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  1. Let's see if Diego is ready to take his first Masters. Djoker is still a bit rattled from the USO debacle and he's being very careful.
  2. Good for Nene. Time to grow up, bring it down several notches and get some tv appearances and a prime time gig.
  3. Seems she has Covid concerns but will be back when she feels safe.
  4. Oh, I agree about Hunt Block. Can't stand the way he talks. Awful! However, I'd give my left tit if MA were to never play Jack again!
  5. It hurts me when Stan loses! I love his sexy backhand!!!!!
  6. I don't think so. Corday does not care about that stuff and Reeves has a right to her beliefs. moRon loves taking jabs and he's still employed. Besides, Corday just put 5 non contract people on contract and not one of them are black. Reeves has not negatively impacted Days so why would she be fired?
  7. Now, kill off Jack again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Dom was supposed to win this. Pulling it together because he's the better of the 2 is what Naomi did yesterday.
  9. Zverez should have put a nice red bow on that set.
  10. Its very bad! Rafa and Djoker out (leaving out Fed because Thiem could totally win a final against him) and this is what Thiem delivers?
  11. Zverev is saying "I'm the heir apparent". I just tuned in and can't believe the first set was lost so badly by Thiem.
  12. Damn! Naomi is quick on her feet.. That was one helluva response!
  13. I'm keeping up on Twitter and it appears to be quite an embarrassing display from Zverev. Is he crying yet? Folks thought before Djoker was ejected PCB was probably going to beat him anyway. Guess we'll never know.
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