla manages to get out of him that as long as he’s free he’s not safe, and neither is Sonia and his child. Steve promises Benjy that as long as he’s with them, he’ll be safe. Benjy signs angrily, telling him not to make promises he can’t keep. He goes inside, leaving Steve and Kayla outside alone. Kayla worries that they can’t pull this off, but Steve kisses her for confidence, and they follow the man they nearly adopted. <HR> Adrienne asks what she can do. Hope mentions the Airline bust. She says that the kids need to learn real responsibility, and she heard that Basic Black is under new management. Adrienne sees where this is going. Hope understands if Adrienne’s hesitant, but she explains that she doesn’t have to worry about it until the police investigation is wrapped. Depending on where that leaves the kids- Hope just wants to know if they’ll be able to have something to keep them busy and out of trouble. “Hope, you can count on me. I’ve seen how Jeremy and Stephanie operate. I know just how in line they need to be put.” <HR> Stefano stands there, unflinching, gripping her wrist firmly, but not violently. “Are you finished, Alexandra?” She is repulsed how unphased he has by this terror he has brought upon his own family. Once she rips her arm free of his grip, she tells him that he can blame Tony for what happened, but he brought it on all by himself. He grows enraged by her accusations, but before he can do anything, he falls victim to another coughing spell. Lexie attempts to help him, but he demands that she go get Rolf. “I appreciate your devotion to your profession, my darling, despite the venom you have just spit in my direction, but, forgive me, given circumstances…” She is outraged that he doesn’t trust her not to make a dire mistake. He assures that he only wants to be cautious. She’s suspicious, but can’t bear to see him so helpless, so she does leaves to get Rolf. While Celeste helps him to settle, she warns him that if he is playing them all once more, that he won’t live to regret it. He has a chuckle at Celeste’s threat, and tells her “Don’t get your tail feathers all ruffled, hmm? We are a family.” <HR> Next on… -Jett admits his part in busting Jeremy -Bo gets to the bottom of Max’s involvement -Max considers his future -Hope turns the tables on Jeremy
  3. Damn! Did not expect the Ernesto/Cal twist! ut what? No mention of Marina? She was, after all, Ernesto's favorite daughter, supposedly. Roman vs. Orpheus at last.
  4. ANNOUNCER: On Our Days in Salem, Stefano's dying... Stefano: It's time we end this vendetta. [CLIP OF THE DIMERA FAMILY MEETING] ANNOUNCER: But when does Stefano DiMera ever die? [sTEFANO COLLAPSES. LEXIE TRIES TO HELP HIM] Stefano: Rolf, damn it! Get Rolf! [sHOT OF A PHOENIX] (STEFANO LAUGHS)
  5. Eee to the Victor/Greta scenes! Loved how Austin felt like Patrick Muldoon in his goodbye dialogue. So sad.
  6. Our Days in Salem Episode #8 – Tuesday, July 10, 2007 At the police department, Roman, still milling over his conversation with Anna, looks up as a knock comes to his door. Kayla drags Steve in, and they are discussing Benjy amongst themselves. Roman whistles to get their attention. He wants to know ‘what da hell’ is going on. “It’s simple, Commander. You the dude your people found at the Samsters little safe-house?” “Benjy.” “Well,” Kayla cuts in, “he’s trying to convince us that he is a victim of Stefano’s.” <HR> “Oh my God,” whispers Sami looking over at John and Marlena from across the booth they share at the Brady Pub, with tears in her eyes. “I… excuse me.” She gets up and goes behind the bar and up into the house, after a wordless conversation of understanding with Caroline. She rushes over to the table, and orders EJ to leave. He has just finished reading the report. He looks up into Caroline’s face and snarls. “Whether your lot likes it or not, I’m stuck with you. Those children are mine, just as your dearest “Frankie” predicted,” he says to Caroline referring to Caroline’s pet name for Celeste. <HR> Shawn (D) comes down the stairs of the Kiriakis Mansion, dressed for an interview. He looks for Belle, but can’t find her. Stepping out onto the patio, he sees Philip, Belle, and Claire sharing the pool like a family. He stops short, ready to just turn around and leave until Belle spots him. She climbs out (with Philip watching with subtlety while he holds Claire) and goes to hug Shawn, but he reminds her that she’s all wet. She’s rubbed the wrong way by his reaction, though she understands. Shawn waves to Claire. He tells Belle that after he gets back, the three of them have to have a little chat. He swears he doesn’t have time to get into details now, or he’ll be late. He kisses her cheek. Philip wishes him luck, as he leaves. Philip notices Belle’s looking a little out of sorts. He asks her to take Claire for a moment, as he climbs out of the pool. He says he’ll put her down for her nap, if that’s okay with her. Belle tells him it’s fine, still seeming dejected and preoccupied. <HR> Meanwhile, Caroline is furious at EJ’s pompous insinuations. “Family is not your ticket to disturb my restaurant. I suggest you leave, Mr. Wells.” Caroline turns on her heels and goes into the kitchen. Lucas resonates Caroline’s sentiment, telling him that he and Sami are moving to a safe-house until the babies are born, and then, no matter what the test says, HE, not EJ, will raise these children. “Over my dead body,” proclaims EJ vehemently, to which Lucas warns his foe not to tempt him. EJ proceeds to goad Lucas, reminding him that Hope is a cop, who shouldn’t ignore such an obvious threat on his life just because her cousin uttered the words. Hope smartly puts the Brit in his place. “Elvis, if you were smart, you wouldn’t try to use such tactless tactics to get the Salem PD on your side. You raped my niece in a car that wasn’t yours to drive. You shot my good friend, John, and proceeded to manipulate another, Steve, to remove his kidney, to prolong the life of the vilest criminal to cross paths with my department. So, nice try. Better luck next time. Oh- and get out, or I will bring you in on charges of trespassing, among any other fun things I can dream up. Capiche?” <HR> Steve reminds Kayla how Benjy, too, manipulated them. She points out that Benjy never lied. Steve can’t refute this. Roman says that there could be a way to get to the bottom of this. Under normal circumstances, he’d bringing in someone from the force that knows sign language, but since the two of them have that close bond with Benjy, he might break easier. Kayla tells her brother that Benjy can read lips now, but he can only communicate through sign language. Steve said it came back to him like riding a bicycle, so whatever they want to try is golden. Roman tells them that the deal is this: “I’ll release him into your custody. Pretend that you’ve bailed him out, lull him into a sense of security. Make him feel guilty for what he did.” Steve says that’s crazy enough to work. Then, Anna comes in, wondering if she’s interrupting. <HR> Steve and Kayla were just leaving. Roman asks if he can help Anna. She just wanted to be polite and say goodbye, letting him know that Tony’s lawyer would be arriving shortly. Roman doesn’t buy it, and wonders why she’s doing so much for a man that isn’t whom she fell in love with anymore. Anna claims she never said that, thanks Roman for putting words in her mouth, and turns to leave, but Roman grabs her arm. He thinks he got to her earlier, and that she’s ready to talk- but scared, like Sami said. “Believe what you want, Roman. But I’m leaving. See you around,” She leaves and he slams his fist on the desk, sure that he was onto her, but unable to do anything more. He remarks that she’s just as slippery as ever. <HR> John follows EJ outside, and the youngest DiMera laughs, wondering if he needs an escort. John warns EJ that he will pay for what he did to him. Elvis reminds John that he doesn’t remember, but John promises that he will. EJ scoffs. John tells him he could make it easy on him and just tell him. Elvis laughs, telling John he’s quite the comedian. John reminds EJ about the knife. He tells John that it’s been fun, but he has a property to get his arse off of, excusing himself. <HR> Philip returns from upstairs, donning a shirt. He finds Belle in the study, pouring over a book. He asks if she’s all right. She claims to be fine, without looking him in the eye. He takes the book, and asks her to look at him. She does, soured that he’s being so demanding. All he wants is for her to talk to him. She can trust him. She tells him that Shawn’s not so sure. He asks if she’s suddenly become a damsel in distress who needs a man to tell her what to believe. She’s offended, but he tells her he’s just trying to make a point. She sees it, but Shawn has his reasons for distrusting Philip. He understands, but Belle did let him take Claire upstairs. Belle pauses. He knows that she doesn’t believe that he’s the monster Shawn wants her to believe. Belle gets up, uncomfortable with the conversation. “Look, Belle, I know this is a lot to ask, but all I want is your friendship again. You need to be able to talk to someone without feeling like you’re going to hit a brick wall. No strings.” She looks at him warily, but hugs him, feeling tentative. <HR> Next on… -Stefano attempts to make things right -Caroline keeps Stephanie in line -Benjy admits his fear for Stefano -Adrienne agrees to Hope’s terms
  7. Ooh! Paul & Lauren! Yay! Interesting development with that photo of Phillip...wonder where this is going... Go Victoria! Get the slut!
