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    • Killing Stephanie like.. 5 minutes after telling Bob she is his daughter is indeed a stupid decision. 
    • I actually always really enjoyed Melanie as well. I just kinda...kept quiet about her on here because I knew how loathed she was. I really didn't see the point in bringing her back in 2015, having said this.   Agreed re: Melissa Ordway, as well.   Suddenly I'm grateful she DIDN'T end up back at GL, because you know full well it'd be Hope/Buzz five days a week. UGH.
    • She's been filming multiple Hallmark movies in Canada.  I am not sure if that delayed things or that was always the plan when she signed on, but I assume she will start filming soon.   Looking at the announcement it was kinda vague as to when she started right?  Late 2020 so that could mean the next few weeks or literally Dec.31st lol, but I don't think she is filming yet so I would assume the very end of the year or 2021 instead.  They possibly could have pre-taped stuff but she wasn't in the Day of Days advance promo.
    • I get the feeling the show had a strong idea for Dev but it hinged on Dante or a backstory with his parents.  I am thinking they may have wanted to make him Sonny's son possibly with Brenda and someone realized that was stupid and/or VM said no and then FV had no idea what to do with him, sent him off for a bit, and then just decided screw it and killed  him off.  It's weird because the show seemed very into him in the beginning.   Dustin lasted longer because of Dante, I think.  He was always basically a throw away character, but when DZ decided to come back they made it more.  With ER leaving there is truly nothing for him to do, so I am okay with him getting killed off.  It's odd they completely changed directions with the story, but it doesn't bother me.   Neither death really bothers me or has any effect on story.  Sonny barely blinked when Dev died and him and Carly felt very satisfied they gave him a home for a couple of years lol.  It's weird for the teens to lose another contemporary so soon after Oscar. 
    • Thank you SO MUCH for this clip @jam6242. I do feel the scene runs long, but the transitions help me retain my attention. These characters are so fascinating, and to know that it's all in this huge state of flux is just wild to me. And those changes are about to start.   The Andersons' actresses, Stanger and Barnett in particular, are fiery. I really enjoy reading about them because they're both fine actresses, with complex characters that fascinate me. So I'm a bit biased in being along for the ride, even if their stories have a lot of stopping and starting going on, particularly later on. The thing to remember is that the Andersons started off very much enmeshed in the Hortons' stories, as they were introduced as taking Julie in when her husband Scott died after a beam fell on him during construction of the Anderson plant. Julie then married Bob, and Phyllis married Neil. Brooke (now Stephanie) arrived on the show as David's college girlfriend. So they had more ties to the show's core that have been more or less severed, particularly during Harrower's run, which stupidly ended David and Stephanie's reunion instead of heating up the Trish/Stephanie rivalry during what seemed an inevitable custody battle for Scotty. I think too many opportunities were wasted under Harrower with the Andersons, and they became so islanded that it just made the most sense to ship them out.    But I will NEVER understand the move Harrower is about to make.   Unless Harrower was under Corday/Rabin's orders to do what she's about to do to steer the ship in time for Laemmle/RBF, she 120% shat the bed with this twist that comes during this month's breakdown. You'll all see what I mean shortly. The absolutely STUPIDEST thing Harrower could've done, and now I see exactly why they had to kill the Anderson story afterwards.     Shall we? February 1980!     Mickey fires Linda, because it's now a conflict of interest since Bob intends to divorce her, and he's also certain Linda's read Bob's will. Linda angrily announces she plans to countersue, and implicate Stephanie as Bob's mistress (ick). She then confronts Bob, who's still under the weather, blaming him for getting her fired and for divorcing her, and reiterates her accusation that Bob is sleeping with Stephanie. Bob vehemently denies all of this, and says he had no hand in Linda losing her job. Linda doesn't buy it. She tells him that she'll sue the pants off him, and he'll wish he never met her. Bob clutches this chest and falls to the floor, he's having a heart attack, y'all! Watching him writhe in pain, desperately begging Linda to hand him his heart medication, Linda ponders it a moment, then decides she's saved him once and it got her nowhere, she won't help him again. Linda walks out of the room, leaving Bob to suffer. Phyllis thankfully arrives moments later, and, not being a complete sociopath, immediately calls an ambulance. Bob's pulse is weak, and he's rushed to ICU at University Hospital.   