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  1. A photo of the Bell family circa 1977.
  2. This may have been posted before. A 1976 episode of Thriller featuring Susan Flannery and Stuart Damon.
  3. It looks like her. The guy she is dumping it on is Cash the owner and male stripper of The Bayou where Nikki worked. John Gibson who played the part really was a male stripper and model. He was engaged to marry Vanna White, but was killed in a plane crash in 1986. He and Vanna were already an item when he was on Y&R and she started on Wheel in 1982.
  4. I'm surprised that Barbara Parkins did not go on to be a bigger success after Peyton Place. She could have easily it into Dynasty, The Colby's. It's hard for me to watch Ryan O'Neal in anything since his personal life has effected his children. Farrah Fawcett evolved into a totally different person after hooking up with him. Compare interviews with her in the 70's and then flash forward to the 90's and 2000's when she started appearing on Letterman etc...acting bizarre
  5. I read somewhere that Natasha Ryan (little Hope) was adopted in real life. When she didn't want to act anymore, she was kicked out of the house by her adoptive parents to fend for herself. She eventually got into construction and had a daughter to raise.
  6. Y&R broke when Bill Bell was no longer running the show. Dallas broke with the Bobby back from the dead fiasco. The final nail in the coffin was the exit of Victoria Principal as Pamela Barnes Ewing. Dynasty fell apart after the massacre.
  7. Many of you probably know that Katherine Kelly Lang started out in the 1979 roller disco film " Skatetown U.S.A." with Patrick Swayze. For decades the movie was never seen on a home video release. Some people joked that Swayze bought up all the rights to bury it. Last year the movie was released on DVD. I ran across this hilarious review I just wanted to share. Greg Picadash 5.0 out of 5 stars Classic MUST-OWN 1979 awful cheesy skating disco-movie! Pure Nostaliga! Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2019 Format: Blu-rayVerified Purchase What is not to love about this 40 year old awful classic! This movie has Horseshack, Marcia Brady, Chachi, that Doritos crunch guy from those Doritos commercial - you know him from "Caveman". This movie has the Unknown Comic, Flip WIlson, Flip Wilson in drag, a midget. This movie has short shorts and butt cheeks. There's a cowboy who shoots guns while he skates. A Magic Merlin-Wizzard who Dj's and smokes weed. Oh, did I tell you this movie has Patrick Swayze as a skate-gang leader who gets all macho and stuff when skate-dancing while whipping a belt around? Yeppers. It's his first movie ever. He swore this movie would never be released on VHS, laser disk, dvd, etc... as long as he lived. Know where this joke is going? THANK YOU for releasing this to BluRay! I watched it and OMG! I cheesed all over myself. Trust me - this movie is so damn awful, it redeems itself with the great music and C-list star-studded cameos. Buy this. Love this. Hate this. But be happy we live in a world where things like this exist for nostalgic reasons.
  8. When did B slaps first appear on soaps ? That Dallas clip of Pam and Sue Ellen was from 1978 on primetime. When did they start happening on daytime ?
  9. What are some of your favorite "B" slaps of the soaps ? A couple I always loved.
  10. That sounds hilarious. He was cringe worthy a lot of the time. He was once married to K.T. Stevens (Vanessa Prentiss on Y&R) and they had 2 sons. Chris Marlowe is one of them. He had a third child with his wife after his divorce from Stevens.
  11. How was Marlowe in the role circa 1969-75 ? I have seen his later work and he was awful. It was uncomfortable to see him stumble through a scene.
  12. There was some 1980 episodes of the show on youtube and boy was Hugh Marlowe BAD. He seemed like he was reading a teleprompter and all zoned out. There was one scene where he was talking to Pat on the sofa and it was uncomfortable to watch.
  13. That's interesting she was still doing the soap when that movie took off. There seemed to be a lot of actors with promising careers from those days that show up a lot on old TV shows and their careers fizzled out. Another actor that faded also with the last named " Burns" was Michael Burns. He played in tons of stuff back then. He played Moondoggie in the film 1972 TV film "Gidget Get's Married" with Macdonald Carey. Soap vets William Gray Espy, Judith McConnell, and Helen Funai also appeared.
  14. How long did Burns play Cathy ? I think I read somewhere she had another short term role on the show in the 80's. She was hilarious in an episode of Love American Style. She played a woman on her honeymoon and becomes addicted to gambling and spends her wedding night at the craps table as her husband whines. I think she and Richard Thomas were an item during the early 70's. She guest starred in an episode of The Walton's around that time.
  15. I think I saw quad, but they may be on film. As you said they probably have degraded and might not be able to be played without damage.
  16. I remember her saying in an interview how awful early on the equipment was and how the show was filmed. I know Genie Francis got her role in 1976 by the producers seeing her in that Family episode tormenting Kristy McNichol. Genie said they asked her if she could ride a skateboard and she lied and told them " Sure I can"...she then went home and practiced over the weekend getting banged and scraped up.....LOL
  17. Bill Bell also stated he never intended to dump Y&R after the first 6 months when Jeanne Coooper said so in an interview. Then an article surfaced from an interview he gave in 1976 where he stated her was going to dump the show after being frustrated with the slow climb in the ratings. CBS encouraged him to give it time to catch on and by 1974 the show had risen to the top of the ratings.
  18. UCLA Film and TV Archive lists as having several pre-wiping period episodes in their archives along with episodes of ATWT. They are listed as not available for public viewing. I assume they do not have the equipment to play those old quad tapes or it's just an excuse to not have to bother with them.
  19. It's interesting that Aniston & Mascolo both appeared in an earlier era (1960's) of the show and then come back in later years (1980's). It would be neat to see footage of those earlier appearances and the characters they interacted with.
  20. Hilarious interview with Maree Cheatham (Marie) about Days 50th. https://vimeo.com/145706846
  21. Susan Hayes and Denise Alexander were really close during their time on Days. There were a lot of photos from them together in magazines at each other's homes cooking etc...When they did the lifetime tribute, Michael Fairman said Denise wanted to do it and express how much she felt about Susan....and Bill. I assume she a Denise are still good friends.
  22. I read that Joseph Mascolo (Stefano) appeared as another character on the show in 1968/69 ?
  23. Jeffries was also the guy who did the Topol smokers toothpaste commercials in the 80's.
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