  8. Our Days in Salem Episode #6 – Monday, July 9, 2007 Steve and Kayla arrive at the prison, there to visit Benjy. Steve is quiet and Kayla asks if he’s okay. He says nothing to put her mind at ease. She wants him to promise her that he’ll keep his cool. “No promises, baby. This dude helped them play me like a harmonica. Is that cool with you?” Kayla shakes her head, but reminds him that if they keep an open mind, they can use their connection to Benjy to get some inside information. “Do you remember how guilty he seemed at that dinner?” Steve admits that she has a point and sees where she’s getting at, teasing her about them playing undercover cop. They kiss. Officer Grierson, the on-duty guard, brings Benjy out in the usual costume. There is now a glass between the trio. Steve sits immediately, but Benjy looks away. Steve asks the officer to make him look at him, otherwise communicating won’t be happening. “You’re one lucky little dude, you know that?” Benjy blinks, trying not to cave to his fears. “How could you do what you’ve done? I want answers, dude, and you’re going to give them to be. You’re the only DiMera who will.” Kayla cuts in. “Benjy,” Steve directs Benjy to Kayla, and he watches her. “Don’t be scared of Stefano. We’ll protect you,” Benjy signs that it’s too late for protection. Steve and Kayla exchange confused looks. <HR> Roman comes into the station with Tony cuffed. He tells an officer to book him. Anna trails right behind Tony, trying to get her ex to listen to him. Roman tells her that he’s putting Tony behind bars, whether or not she likes it. Anna demands to know what cause he has. “Disturbing the peace,” Roman says, with a twinkle in his eye. Tony is taken away, and Anna follows Roman into his office. “Anna, I really don’t know what your problem is. You said to everyone that Tony is different. We all see it. Yet, here you are, trying to defend him. He’s endangered my daughter’s life, Anna, and you could be in danger, too, but you just don’t care, do you?” Anna grows quiet, and Roman wonders if he hit a nerve. “You still have feelings for him, don’t you?” Anna stays silent, but Roman can read her like a book. “You listen to me, and you listen to me real good. If your past relationship with the Count has helped him manipulate you in some way, you don’t have to be afraid. We’ve all been fooled by him over the past twenty years. Come on, Anna! I can see it in your eyes. Just tell me what you’ve done.” Anna gets up. “If you’ll excuse me, I should call Tony an attorney,” She walks out and Roman sighs, wondering what Anna’s gotten herself into. <HR> Sami is at the Brady Pub with Lucas, John, and Marlena. Will is in the kitchen with Shawn and Caroline. She has the results of the amnio in her hands, but she can’t bring herself to open it. Hope arrives and sees the tension. She asks John if she could have a moment of his time. He excuses himself from the table, and asks what’s up? She tells him that she needs a favor. She tells him that the sooner the kids get out of this airline mess the better, and she wonders if Basic Black has any available positions. He tells her to talk to the new CEO – Adrienne. Sami insists that they wait for EJ. She’d rather get everything on the table here and now than have to deal with all the pushing and pulling that this could cause. Lucas is there for her, as EJ comes into the Pub. Sami invites EJ to sit, as John and Hope return to the table. The tension is thick as the group sits together, waiting as Sami opens the envelope. <HR> Next on… -Roman hatches a plan -Anna balks at further questioning -Hope keeps EJ in line -The paternity is revealed!
  9. To those who may have been wondering, has been pre-empted for Thursday, July 5, and Friday, July 6, to coincide with the Wimbeldon pre-emption on it's NBC sister show, 'Days of our Lives'. We return on Monday with brand-new episodes!
