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DAYS #53: Kim & Billie go head-to-head over Theresa





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nicole, at the Brady Pub with Eric looks at Caroline, surprised to simply hear that Caroline agrees with her regarding Brady's just-rechristened 'memorial service'.

NICOLE: You agree with that?

CAROLINE: Well, of course I do! A good idea is a good idea, regardless of what I think of the source.

Nicole rolls her eyes at Caroline's dig.

NICOLE: Well, then I guess you're more media savvy than pretty much anyone else of your...advanced age then.

ERIC: Nicole!

Nicole shoots a look to a disapproving Eric. Caroline ignores Nicole's comment.

CAROLINE: Look, we can have the entire thing here at the pub. It'd be my pleasure. We'll have the word put out today if you want.

ERIC: That works. I'll let Marlena and Victor know.

NICOLE: Has anyone heard from John? Does he even know?

Eric and Caroline stop, unsure what to say. Nicole looks away, feeling a bit guilty for bringing it up.



A stewardess walks up the aisle of the plane, evidently a private jet. She hands off a whiskey on the rocks to the passenger beside her, before heading off. As she hands the drink off, the captain makes an announcement over the speaker system.

CAPTAIN: Mr. Black, we will be beginning our descent into Salem International Airport momentarily. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt for landing.

John smiles wistfully as he looks out the window. He sighs heavily as he takes a sip of his drink.


In Abby's hospital room, Sami and Abby look up as Daniel walks in with Jennifer, Laura, and Liam in tow. Abby and Sami, caught off guard during a shared moment, appear stunned by their arrival, and by Jenn's panic at Abby being in hospital.

ABBY: Mom! What are you doing here?

JENNIFER: What do you mean, what am I doing here? I...you had a fall at work and you didn't even tell me?

ABBY: Mom, it's...nothing serious. I--

DANIEL: ...Uh, she's right, actually, I'm going to be discharging her right now. Abigail, the uh...last test we ran? You're all clear. Okay?

Abby nods, knowing exactly to what Daniel's referring. Daniel looks over to Liam, who momentarily shoots Daniel a vaguely menacing look, before turning his attentions back to Abby. Laura walks over to Abby's bed and gives her a huge hug.

LAURA: We're glad you're alright, honey.

ABBY: Well, thanks, Grandma.

SAMI: Oh! Abby! You should tell your family your great news!

Abby is suddenly at a loss for words, not prepared to share with the room, she stutters and stumbles at Sami's leading comment.


Billie looks up at Kim, touching her face after Kim slapped her in Theresa's hospital room. Kim stares Billie down, livid at Billie's prior accusations that Theresa's coma is, in essence, Kim's fault. Kim finally speaks, voice trembling with anger.

KIM: Don't you dare blame me for this.

Billie breathes in deeply, her temper flaring as well, but fighting with everything inside her to retain her dignity, the high road, and indeed, the upper hand.

BILLIE: I only told you how I feel. The truth isn't easy. Besides, Kim. You asked.

KIM: The truth. Yeah, you'd know a lot about the truth, wouldn't you? Hiding your past with my ex-husband for how many years? You know, if you'd just spoken up in the first place, you'dve spared Theresa from all of this? You wanna tell me again how this is my fault, Billie?

BILLIE: I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt your family.

KIM: Oh, come off it! You didn't say anything because you were afraid that if my brother ever found out what you were REALLY like, he'd throw you out on the curb, where you belong!





John steps into a waiting car outside the airport. He sits down and holds up a hand to the driver as a greeting, before giving direction.

DRIVER: Where to?

JOHN: Salem Inn.

John leans back in his seat, sighing heavily as he ponders his next move.

JOHN: And tomorrow, we deal with ol' Vic.


Abby smiles awkwardly at her mom, who is patiently waiting for her bed-bound daughter to tell her what the good news is.

ABBY: Well...I uh...

As Abby goes to tell them, EJ stands in the doorway of her hospital room, behind the others. He looks quickly at Liam, who looks back at him, before they quickly look away, back at Abigail. Abby is suddenly tense looking at EJ, even though EJ is not looking her way with any real intensity.

ABBY: I...I don't wanna spoil the surprise, so...I think I'll tell you guys when we get home. That okay?

JENNIFER: Aww, you're such a tease! I can't wait, it's big news isn't it??

