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    No! Steve has always been one to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Now, it all depends on how it plays out. I'm happy, so long as it was about protecting his family.
  2. Keith


    CLASSIC Steve! I, personally, love this twist!
  3. Did Drunk!Tracy exist before Guza? I imagine she did, but part of me can't for some reason.
  4. How is TRACY trying to have her cake and eat it, too? HUH!?
  5. Good boy. Steve's alive, baby. I'm happy now. Hehe. Great cliffhangers - poor Abby!
  6. Man, I haven't felt I need to be watching GH in a long time.
  7. I'm with Michele. Guza isn't spitting on L&L- but only because Genie is back briefly. There's no point in a full scale reunion, and it makes sense for the character of Luke to pull back and push away; give Laura what she needs for as long as she can enjoy it. Any possibly of clips? I work during GH hour now.
  8. I still say ElphieTracy needs to be green in that witch costume.
  9. Keith


    Looking good!
  10. Everyone else, too, Michele. And I know it was the red hair, but Tracy never has red hair, so the red reminds me.
  11. Whenever I see Jane in red, I'm reminded of her DAYS days, as Steve always called Anjelica the Red Witch, if I recall.
  12. Keith


    *SQUEE!* BO/STEVE! And in chains - kinky. Interesting turn with Lexie and Kristen.
  13. LOVED what we got. And she's in the previews? *dies of shock*
  14. Keith

    DON'T DO IT, BO!

    That pig-headed little...
  15. Lainey, the end of today's episode was totally all abut Tracy. Laura's back now and this Guza. You think he's going to miss an opportunity to set up a bonafide triangle? He diens't care if they're all over 40; he's not Frons. And as far as he's concerned, the fans want Luke & Laura, so he's likely to screw them over before us, if his habits ring true in any way shape or form. See? Even I can be positive.
  16. Keith


    While Sami is obvious she could be the non-red herring - we're led to believe she's too obvious to be the killer, but the first real hint, others are suspected, and she winds up being guilty anyway - but I don't personally want her to be the killer, either.
  17. Keith

    30 Year Old Virgin!

    That title is horrible! Nice play on words, Mike
  18. Like Paul was any better! And Luke & Laura would be endgame if Genie Francis had a chance of sticking around long enough for them to write them off together. TPTB don't seem to be doing that. What Luke & Laura have is history and a HUGE fanbase.
  19. Keith


    Normally, I'd say Sami better not be the killer. She's just not a killer, but I can see her being reckless and being pushed over the edge after what Alan did to her, and to her son. I can see her blaming Will's "problem" on Alan and seeing this as justification, somehow. Intrigued, nonetheless! And poor MABBY. They're finally getting on the right track and BAM!
  20. Good move! *lusts after Patrick*
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