  10. Disclaimer: The July 4th episode continues... I do apologize for the length, but from family moments to plotted drama, it all makes for a great event. I hope you enjoy! Our Days in Salem Episode #8 – Wednesday, July 4, 2007 Part 2... Inside, Nick arrives with Billie. Chelsea isn’t sure how to take this. He takes her aside, telling her that he knows that for her, he and Billie’s one night is still a big deal and that, he thinks until the two begin to mend their relationship, it will continue to be an obstacle. He goes on to tell her that bringing Billie wasn’t his idea. Hope tells Chelsea that he’s right, because it was hers. Chelsea doesn’t understand. Hope tells her stepdaughter that, while she’s loved being able to provide a motherly role for her while she licks her wounds, she won’t be a replacement for Billie. Chelsea excuses herself and runs off. Nick wants to go after her, but Billie stops him, saying that the time isn’t right. “Hey Nick, why don’t you use the phone, and give your parents a call?” Nick asks if she’s sure that would be okay, with the long distance. “You’re family. That’s what this day is all about, for everyone – near and far.” In a series of flashbacks, many from the 80’s and early 90’s, those who are not able to attend are remembered...including: Jack (Matt Ashford), Jennifer (Missy Reeves), Abby (Ashley Benson), Marie (Lana Saunders), Bill (Edward Mallory), Laura (Rosemary Forsyth), Melissa (Lisa Trusel), Sarah (Aimee Brooks), Carrie (Christie Clark), Austin (Patrick Muldoon), Jessica (Jean Bruce Scott), Josh (Scott Palmer), and of course, Tom (Macdonald Carey), fading into a somberly smiling Alice. Nick says he’ll go make that call. Just then, Maggie comes in, saying she has a surprise. Hope was wondering why Nick was here and she wasn’t yet. They all wonder what the surprise is. She’s brought Mickey (once again played by John Clarke). He tells Alice how good she looks and embraces her warmly, tears in both their eyes. Kayla pulls Billie aside and asks if she thinks it’s wise that she be here. Billie says that she questioned it, at first, but she had to come. In fact, she wants to talk to her and Steve. Kayla wonders why, seeming wary. Billie tells her to help her find Steve, and she’ll tell them both. Steve walks in, wondering if his ears should be burning. Billie explains to them about the safe house, and finding Benjy. “That explains Roman’s disappearance,” Kayla says, and Steve agrees. “Guess we’ll have to give the little Dude a visit soon. Think the DiMeras will bust him out before we get the chance, Sweetness?” Kayla hopes not, and excuses herself to make a call. <HR> Caroline announces that dinner is served and the gatherers all flock outside to the long picnic table that’s been set up. Shawn makes an announcement before the feast may begin, saying how this celebration had been put on hold in years’ past, because of the terror of the DiMera family, and suggests that they toast to the strength of the two families gathered. They do and the feast begins. There is some good fun and discussion over dinner, with memories of past picnics. There is plenty of laughter and smiles amongst the guests. <HR> Afterwards, people begin to gather for the fireworks display. Roman arrives just in time to help the set-up. Marlena corners him and interrogates him about Anna. He tells her that she cancelled on him at the last minute. Marlena shares her concerns, and Roman wouldn’t put it past Anna to do something rash. Kayla asks her brother what the deal with Benjy was. He tells her not to talk too loudly, as it’s police business. She reminds him that Benjy was always like a son to her, and after what he’s did…she just wants to understand what’s happened. He promises that she and Steve will get their chance. Steve hopes the DiMeras don’t swoop in and get Benjy out of there before they can. <HR> Couples gather together to watch the display of fireworks…Bo and Hope with Ciara, John and Marlena, Mickey and Maggie, Steve and Kayla, Shawn and Belle with Claire, Shawn and Caroline, Doug and Julie, Stephanie and Jeremy, Nick and Chelsea (who seem tentative)… others, without a loved one to share it with share pensive moments…Adrienne thinks of Justin and the boys… Max thinks of Abby and runs off. Billie wonders if she’ll always be alone… Roman thinks of Anna and shakes his head. Alice takes a moment to remember those who have left them forever…Tom, Addie, Zach…and Colleen. <HR> Kayla, back from her phone call, sees Max, who seems to be in a rush and not paying attention to where he’s going. She asks what’s wrong. “I just got a call from Frankie,” she smiles and asks how he’s doing. A bit preoccupied, Max says he’s fine, but that he’s got a bit of a situation. She asks what wrong and he tells her that Frankie informed him of something that’s not going to make very many people happy. Max’s upset seems to gather attention, and especially from Jeremy. The two men lock eyes and Max crosses the lawn to grab Jeremy by the collar, asking him what he thinks he was playing at. Kayla tries to calm her brother, but he reveals that Jeremy is in cahoots with the DiMeras – as everyone looks shocked and appalled from across the table. Just as this happens, Anna walks in on Tony’s arm. Marlena holds John back, as the family looks on in terror and shock of this turn of events. Alice clears her throat, beckoning Tony to her. Everyone watches, chilled to the bone, afraid of what he might do. Sami and Will holds Lucas back. Tony explains to Alice and everyone that he is here as Anna’s guest, and nothing more. Shawn comes forward and tells him that no DiMera, guest or not, is welcome. Maybe at one time they could have been – the sun set on that time long ago. Tony simply laughs at the implied threat… Next on… -Steve and Kayla pay a visit to Benjy -Roman and Anna clash over Tony -Hope asks John a favor -Lucas or EJ? The results are in!
  11. Disclaimer: This is my first big event, and thus it is going to be a bit long. There is a lot of resolution and drama and family moments, all of which were too important to me not to include. I hope you enjoy the episode! Part 2 will follow... Our Days in Salem Episode #8 – Wednesday, July 4, 2007 Bo and Hope’s is already milling with excitement. They each have their share of helpers. Belle and Chelsea are inside, helping Hope in the kitchen. Jeremy (now played by Michael Graziadei), Max, and Shawn-D are outside helping Bo with the heavy lifting, to get things in place for the day’s festivities while John has to be told to take it easy. “You’re recovering from a coma, John; contrary to popular belief, it’s not like you just took a really, really… really long nap,” Marlena reminds him lovingly. They kiss, as she leaves to go inside. Meanwhile, Jeremy has nothing to do but complain. Shawn tells him to buck up and get used to it. “The sooner you do, the happier we’ll all be.” Jeremy decides to fall silent and just keep going. Steve shows up, and he lock an eye with Jeremy’s. Bo tells him that he got here right on time. He asks about Kayla, and Steve explains that his favorite ladies are inside to give “the old lady” some assistance. He and Bo have a playful exchange where the copper warns his patched friend to watch who he calls old. <HR> Inside... Hope is happy to see Kayla, telling her she looks wonderful. The time away obviously was good for Kayla, who says that it might just feel good to be back for a change. Hope tells her she’s confident that Steve is back. “And it’s all thanks to you,” adds Adrienne. Kayla tells her that Steve informed her of how she tried to help him with Stephanie, and she’s grateful. “Talking about me behind my back? Tsk, tsk, Mom,” chides a sarcastic Stephanie. Hope asks Chelsea to keep an eye on the food while “the big girls” go tend to some other problems. Stephanie is as ungrateful as ever, and Chelsea tells her to cool it. The big shot rolls her eyes, saying that this whole thing is just lame. Belle obviously takes offense to her attitude, and starts to reel it in. “Well, that’s certainly a far cry from the Stephanie I met last year. What happened to you?” Belle pauses and adds that she doesn’t want to know, but if she doesn’t want to be here, she can either fake it really well, or she can just leaves, and she’s sure no one at this celebration would feel differently. Chelsea agrees with