Jennifer's excitement only makes things more awkward for Abigail, while Sami is unsure why Abby's reaction is less than excited. She furrows her brow, but keeps quiet.

SAMI: Heh, well, tell me how it goes. You can always...shoot me a quick text tonight and let me know how excited everyone is for you tomorrow. For NOW, I am gonna head home. Uh...Abby! If I don't see you tomorrow, good luck?

Abigail gives a forced smile and nods to Sami.

ABBY: Thanks, Sami.

Sami smiles and heads for the door. As she passes EJ in the doorway, he backs up, and she smiles awkwardly, before looking down and walking past him. Daniel looks to Abigail and announces to the room.

DANIEL: Well...I think it's about time we get you discharged, little lady!

JENNIFER: Yes! And I am SO happy to see you come home in one piece! I've got a roast chicken I'm gonna make for dinner and you can tell Liam, JJ and I the good news, alright?

Daniel is stung by Jenn's words, her specificity being a bit of an, albeit possibly unintentional, dig at him. He smiles his usual tightened upper lip smile.

ABBY: Sounds good. Let's get out of here.

DANIEL: Alright, well, hospital rules state that you need to be in this wheelchair so come on.

Daniel pulls open the wheelchair and pats the seat. Abigail rolls her eyes and groans at Daniel's order.

ABBY: Ugh, do I have to?

LIAM: Yep! Doctor's orders. Come on, here, I'll help you.

Liam takes Abby's hand and helps her lower herself into the chair. As Abby sits down, her and the family leave the hospital room. As Jenn leaves, she finally spots EJ in the doorway. She is less-than-thrilled to see him, but is cordial.

JENNIFER: EJ! What a surprise.

ABBY: Uh, not really, Mom. EJ is the one who...brought me in. The accident was...well, it happened when he and I were at work together.

Jenn, unsure how she feels about this, takes a moment to reply.

JENNIFER: Oh! Ah...well...thank you, EJ. I....appreciate that.

EJ: It was my pleasure. Abigail is one of our best employees.

JENNIFER: Great. Uh...Abigail. Come on.

Liam takes Abigail's chair and pushes it from the room. EJ follows behind. Abigail hesitates, mulling over her decision to leave town to protect the secret affair between herself and EJ, as well as their unborn baby. Jennifer walks slightly ahead, with Laura walking beside her. They talk with each other, but it's all white noise to a distracted Abigail.

As Liam stops Abby's wheelchair in front of the elevator, Abby finally works up the courage to speak up.

ABBY: Uh...actually. Mom, can...I just...talk to EJ first before we go?

Jennifer is surprised, and a little concerned by Abby's request. Abby can tell by Jenn's face almost immediately.

JENNIFER: Uh...sure. Don't be too long though, we'll be downstairs, then you can file your discharge papers, okay?

ABBY: Okay, Mom. Sure.

EJ stops as Abigail turns in her wheelchair. She motions to him to take the reigns of her wheelchair from Liam, who steps onto the elevator with Jenn and Laura. Daniel stays behind and points over to the nurses' station.

DANIEL: When you're ready? I'm right there. K?

Abby nods gently, smiling at Daniel as he walks away toward the nurses' station, keeping a careful eye on EJ and Abigail. EJ begins to push the wheelchair toward the waiting room, and leans into Abigail, quietly speaking to her.

EJ: If this is about our earlier discussion, we'd best find somewhere private.

Abigail looks straight ahead as EJ pushes her into the room.


Jenn and Laura stand silently in the elevator with Liam. Laura feels vaguely uncomfortable with Liam, but can't quite figure out what bugs her. Jenn seems tense too. Laura looks to her daughter, concerned.

LAURA: You look worried.

JENNIFER: I always am when EJ's around.

LAURA: I understand. It can't be easy knowing your daughter's working for the DiMeras.

JENNIFER: Well...I mean...it's her life. And technically, she's working for Sami so...I guess that's slightly better but...I don't know. Every time I see her with EJ, I get really concerned. And I can't figure out why but...I just have this feeling something's wrong, you know?

Laura puts her hand on Jenn's shoulder, smiling understandingly at her daughter. Liam looks on, soaking in the conversation wordlessly.