At the ICU, Linda waits for news, praying Bob dies before he has a chance to amend his will to cut Linda out of it. Linda, Stephanie, Mary, and Phyllis all await news, with Tom telling them it's touch and go.   Phyllis visits Bob in his hospital room, and professes her love for him, saying he's the only man she's ever really cared for. She cries, begging Bob to recover, for her sake, and for Mary's. Linda, meanwhile, offers to take over the plant in Bob's absence, just as she had done previously. Mary knows better, though, and tells her to get lost.   But Mary is, indeed, in over her head, and Alex smells fear, apparently, because he comes blazing in, offering to help her run Anderson. And being the fool she is, Mary agrees. Alex sends Mary away, and gloats openly about his latest victory. Blech!   While Bob is half-asleep, Stephanie pays him a visit. She tells him that the woman who died in the crash in 1977 was the hitchhiker she'd picked up, not her, and she is, in fact, Brooke. She tells him how afraid she was to tell him, and that she loves him. After Stephanie leaves, Bob calls out softly to her "Brooke...my daughter, Brooke". He heard her!   The next day, Bob tells Mickey to replace Linda with Stephanie in his will, and Mickey informs Mary that Stephanie is, in fact, her half-sister.   Alex also has news to share: Now that he's taken over as de facto head of Anderson, he's gonna dump Stephanie and marry Mary (and Mary's money!). Stephanie threatens to expose Alex, and tell them that he's been feeding her these ridiculous pills, but Alex has used her addiction to build mistrust within the organization against Stephanie, and tells her no one will believe her.   Stephanie, feeling rejected, gets in her car to go warn Mary about Alex. She's probably high as a kite and been drinking, of course. The more upset she gets, the worse she drives, and eventually careens off a cliff. Her car lands upside down. She's rushed to Emergency at UH, where she calls out for Bob repeatedly, but bleeds out and dies.    MASSACRE VICTIM #1!   Beebs' Note: I should like to point out, that, if I am to believe what is listed as Eileen Barnett's last airdate, and what SOD says this synopsis covers, it would mean that ALL of the above events occurred over the course of FOUR DAYS. WHAT. THE. EVERLOVING. FVCK?!   Stephanie is now such an afterthought, they bury her the next day, and have Margo, of all people, read her eulogy.    Alex has now been given the okay by Bob to run Anderson until Chris gets back from his DC trip. CHRIS ONLY LEFT ON THIS TRIP ABOUT A WEEK AGO WTFFFFF!!! Can you imagine leaving on a business trip and coming back to this kind of a wacky sh!tshow??? My head would explode! ANYWAY, when Alex tells Mary this, she warily asks what's in it for him. Alex claims purely altruistic motives, just wanting to help friends he cares for. Mary, gunning for this month's big Dumbass prize, believes him and kisses him. Alex and Mary begin to be seen all over Salem together, with her seeing the charming side of him that reels her in after her tumultuous time with Chris. Eventually (probably like a week on), they admit their (alleged) love for each other. Finally, Alex proposes to Mary, and she accepts. Yep. Dumbass of the month winner right here.   Bob recovers enough that Mary tells him of Stephanie's death. He's heartbroken that he didn't have enough time with her after learning she was Brooke, but Mary discourages him from making a public announcement that Stephanie was his daughter, as she was illegitimate, and we apparently cared about this type of thing in 1980.   Chris returns and is utterly dumbfounded by the fact that LITERALLY EVERYTHING has changed in the two-ish weeks he's been away. Chris asks Mary why da hell is Alex running Anderson, and Mary tells him that's the way she wants it. Chris (rightly) thinks that's ridiculous and tells Bob about everything that's going on, particularly with Alex. Bob is even surprised by some of what's happening, and is really shocked by Mary's fixation on Alex, as she hardly knows him. Bob reaffirms that he'd rather Chris be running Anderson than Alex, but Alex throws his weight around, and when Chris defies him, conflict is in the air.   Linda tries to beg Mickey and Don for her job back, but they won't budge. Linda asks Don to at least use his influence to help her find something new. No word on whether that trick worked or not. Melissa visits Bob, and he tells her that his marriage to Linda is well and truly over. Melissa sobs in his arms.           Cathy complains to Marie that she's failing her nursing courses, so Marie ships her out of town to complete her studies with a teacher that once taught Marie. GIRL, BYE!   MASSACRE VICTIM #2! (LITERALLY 4 DAYS AFTER STEPHANIE!)           Mimi returns, tracks Trish down at Doug's Place, and hands her the phony diamond Earl gave Margo. She demands the real one, and Trish has no idea what the hell she's on about, until she remembers the diamond she lent Margo. Realizing Earl pulled a fast one on Margo, Trish marches over to Earl's office and demands the real stone, pronto. Earl feigns innocence, but Trish doesn't play along, threatening to go to the police.   