Belle, telling Stephanie that “you can’t just get your way by kicking and screaming and gyrating your body, so get over it, or get out.” <HR> In the other room... Hope offers Kayla some comfort. She’s obviously upset. Kayla says that it never gets easier for your daughter to hate you. Adrienne cuts in, saying she doesn’t hate Kayla. She’s just acting out. “I think we all know what that’s like,” cracks Hope with a raised brow and smirk. The other two laugh, and then there is crying heard. Hope gets up to tend Ciara, but Kayla insists she hasn’t seen enough of her little niece. <HR> Upstairs... Kayla peeks in on Ciara and Claire. Marlena has calmed Ciara and is holding Claire. Kayla tries to back out of the room, but Marlena sees her. There is a moment of icy awkwardness between the two ladies. Kayla tries to break the ice, telling Marlena that it’s great to have John back. Marlena can’t bring herself to meet Kayla’s eye. She kisses Claire on the forehead and sets her down with her playthings. “Excuse me.” Kayla watches Marlena leave with a sigh. Since Ciara is awake, she decides to take her and bring her downstairs. <HR> Downstairs... Adrienne and Hope are left to talk. There is silence for a moment. Adrienne says that she wants to apologize for being so secretive when Kayla went to Tinda Lau. Hope understands that she was scared for her big brother. Hope’s just glad that she came forward after all. If she hadn’t, who knows what might have happened. Adrienne admits that she feels a bit out of place back in Salem, and especially after the trouble she’s caused. Hope tells her to stop- she’s family. “That doesn’t always mean a whole lot,” Adrienne points out. Hope smiles, remembering Bo and Justin’s icy relationship, choosing not to allow Adrienne to dwell on darker times. “Where are Justin and the boys?” Hope asks. Adrienne smiles, saying that work keeps Justin traveling, and, as for the kids, they’re all away at different schools, working hard to all do different things. Hope imagines it’s difficult as a mother, but knows she must be proud. Adrienne admits that she is. The doorbell rings and Hope laughs about it being “grand central station” as she goes to answer it and Adrienne goes into the kitchen. Doug, Julie, and Alice have arrived. Hope shares a wonderful reunion with her great-grandmother, and Alice chides her for not stopping by for doughnuts. Hope smiles and Alice laughs, telling her how much she’s missed this. Kayla comes down with Ciara, and the women are instantly charmed. Hope takes her fairly immediately and spoils her with attention. Alice gets a familiar look in her eye and Hope smiles. “May I?” the Horton matriarch asks, and Hope is more than happy to oblige. Alice, Hope, Julie, and Ciara share a picture-perfect moment. Hope wishes her mother could have been alive to see this. Alice assures her that Addie is looking down with Tom and little Zach, and all of the other loved ones who are no longer with them. <HR> Outside, Marlena is doing her best to keep John in line. Her phone rings. It’s Anna. “Marlena, thank God,” Anna gasps. “Where are you?” Marlena tells her. “Is Roman there?” Marlena tells her she hasn’t their ex-husband. This doesn’t make Anna very happy. Marlena suggest she come over, sure Roman will be by soon. “That’s just it. He’s supposed to be picking me up!” Marlena promises she’ll do what she can. Once the two ladies have hung up, Marlena calls Bo over. When asked about Roman, he said there was an emergency at the station. Marlena expresses her concern, regarding Roman’s possibly blowing his second chance with Anna. Bo informs Marlena that if Roman were interested in Anna again (and stresses this is a very big if) and if Anna were interested in him, then she’d know what to expect. After all, they were married. Marlena understands where Bo is coming from, but knowing Anna like she does, she’s sure she’ll take it personal and retaliate somehow. “Someone talking about me?” Sami has arrived with Lucas and Will. They all laugh and greet her and her crew. Shawn comes over and asks about Claire, since he knows Marlena went in to see her. The good doc says that both girls are doing just fine. Shawn’s grateful, but wants to see for himself. Bo tells the “Sailor Man” to beat it and go check on his kid. The adults will hold the fort down. Shawn thanks him. As he goes off, Bo notices Jeremy and Max being awfully friendly. “Speaking of which, I’m not sure I’m liking those too being so buddy-buddy. Excuse me.” Steve comes over just as Bo leaves. Steve, intending on more good times snarking with his Brady bud, turns to leave, but Marlena stops him. Marlena tells him that Hope told her about what happened down at the mansion, what he did for the family. She tells him that it’s good to have him back. He’s not so sure she means that. John tells him not to push his luck. “That’s cool, dude. I get it. It’s not easy to trust me, given circumstances,” Steve says. He accepts Marlena’s generous appreciation all the same. He wonders how John feels. John says that if he hadn’t been put in similar positions over the years, he might be so forgiving. John thinks he’s lucky he got out when he did. Steve decides to go see what’s up with Maxwell and his little friend. John asks Marlena if she’s okay. She tells him about her run-in with Kayla earlier. He comforts her and says that she knows what he’s going to tell her. “Time heals all wounds,” she smiles, and the embrace. They go inside. Meanwhile, Jeremy has some questions for Max. Max tells him that he’s enlisted Frankie’s help after all. He knows better than to jump into bed with business partners blindly. As a Brady, he’s got lots of enemies, and both he and Stephanie almost got killed last fall because of it. Jeremy tells him that time is not something they have. If they don’t have something soon, the deal will fall through. Max promises he’s working on it. Bo asks what he’s working on. They feign innocence, but Bo sees through their lies. “I smell a rat, Beauregard,” Steve adds, sniffing with disapproval towards Jeremy and Bo pulls Max aside, asking that his little bro promise him he’s not involved in anything shady. He tells Bo that’s exactly what he’s trying to find out. Steve asks Bo what they should do. He tells Steve to lay off, but issues them both a warning. “It would break mom’s heart if I have to arrest you, kid,” he tells Max and, “if I catch one whiff of you being up to your neck in trouble, like Julie suspects, you’ll be out of this place faster than you can blink, understand me?” he warns Jeremy. <HR> To be continued...
  12. Our Days in Salem Episode #7 – Tuesday, July 3, 2007 At Bo and Hope’s house, Jeremy heads down the stairs, yelling into the kitchen that he’s going out. His volume, however, awakens Ciara, alerting Doug and Julie, who tell him he’s not going anywhere until he’s made his own keep around here. Jeremy argues that he has important business to tend to. Julie asks Doug if he’ll tend to Ciara (and he’s glad to) while she informs Jeremy that she’s known many businessmen in her life and when they’re too busy to take care of their house, they can hire someone – yet here he is, bumming off his cousin and behaving ungracious in the process. “And just who do you think you are, lady, telling me what to do?” “I, Mr. Self-Entitled, am your cousin, Julie Williams, and your elder. I would have thought your mother would have taught you better manners than this, but I’ll be glad to fill that role myself, as will Hope – and many other women and men in this family. So, what you’re going to do, darling, is your going to call your little client and tell them you can’t make your meeting, due to unforeseen circumstances. If they think your business is worth it, they will give you the benefit of the doubt, and then you will go into the kitchen and do your aunt Hope a favor and pick up her slack a little. You see, its little things like that make us old folk feel appreciated and not want to give you a hard time, like right now. Do we have an understanding?” <HR> Outside, Bo and Hope talk about Roman. Bo thinks that the sooner Anna is far away from his brother, the better off they’ll all be. Hope’s surprised at him. She can’t believe he doesn’t see how strongly Roman still feels for his ex. Bo thinks she’s crazy. Hope shrugs, sounding uninterested suddenly. “Fine. You don’t have to trust a