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    More! More! More! Licking it up!
  2. Keith


    Jenna's up to something! Duh, heh. Looking good! Love the addition of Aidan.
  3. No one else has started from this point and as many good things as I had planned (and STILL have planned), this was irresistible. I can't wait to get started!
  4. With the recent stirring of big things at Days of our Lives, the power that be here at 'Our Days' have made a bold decision: The blog will start anew, and probably sooner than originally planned. Why the sudden change? According to headscribe Keith Trickett, "it was time. There was so much to do work out before the cast would be right where I wanted it to be. There are lots of stories going on now that I'd like the chance to tell my way. And so, here we are." What are some immediate changes that will be seen? Don't expect a facelift. Trickett seems pleased with where the canvas is now. The character of Jeremy Horton will be recast. Trevor Donavan was ill-fitted for the role, and so our casting department is hard at work finding a more appropriate actor for the role. Shelley Hennig is also out, but don't expect to say goodbye to Stephanie just yet. "We are currently wooing Shayna Rose back to the show. There is a new direction in mind for the character, where she would be allowed to showcase her musical talent on the show. We're hopeful." For the immediate future, don't expect too many characters to come and go. "As Hogan has planned, the character Of Lauren, who was last seen back in December, will be adding a new element to the storyline with Claire's three parents." Top contenders for the role include Eden Reigel, Peyton List, and Aubrey Dollar. The DiMeras will start to be taken a lot more seriously with the sudden exits of Will Utay and Steve Blackwood. "Their history is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Though they provided certain comic relief, the DiMera family is not a place to look for that. Much like Victor last fall [on the actual show], expect to see less campy behavior from this crime family. It looks to be a fun, new start for 'Our Days'. Stay tuned for more!
  5. Hey, y'all. Haven't been meaning to ignore you. Promise. GH just... well, I don't find the time to bother watching. What I like featured just isn't featured enough for my liking. But I saw the episode where Luke came back after court and Tracy was with Alana and they discussed the plan. Great stuff.
  6. Oh, Lily...Lily, Lily, Lily! Lovin' your Dru...she doesn't take no mess.
  7. Keith


    STEFANOO!!! GAHHH! Poor Steve (and everyone else)!
  8. Steve and Hope? Considering this probably happened during their time away, I can actually see this...it'll be tough for Bope and Payla to get through, though! Not found of the smashing things over peoples heads. It gets repetitive Philip's really crossed a burning bridge now, hasn't he? I haven't even played, and I think I know who the MCF is! But I could be wrong.
  9. Ooh, that final scene between Jack and Jill was AWESOME! It's so nice to see Jill in an actual story. Sick of Brad, but I am on the show, too, so surprises there Glad to see Gloria's going ot probably have to pay for the skin cream debacle, even if Mikey tries to help her out. Interesting bit for Lily and Daniel...Colleen's got a point. This story will be far more interesting to follow here than on CBS
  10. Keith

    "IT'S COMING" Promo

    Mike, I echo Tishy. Because damn is just about the only thing I can muster!
  11. I really need to keep my eye on you and this blog. Keep up the good work!
  12. Keith

    May 29, 2007

    Intrigued by Maggie/Julie...mostly because I have no idea what it's about, since my comment campaign has made me start reading certain blogs hardcore for the first time lol Victor/Kate was great to. Love to see him get all forceful.
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    Damn, dude. Damn!
  14. Ooh, Gloria's been caught!! I need to read more.
  15. Keith


    I'm glad you made such a bold move. Aways a great read!
  16. Keith


    That was crazy intense! This story is off the charts, dude!
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