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  1. A couple of different Facebook pages. That's all I'll say, unless I'm allowed to say more.
  2. Thanks for the welcome! And yea, later on they added that twist about Renee noticing it wasn't Tony. But I was just wondering when the whole storyline began, if that was the plan or did the writers have someone else in mind as the murderer? I guess we'll never know, unless one of the writers at the time was asked about it.
  3. Newbie here, and really loving digging into these deep dives on past episodes. I just recently watched the whole Salem Slasher/Phoenix storyline from 1983-84, starting with Renee's murder at the engagement party, and ending with the concert and Stefano "dying" again. I have a few questions about this particular storyline.... Why would Andre kill Renee on Stefano's orders, in the first place? Stefano, for all his evil deeds, loved his daughter, so that makes zero sense. I have a theory that the killer wasn't supposed to be Tony when the storyline first began, but they c
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