woman’s instinct.” “You think you know everything, don’t you?” and Hope fails to deny it. He tells her not to get too cocky, and she swats his chest. Bo tells her that she should get to work if she wants to get this done tonight. They have a flirty farewell in which they test the wire to make sure it’s working. As soon as Hope has left, Steve arrives. Bo asks his old pal what he thinks he’s doing. “Saving your hides, Beauregard. You just sent your pretty thing into a lion’s den. Thank to me, they’ll all be having a nice big cat nap.” Bo looks at him with distrust. <HR> Back inside, Anna begins to feel faint, and she’s barely enjoyed her drink. She accuses Tony of drugging her and he tells her to quit while she’s ahead. He knows she’s just trying to get out of talking. He knows her act; he’s seen the play more times than he can count. He wants to know why it seems that his father and she have been cooking something up. Before she can say anything, she falls into Tony’s arms, and then he begins to feel the effects as well. <HR> “You’ve got the key, Reed,” John points out. She uses it and they go inside. It’s dark and spacious. It looks to be one or two rooms. Billie asks John if he has a flashlight on him. He smirks, saying he’s always prepared. Billie second-guesses John’s presence, and tells him to go home to Marlena. The last thing she needs is for him to get hurt again after he just woke up from a coma. John fights it, saying he’s doing this for Sami and Marlena will understand. “Besides, it’s safe house. I’m not going in wired trying to nail a criminal.” Billie doesn’t fight about it anymore, shedding some light on the place. Lucas said they wouldn’t put the lights in until Lucas and Sami move in. “Good thing we have these,” John remarks. As they search, they make small talk. He heard about what happened with Steve, and Billie claims she doesn’t wish to talk about it. He reminds her who he’s married to. He knows it does no good not to talk about things. She tells him that last time she talked about it, she landed herself and her friend in deep trouble. He reminds her that he’s not some vulnerable kid who’s being rejected by someone who I think is way out of my league. Billie sees his point, but says it’s too painful. “Besides, the man took your kidney. I’m surprised you can be talking so casually about him.” John insists that he knows what Steve’s been through. He’s lucky to have gotten out when he did. Billie’s not sure it’s really over. John supposes she could be right, but only time will tell. “Marlena told me how you stood up to him, with Kayla and her. That took guts after all that happened.” Billie shrugs, saying she felt she owed it to Steve to show him that she really cared about, and wouldn’t just help him blindly if she knew it would be worse for him. He tells her she’s got the right stuff. She thanks John, but doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to find a man who isn’t already taken, heart and soul, by another woman. <HR> Jeremy, of course, is not keen on Julie’s little lecture, and tells her so. He heads for the door again and Doug stops him, Ciara in his arms. He tells Doug to move. Julie closes in, telling him that if he wants to keep his little arrangement with Hope that he’ll do what he’s told and not act so superior. He swears he can’t cancel this business stuff, it’s too important. Julie tells him it’s simple. If it’s that important, the meeting can happen right here. Jeremy balks, and Julie wonders just what Jeremy has gotten himself into. Fed up, Jeremy announces that he’s out of here. “Fine,” Julie says, “but be prepared to face the consequences!” He let’s her threat roll off his back, turning to go. She tells Doug to get out of his way, but Doug’s hesitant. Julie insists, but gives Jeremy one last warning. “Just remember this, my dear cousin. You’re living with cops. If I even think you’re up to no good…” This stops Jeremy in his tracks, and he says he’ll go make the phone call. Doug is amazed that Julie finally got through to him. She says it’s simple. She’s seen this kind of thing all the time. She may not have raised David, but she knew him and watched him and learned. The word cops will either make them want to rebel harder, or it will force them to grin and bear that which they’d other refuse to even consider. “Well, Fair Lady, aren’t we lucky you were so confident he’d do the latter?” Julie shrugs, saying it’s a gift, and they kiss. Ciara cries and they go off to tend to her. <HR> Steve informs Bo that he’s been living the good life inside the mansion, thanks to a little hoodwinking on his part. Bo tells Steve he really is crazy. “These dudes need a little taste of their own medicine, don’t you think?” Bo shakes his head and Hope asks what’s going on over the system. Bo tells him that it’s nothing, and he’ll deal with it. He tells Steve to leave, but he refuses. Hope announces that she’s in and that her present company is out like a light. Bo looks at Steve, who smirks. “Don’t say it,” the cop says and Steve shrugs. Inside, Hope is caught red-handed by Stefano. He asks her what she’s doing in his house. Outside, Bo is freaking out and Steve asks him to let him handle it. Steve explains that he has an in, and he’s less likely to get “the sweet thing” killed. Bo still doesn’t trust Steve, but reluctantly agrees to let him have his shot, but if anything happens to Hope, Bo won’t be above giving him a second eye patch. Steve winks, rushing off. <HR> Inside, Hope is behaving like a deer caught in headlights. Stefano demands an answer. He wants to know what she did to Tony and Anna. She swears that she doesn’t know, and honestly doesn’t. He calls her a liar, and she tells him she came in looking for something. He wants to know what in his house she could possibly be looking for without a warning. “That’d be me, Mr. Big Shot,” announces Steve, shocking both of them. Without alerting Stefano to the charade, he let’s Hope know what he’s getting at and she plays along, as they kiss. Stefano wants to know who the hell they think they’re fooling. Steve laughs, asking if Stefano is bothered that two of his little pawns decided to get together and make a little magic. Stefano says he has no time for this. He wants them to leave. They do. Stefano knows there’s more to their appearance than meets the eye, but has no patience to deal with this right now. He attempts to wake up Tony and Anna. Rolf arrives and announces that they were drugged. Stefano eyes the bottle of wine angrily. <HR> John tells Billie not to sell herself short. Billie cuts him off, saying that it doesn’t look like there’s anything out of the ordinary about the place, creepy as it is with no lights. John agrees and they go to head out. Suddenly, there is a noise. They turn around and see another figure in the room. John zeroes in on him quickly, grabbing him. Billie flashes her light in his face. It’s Benjy! Instantly, he tries to worm his way out of John’s grip. Billie recognizes him. So does John. Billie says that he helped the DiMeras get their hands on Steve. They always thought he was the good DiMera, yet here he is, probably arranging some kind of secret recording device to make sure Sami and Lucas can’t be completely hidden from the family. Billie wants answers. John explains that they’re not going to get any out of him here, explaining that he’s a mute. Billie wonders what they can do, since their being here is suspicious in of itself. John reminds her that she had the key. He’s got a plan. <HR> In the kitchen, Jeremy is on the phone. He tells the person on the other end that he can’t keep this up. His family already doesn’t trust him. On the other end, EJ tells him to buck up. He’s got all the charm in the world; he just needs to use it to his advantage. <HR> They have Benjy tied to a chair, struggling. John goes outside to make a phone call, leaving. Billie is disgusted by him, unable to believe what he’s done. Benjy shakes his head. Billie grabs his face fiercely and changes her mind, “Well, I suppose anyone under Stefano’s influence long enough can make a complete about face.” He tenses, and she asks him if he’s a deaf-mute, how does he know what she’s saying. He bites his lip looking away. She remembers Steve mentioning something about him learning to read lips. Billie’s sure that, if Steve is back to normal, he’ll be more than happy for some retribution from this man he trusted like a son. Next on… -The Bradys and Horton celebrate the 4th -Max wants out of his deal with Jeremy -Roman gets tied up at work, despite promising to be Anna’s date to the picnic -Billie talks to Steve and Kayla about Benjy
