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    • In all that I have ever read about GL, then and now, I have never heard of anything but respect and affection between JFP and Mark Derwin. If the alleged trouble between them was "heavily reported," you'd think there would a mention of it elsewhere on the Internet.
    • I really can't believe we are up to 750 + episodes, without a miss, in perfect quality. NEVER expected this to happen.  When I was a 5 year old, I dreamt of this. I know how stupid it sounds, but I was so in love with Bold. I am living in these first episodes. Up to 270 now. I am having a diary, writing 1 dialogie line from every episode to remember.
    • Im with Jill. I liked Dorinda her first season, but not now
    • Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday July 6: Kayla learns of a major crisis as she gets ready for her ceremony. Sonny bolsters Justin the morning of his father’s wedding. Xander confides in Jack about Sarah. Victor defends Xander to Sarah. Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday July 7: Steve makes a big announcement to John and Marlena. Kayla can’t help but think of her past with Steve. Justin presses Hope for answers. Victor, Justin, and Sonny have a warm moment before the ceremony begins. Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday July 8: Justin stuns Kayla with a huge confession. Kayla is faced with a tough decision. Marlena comforts John as he mourns Steve’s departure. A familiar face returns to Salem. Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday July 9: Justin gets a shock at Adrienne’s grave site. Kayla confronts Steve. Rafe delivers stunning news to Lucas and Kate. John and Marlena learn Allie is pregnant. Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday July 10: Vivian asks Kate for a favor. Claire offers to help Ben with a very special task for the wedding. Eli and Lani bask in their newlywed bliss. Gabi gets an unpleasant surprise when she drops by Jake’s apartment.
    • I'm no fan of Jill's, but I would take her over Dorinda and Sonja. Dorinda is just the most hateful person. Jill self-sabotaged during the third season, but Dorinda is so much worse. IT would have been nice to have Jill back and I'd like to see Alex as well. I think getting rid of Alex was a huge mistake now that I've gone back and watched seasons 3-4. You need a liaison between the nutters and the relatively sane ones.


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