Terry realizes Earl is about to skip town and leave HIM on the hook for the porn mess. He threatens to tell all to Don, but Earl pulls a gun on him and makes Terry back off him. Earl calls Don and warns him not to do his Great Teen Porn Extavaganza or else, as his associates won't be very happy. Then Earl burns all his relevant paperwork, and skips town. Goodbyyyyyyye, Eeeeeearl! </dixiechicks>   A week or so later, Mickey tells Mike and Margo that Earl's been arrested in Chicago on Narcotics charges. Guess that's the end of him, too!   MASSACRE VICTIM #3!   Don's Bizarro Porn Festival of Shame happens, with Donna giving her speech about getting caught up in this mess, before Don gives a sanctimonious speech about the evils of porn, and how the parents of Salem should keep a watch over their children.   Donna immediately regrets letting Don show the film, as now she's getting eviscerated by everyone at school, and asks Marlena to let her finish school on the east coast with Don's parents. Marlena agrees to talk to Don about it. Don, however, is thrilled when a desperate Terry does indeed end up turning to him, ready to tell all to Don in hopes of protecting himself. Donna's fears are soon allayed when Terry's story hits the papers, confirming her innocence in the entire porn film mess.   Mimi comes back and threatens Trish again, but Trish tells her that Earl took the diamond and split. Mimi doesn't care, and says that if she can't get the diamond, then give her $5,000 or Durant will be veeeeery disappointed in her. Trish begs Doug to loan her the money, but Doug, in giving it to her, asks that Trish tell David that she's in trouble.     Marlena complains of gas pains at dinner, and excuses herself. When she returns, she's wearing her coat. SHE'S IN LABOUR. Hours later, with Don by her side, DJ is born...6 weeks premature. Marlena is scared he's in danger. And she'd be right. Who needs Dionne Warwick when you've got Marlena predicting the future so accurately?       Now that they're well rid of Earl, Mike can go back to dreaming of a future, and Margo can go back to moping about dying.    No, literally. Mike wants a baby, and Margo is so scared of her remission being temporary, that she starts crying any time Mike brings up the subject.           Lee sees Neil, having caught the flu AND anemia while on holiday in Hawaii with Doug. He recommends meds and does blood work on her. Back at home, Lee recovers, then tries to seduce him, but Doug holds back. Lee notices he feels badly when they do have sex, as he's still thinking he's being unfaithful to Julie, and loses his bo...nerve. Doug agrees he's been seeing and thinking of Julie too much, and is apologetic to Lee. Thinking that maybe getting out of the house he shared with Julie would help, Lee suggests looking for a new one nearer to Hope's new school. Doug agrees to help her look, but secretly doubts he's ever going to be happy with anyone other than Julie. I've never seen two adults dance around each other like this in my life. Such childish nonsense.   Julie grows tired of Chez Julie, and asks Maggie to partner with her on an interior design business. Maggie doesn't want to overwhelm herself with work, especially at Mickey's expense, while they're working to rebuild their marriage. She declines Julie's offer.   Julie then invites Neil over to hers for dinner. Excited, Neil thinks Julie may finally be ready to get involved with him as more than a friend, but Julie is a mopey sack of depression, and though Neil tries his best, Julie isn't much fun. He tries to make a move on her, but she pulls away, and Neil snaps at her that he's "ONLY HUMAN!!!1", before heading for the door. He laments, "goodnight, Julie. It was a lovely dream."    Okay, Miss Melodrama. We know you were just horny and had run through the rest of the women in town. You don't fool me, Curtis!   Lee visits Chez Julie to taunt Julie with the news that she and Doug are buying a new house. Julie smiles, and pretends she doesn't want to throttle the snooty southern bitch, all the while realizing that Doug's making a proper commitment to this woman now, so he's obviously moving on without her.       Bill returns home from visiting Laura with great news: She's ready to return home! And she promises to set Bill free if she can't be the woman he married. Promises, promises, Laura. This...sucks. This is an absolute mess, and, considering it's still Harrower's writing being wrapped up, it seems to me that she's shifting things about desperately to gear things up for her successor. But...WOW killing Stephanie is a dumb move. Things are SO disjointed, so clumsily written. I absolutely HATE this.   Seems viewers did, too. The show fell from 9th and 6.6, to 10th, and a 5.8, its lowest ratings this month (from what I can see) since November 1978 during the Janice custody trial. And the worst is yet to come!
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