  13. Because Our Days didn't debut until the 25th, I thought it would be fun to combine the real episode counts with the first week of the blog, which happenes to be the final week of June, and then compare airtime to that of the real, final episode counts for June 2007. Our Days Alison Sweeney (Samantha Roberts) 18 Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Roberts) 17 Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) 15 James Scott (EJ Wells) 13 Blake Berris (Nick Fallon) 12 Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) 12 Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) 11 Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Benson) 11 Josh Taylor (Roman Brady) 10 Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera) 10 Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) 9 Trevor Donavan (Jeremy Horton) 7 Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson) 7 Brandon Beemer (Shawn-D Brady) 7* Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) 7* Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 7* Martha Madison (Belle Black) 7* Drake Hogestyn (John Black) 7* Steve Blackwood (Bart Biderbecke) 6 Marcus Patrick (Jett Carver) 6* Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip Kiriakis) 6* Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) 5 Leann Hunley (Anna DiMera) 5 Will Utay (Wilhelm Rolf) 5* Tanya Boyd (Celeste Perrault) 4 Renée Jones (Lexie Carver) 4 Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) 4* Frank Parker (Shawn Brady) 4* Julie Pinson (Billie Reed) 3 Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) 3 Darin Brooks (Max Brady) 3* Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) 3* Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) 3* Amy Chaffee (Dr. Amy Jacobs) 2* Dakoda Danica Hobbs (Ciara Brady) 2* Annie Burstede (Willow Stark) 2** Ava Olivia White (Claire Kiriakis) 1* Kavi Faquir (Theo Carver) 1* Christopher Gerse (Will Roberts) 1* *Yet to debut on Our Days **Never to debut on Our Days DAYS Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) 17 Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) 16 Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Roberts) 15 Blake Berris (Nick Fallon) 14 Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) 13 James Scott (E.J. Wells) 13 Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Benson) 12 Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera) 11 Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson) 10 Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) 10 Josh Taylor (Roman Brady) 10 Trevor Donovan (Jeremy Horton) 9 Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans Black) 9 Brandon Beemer (Shawn Brady) 8 Steve Blackwood (Bart Biederbicke) 8 Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) 8 Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 8 Martha Madison (Belle Black) 8 Marcus Patrick (Jett Carver) 8 Drake Hogestyn (John Black) 7 Jay Johnson (Philip Kiriakis) 7 Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) 7 Darin Brooks (Max Brady) 6 Will Utay (Dr. Wilhelm Rolf) 6 Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) 5 Amy Chaffee (Dr. Amy Jacobs) 4 Leann Hunley (Anna DiMera) 4 Frank Parker (Grandpa Shawn Brady) 4 Tanya Boyd (Celeste Perrault) 3 Judi Evans (Adrienne Kiriakis) 3 Dakoda & Danica Hobbs (Ciara Brady) 3 Renee Jones (Lexie Carver) 3 Peggy McCay (Caroline Brady) 3 Annie Burgstede (Willow Stark) 2 Julie Pinson (Billie Reed) 2 Ava & Olivia White (Claire Kiriakis) 2 Mitchell Edmonds (Mr. Mitchell Lewis) 1 Kavi Faquir (Theo Carver) 1 Christopher Gerse (Will Roberts) 1 Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) 1
  14. Our Days in Salem Episode #6 – Monday, July 2, 2007 At Bo and Hope’s, the couple is fretting over someone to watch Ciara. Then, there’s a knock on their door. It’s Doug and Julie. “Daddy, it’s so good to see you! And Julie, oh!” They embrace her, and Bo, who asks how “Mrs. H” is doing. They say she’s excited about the picnic tomorrow. Hope says that’s wonderful, but wonders what brings the pair of them by. “Well,” Julie intervenes, “Doug and I were in the mood to spoil this little girl. Not to mention that grandma has sent me on special assignment,” which causes Hope to raise her eyebrow. It seems that Alice is curious that her great-grandson has come all the way from Israel to the states and has never bothered to step foot here in Salem – forget on her door step. Hope laughs, “Gram would find out through the grapevine where our dear old cousin in staying, wouldn’t she?” Julie agrees, and notes that Hope and Bo look like they’re ready to go undercover. Hope doesn’t deny that their timing is perfect. Doug is wary, but Hope tells him that the less he knows, the better – unless something goes wrong. Doug makes Bo promise to take of his little princess, and he does as they head out. “Shall we inspect the damage, darling?” Julie asks, looking around for a moment. He chuckles, noting how some things just never change. Since Ciara is asleep (for the moment, Doug reminds her), they head into the kitchen, where there are dishes piled up in the sink and laundry baskets waiting to be tended to. <HR> Inside the DiMera Mansion, Anna has balked from answering Stefano’s question. A coughing fit comes around and Anna suggests that Tony make sure his father gets his rest. Tony wonders if she’s trying to get rid of him. She shrugs, saying she figured that Tony would want insurance that Stefano would be all right. Stefano breaks up the bickering, announcing that he is tired, and so he will be going to rest. Before he goes, he tells Anna he expects to see her very soon. “You are up to something, aren’t you?” Tony asks Anna, whom let’s her ex believe what he wants, enjoying the drink. <HR> At the DiMera Mansion, Bo and Hope meet with Roman. They ask about Anna. He explains that he told her the deal is off. Bo asks his brother how he expects to let his wife go through the gates of Hell without some kind of a decoy. Roman tells him to relax, pointing through the window, where they can see Anna with Tony and Stefano. “I don’t like this,” says Bo, and he goes on to tell Roman that Anna can obviously handle herself. Roman says he wasn’t going to give Anna the power to squeeze more money out of his pockets, and besides they’ve taken enough chances on civilian’s heads, reminding them of what happened with John. Hope senses some familiar tension, but Roman tells her to just do her job. Bo says he’ll ensure that. Roman leaves, and Bo and Hope watch amusedly. <HR> Billie gets out of her car and digs out a piece of paper. “Well, this is it. I’ve got the right address. Here’s to hoping there’s nothing fun to find inside, for Sami and Lucas’ sake.” She gets a flashlight out, locks up her car, and uses the key Lucas gave her to get in. Just as she gets the key in, someone grabs her and tackles her to the ground. She struggles for a minute, recognizing the voice that chides her for being there. “John, it’s me! It’s Billie! Let me up!” he does, and he looks at her strangely, wondering what she thinks she’s doing there. She wonders the same thing. He tells her he’s keeping an eye out for Sami. She finds this humorous, as Lucas came to her to sweep it for any discrepancies in security. Se asks him if he’s checked out the inside. He tells her that’s negative; Roman hasn’t let him. She figures it’s because he’s not a cop. He points that neither is she anymore. Billie recognizes that this may be true, but Lucas gave her the key. He wants to be sure that everything checked out all right. John thinks they should check it out together – that way they’re fulfilling requests for both parties. Since she and Sami’s friendship is shaky at best, she agrees. “Shall we?” she asks. <HR> Next on… -Steve arranges easy entrance to the Mansion -Stefano catches Hope red-handed -Julie sets Jeremy straight -Billie discovers something surprising at the safe house
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    PCE: Episode 57

    Loved the montage. How very appropriate. Always loved the Monica/Kevin angle.
  16. I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! WOOHOO! Great job, guys.
  17. Our Days in Salem Episode #5 - Friday, June 29, 2007 Kate is waiting impatiently for Roman in his office. Upon his arrival, she has a few choice words. “You have some nerve, you know. I’m here waiting to get in to see you and your lackey out there is giving me a hard time, practically treating me like a criminal. I ought to sue the damn department.” He tells Kate to calm down. He’s here now, and all ears. She remarks that for once he probably will be, since this isn’t about his precious daughter. Roman’s glad to here she’s moving on. Kate laughs, telling him to dream on. She’ll never accept Sami as her daughter-in-law. Not even when hell freezes over. Roman tells Kate to stop talking about Sami, since that’s not why she’s here. Kate apologizes for the tangent, but Sami brings out the worst her. He agrees. She tells him she’s here because her daughter told her that he tossed out the case against Nick Fallon, despite incriminating evidence. <HR> Sami tells Marlena that, without EJ, she would probably be dead right now. No matter what he’s done in the past, he’s determined to protect her and this unborn child. She doesn’t care what his intentions are, she just knows that he can help her in ways few others can, because he’s on the inside, and he’s willing. “Besides, I just can’t go through that again. It’s bad enough to be raped more than once. I…” Marlena apologizes, telling Sami she needn’t explain her position. She understands entirely. She can’t imagine going through that kind of torture again. Sami asks Marlena why she never talks to her about her life before Roman, and Marlena points out that she’s never asked. Sami tells Marlena that she hopes it’s not too late for them. Marlena tells Sami that it will never be too late for them. She knows that Sami has done some terrible things. She was traumatized for so long, and Marlena accepts responsibility for that. She knows John does, too. Sami tells her mother that it’s no excuse for her behavior over the years. She wants to really try starting again. She’d like to be more than just Marlena’s daughter – but her friend as well. It warms Marlena’s heart to hear this. <HR> Tony has decided to take a stroll on his horse, Napoleon, out in the gardens, where he is surprised by… “Anna.” Anna cocked an eyebrow. “What a stallion. You don’t look so bad yourself, Tony.” He jumps down, entranced by her. They embrace and she says she wishes he’d looked at her like that twenty years ago, instead of running off to find himself and sending her divorce papers later. He admits that perhaps he was a bit hasty, but it seemed right at the time. She wonders what’s right now. Tony laughs, asking her if this is merely a social visit or if Roman has sent her to interrogate them about their supposed bomb. Anna has no idea what he’s talking about. Tony tells Anna he knows she was at the Brady Pub last night, so there’s no need to play dumb. Anna reminds him that there’s no harm in seeing friends and family, just because he forgot he had any. “Touché,” Tony chuckles, marveling at her beauty. He invites her inside. <HR> “Kate, if you’re here to question my decision making in a police investigation, this conversation is over.” Kate tells him to stop acting all high and mighty for two seconds, and remember that he was her husband. She’s never known him in a million years to just toss out evidence. Roman admits that ever since the divorce, he’s gone more by the book than anyone would believe. It was his way of getting on with his life. He honestly tells Kate that he had no reason to torture Nick. Willow’s history spoke for itself. He goes on to remind her that his family and the Hortons have always been very close, and he wasn’t going to drag that relationship through the mud unless he absolutely had to. He tells Kate that if she has nothing else she wants to say, he’s got work to do. In a huff, she gets up and goes to the door. She looks back for several moments before leaving. <HR> Tony and Anna ride in together on Napoleon. Stefano is sitting on the sofa, amused by their antics. He applauds their entrance, laughing heartily. “And this is supposed to be a dying man?” asks Anna. “You know Father. He never kicked that bucket with much effort.” Tony hopped down and helped Anna down afterwards. Stefano tells Tony not to be rude, and to offer the lady a drink. Anna is grateful for one, and Tony is more than happy to oblige. “Come. Tell us, Anna. How is Roman?” She sips her brandy with an amused expression. <HR> Lucas let’s Marlena and Sami have their time together, deciding to go for a walk. Out on the balcony, Maggie interrupts his reverie. He’s glad to see her. She knows how difficult it must be to deal with the uncertainty of the paternity of Sami’s babies. “Word spreads fast,” Lucas remarks. She just wants to make sure that he’s been keeping up with meetings. He assures her that he has. She wants him to let her know if he needs anything. Lucas thanks her. He asks about Uncle Mickey, and Maggie says that he’s doing well. The pair of them will be taking a small vacation down to Nashville to see Melissa and Sarah. “That’s nice. It will good for you.” Maggie agrees with a smile, saying it’s never easy to be apart from your children. Lucas thinks it’s honorable that Mickey’s always loved them as his own. Maggie admits that it wasn’t always easy. This surprises Lucas. Maggie tells Lucas that he’s more of a Horton man than he realizes. As she leaves, he seems to wonder if his resolve is as strong as Maggie wants it to be. Next on... -Hope notices something amiss with Roman -Billie arrives to check out the safe house -Doug and Julie play savior -Anna’s up to something
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    June 28, 2007

    The suspense is killing me! Loving whacko Doc.
  19. Welcome, Rudolfo! Yes, this is a new DAYS blog. I wrote one before - but this is a fresh start for me. And Roman, always good to have you on board.
  20. Our Days in Salem Episode #4 - Thursday, June 28, 2007 Lucas and Sami tell Marlena they know that her carrying twins could mean double trouble, with either Lucas or EJ being the father of the kids. Marlena sheds some light on a far more bizarre possibility, making the couple realize that each kid may have a different father. Sami says it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but Marlena assures them that there are real cases. While it’s rare, she says, it can happen if the pregnant party in question has sex with two men in a close enough interval. Sami admits that she slept with Lucas only a few short hours before the beam fell on him and went looking for help, finding EJ in Lexie’s car. Marlena reflects on that for a moment, asking Sami if she’d reconsider pressing charges against EJ for the rape. <HR> “Katie, what seems to be the problem?” Kate looks up to see this blond woman she doesn’t know on Roman’s arm. The two women size each other up and greet each other cordially, if with an equal distrust. Roman explains that this is his first wife, Anna. “Carrie’s mother,” recalls Kate. Roman confirms this and introduces Kate as his most recent ex. Anna finds it intriguing that she and this woman already seem to have so much in common. Kate’s not so sure she wants to get to know Anna. Roman clears his throat, reiterating his question. Kate says that she needs to talk to him in his office. “Sounds important,” Roman chuckles, and Kate tells him that it is. He tells her to go into his office and he’ll be with her shortly. “You sure can pick them, Roman,” Anna remarks. He scolds her playfully and she kisses him on the cheek before heading out the door. <HR> Elvis pauses before answering his father. “No, Father. I’d never do anything to go against this family. It is Tony who has done that, and it is Tony who I will continue to work against him until he’s given up his insane vendetta against me.” Stefano is disappointed. EJ knows Stefano wants him to strike even ground with his brother, and he’s tried and tried harder. He promises that as long as Tony forges on, he will do whatever is necessary to protect his personal interests. Stefano takes this as confirmation that Anna’s not as innocent as he claimed, but EJ says no, informing his father that Sami will be kept in a safe house until she gives birth. He has no reason to protect the Bradys. Stefano, of course, finds this tidbit of information quite interesting. <HR> Next on... -Anna arrives at the Mansion -Roman tells Kate to butt out -Maggie offers Lucas some sage advice -Sami and Marlena bond over her pregnancy
  21. I always love your stuff, but this was really great nad meaty. Loved it. Loved the Michael fretting and William landing his key witness and how it kind of fit together. Nice to see Colleen concerned about Lily, and Neil's sudden involvement. Love how he cornered Daniel. Out your wife!
  22. Man, you're quick. I just posted this LOL. Thanks for your feedback, as always.
  23. Our Days in Salem Episode #3 - Wednesday, June 27, 2007 At University Hospital, Marlena and Sami share a moment, having just learned that Sami will carry on the twin tradition of the Evans family with this pregnancy. Lucas makes his presence known. Marlena lets him have some time with Sami for the final moments of the sonogram, explaining that she’s going to go visit with Abe and see how he’s doing. Lucas watches the screen in awe as Sami points out what’s what. This is all so new to him, never having been there with Will. Dr. Jacobs informs them that the amnio has been a success and they should have the results in 24-hours. They thank her, as she leaves. Sami sees how happy and excited Lucas is at the prospect of twins and fears how he’ll react to a possible, bitter truth. He can see something is troubling her, and she opens up willingly. “Lucas, what’s going to happen if these babies are EJ’s?” <HR> In his office, Roman is on the phone, getting the latest on Abe’s recovery. He learns of the complications, but the doctors seem to be confident that he’ll make a full recovery in a few months. He hangs up, musing about what will happen when Abe returns. “Knock, knock,” sings Anna’s voice. Roman greets Anna warmly, and tells her he was just going to call her. He doesn’t like her going up to the mansion. Anna tells Roman that she’ll be fine; she’s swum with these sharks before. Besides, changed or not, it will be good to see Tony again. Roman’s certain she’ll change her mind the second she walks through that door. <HR> EJ arrives at the DiMera mansion, and Tony greets him. “I see you’re being delegated to more menial tasks, brother.” Tony chuckles, telling EJ that he’s been expecting him. EJ remarks that Stefano summoned him, and so he came. Tony invites him inside. Bart comes to Tony’s side as EJ enters the morning room, where Stefano is waiting. Bart wonders why Tony looks so happy. He tells his bumbling cohort to just sit back and enjoy the show. Stefano greets EJ warmly. EJ wonders why he’s been summoned. Stefano tells his son that he needs to know that he needs to be sure his information is correct. Elvis seems to realize that Stefano doubts his word on Anna’s intentions. Stefano admits that he has reason to believe EJ wasn’t as truthful as he could have been. EJ digs for more information, and Stefano chuckles, telling him to relax and have a brandy. EJ asks his father if he’d care to join him in one. “Yes, my son. Thank you. Now, come. Sit. I want you to tell me everything.” <HR> Outside, Marlena has just left Abe’s room and she runs into Maggie, who says that Lucas told her about Sami’s appointment, and she wanted to offer him her support. Marlena is glad Maggie is there. Maggie wonders if something’s gone wrong, but Marlena says no, confiding in Maggie that her daughter is carrying twins. Maggie knows that must mean so much to Marlena. Then, something occurs to Maggie, and she asks if they know who the father is. A realization hits Marlena and she tells Maggie that she’ll find her later, rushing off to Sami. <HR> Lucas takes a step back and clears his throat. He admits to being unsure how he could handle that. He apologizes, knowing that’s not what she needs to hear, but he’d much rather be honest with her. She’s glad. She feels in her heart that he’ll be a wonderful father to these kids no matter who spawned them. She asks Lucas if she can have some time alone, while she calls her brother Eric. He wonders if she’s just trying to get rid of him again. Sami promises that she’s not lying to him. He’s sorry to accuse, but she knows that her recent history gives him every reason to question her. He jokes that the hospital bill will go through the roof with that long-distance call. She laughs, and he tells her he’ll be right outside, talking to the guard. As he leaves, she picks up the phone and pauses before dialing. “Come on, come on. Pick up.” <HR> “Are you jealous, my love?” Anna teases. “When I talked to him, he almost sounded like his old self. Funny the effect a woman can have on a man.” Roman insists that he’s just concerned for her safety. She appreciates it, but tells her ex-husband that she’s a big girl who can take care of herself. A big girl who needs him to watch her back, he reminds her. She asks him not to be difficult. She’s here to get all setup with the wire. If he’s going to waste his breath trying to convince her she’s making a mistake, she can come back later. “I’ve changed my mind,” reveals Roman. Anna’s confused. He tells her that if she wants to see Tony so bad, she can go right ahead. The last time he wired someone and sent them to get the DiMeras, he wound up in a coma for five months. Anna tries to plead her case with Roman, but he insists that he’s not sending another civilian into this case, no matter how well he thinks they can handle the DiMeras. “All right. I can see that my price is too high. I guess coming back here was a mistake.” Anna stands, but Roman calls after her. He admits that her putting a price tag on the deal had a little to do with his change of heart. He makes it clear, however, that he’s happy she came back, and hopes she’ll stay in town for a little while. She makes no promises as she leaves. Roman steps out of his office to walk Anna out and locks eyes with Kate. <HR> Sami enjoys a one-sided phone conversation with her twin brother, Eric. She asks him about Colorado, his career in photography, and their grandparents. She excitedly tells him that she’s having twins. It appears he’s just as excited about the prospect as she reacts to what he says to her. Marlena returns and Sami hands the phone to her. They talk briefly before the phone is hung up. “Sami, I’m so glad you called your brother. It was wonderful to hear his voice,” Marlena tells her daughter, who admits to missing her other half. She tells Sami that she’s sure he’d be proud to see how she’s grown. Lucas comes back in, asking how Eric is, and the trio converse briefly about Sami’s twin. Then, the conversation grows more serious. “Have you two considered the more complicated circumstances, now that we know Sami’s carrying twins?” asks Marlena. <HR> Outside the morning room, Tony is standing vigil, loving every single moment as he watched his brother’s downfall unfold before his very ears. Bart doesn’t think Tony should get too cocky. He’d hate to see him be disappointed again. Tony is falsely touched by Bart’s concern, but reminds him that he is a grown man. Besides, it’s almost a guarantee that EJ will have dug his own grave. Back in the morning room, Elvis recounts his visit to the Bradys. Stefano isn’t terribly surprised by his reception. He is especially curious about EJ’s connection to Anna. Elvis admits that Tony had taste once upon a time. Stefano chuckles, and EJ repeats what he said over the phone to his father. “Very good. You did well, my son, but, I have just one problem. You see, our little project, Steve Johnson, I’m sure that name rings a bell, hmm?” Elvis nods. “Well, he came to your brother and myself last night, and informed us than Anna’s intentions were not innocent, as you described them to me. Now, make no mistake, my son. I’m not even sure I believe that our patched friend hasn’t rejoined the ranks of his Brady cohorts. I certainly want to trust you more than him. I am merely making damned sure that there are no mistakes. Your affinity for Marlena’s daughter makes me extra cautious. You understand this, yes?” Elvis admits he does, but he can’t help being hurt by this accusation. He has no reason to cover for Anna. Stefano recognizes this, but he also knows that, if she has been mixing it up with the Bradys to help them with their investigation, then EJ may have more of a stake in her presence then he’ll admit. Stefano points out that his loyalty to Samantha and their child are not to make him question his loyalty to this family. If Elvis has lied to protect her family, Stefano wants to know now. <HR> On the next... -Kate rails into Roman -Marlena asks Sami to consider legal action -EJ makes a startling revelation to Stefano -Lucas and Sami must face the potential of the twins having two different fathers
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