Billie looks to the ceiling, as if counting to ten in her head. She closes her eyes a moment, before finally looking at Kim and responding, calmly, though a slight tremble remains in her voice.

BILLIE: I thought that Phil Collier had...turned over a new leaf. Tried to put his life together. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. That was my mistake. But I did it for y--

KIM: ...For yourself. Because you were scared of losing Bo. Which is exactly why you didn't tell him about your father until he was dead and you were accused of killing him!

BILLIE: I loved Bo. And--

KIM: ...And you thought that Bo only loved you as a pure-as-the-driven-snow little girl who hawked makeup. Did you seriously think that little of him?

Billie finally snaps at Kim, and raises her voice, pointing angrily as she speaks, equally pointedly.

BILLIE: NO! I thought so much of him, and so little of myself. That I would never be good enough for him! And that's exactly why I was the only one who understood your daughter. And the more she confided in me, the more I understood her, and she could feel that. All the while, there you are, wondering why she's not turning to you, and at the same time, there you are judging every step she takes?

KIM: I was hurting too!--

BILLIE: ...You were too afraid of losing another man to accept that YOUR OWN DAUGHTER went through the SAME THING YOU DID!

Kim stops dead, tensing as she draws herself up, holding back from letting loose completely. Billie's tension recedes as she finally lets her anger go at Kim.

BILLIE: And THAT is something you cannot pin on ME. You should be grateful that girl had someone to turn to that she could depend on. Because that someone certainly wasn't you.

As Billie finishes her thought, the door of the hospital room opens, and Kayla steps in.

KAYLA: I could hear you from the hallway, is everything okay in here?

Billie turns around, brushing away a tear from her eye, as Kim does the same. Billie steps towards the door.

BILLIE: It's all good, I was just leaving.

As Billie walks out, Kim steps over to her sister, pointing out the doorway at Billie.

KIM: I don't want her in here again.

KAYLA: Kim, she's just concerned about Theresa, just like you are.

Kim tenses again, frustrated by her sister seemingly siding with Billie.

KIM: I don't...care. I'm Theresa's mother, I deserve to be here, not her!

KAYLA: Kimmy, listen. I know you and Billie have your issues, but her and Theresa, they're incredibly close friends. Now, Billie doesn't present a danger to Theresa by coming to visit during visiting hours, and I honestly think it'd be good for her to have familiar voices around her while she's recovering.

KIM: So you're siding with her, then?

KAYLA: No, Kim. I'm asking you to do what's right for everyone. Including Theresa. Now, you have every legal right to bar Billie from Theresa's room, but...as your sister...I think it's a terrible idea.

Kim sighs, rolling her eyes, and thinking over Kay's words, as she folds her arms, looking down at her comatose daughter.


EJ closes the door to the waiting room behind him as he pushes Abigail's wheelchair inside. Abigail stays in her seat, and EJ leans against the door, folding his arms.

EJ: So...what was so urgent that you needed to alarm your entire family needlessly?

ABBY: Well, I've had some time to think since you and I talked. And I've made a decision.

EJ: Oh have you?

Abby looks unflinchingly at EJ, she responds firmly.

ABBY: Yes.

EJ tries to remain casual, but it's obvious that he's dreading the answer.

EJ: And what would that be?

ABBY: I've decided I'm not going to let you order me or my baby around for your convenience. So if we're going to make a decision about this, it's going to benefit all of us. You, this baby, AND me.

EJ: Just what does that mean, exactly?

ABBY: It means we're going to face this head on. I'm not going to Italy, EJ. You can't make me.

EJ stands frozen, disbelieving what he's hearing.



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I enjoyed this episode very much!!! I feel this is a great way to build up current and new stories. I love how you reintroduced John... very DAYS like LOL. I LOVED the Abby scenes in this episode. We see her continue to hide the affair secret with EJ but she is also letting EJ know that she is no longer going to be stomped on. I think the Billie/Kim scene was needed badly and I am glad you put in there. And that beginning of the first scene with them where you came off that slap was brilliant!!! Wonderful job and keep up the great work! I did TRULY LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Members

John is on his way...hmmm looking forward to seeing what that is going to lead to.

Daniel is becoming a like a bug. I wonder if he is going to find out what's going on between EJ and Abigail, and what is going to happen if and when he does.

Abigail finally showed some resistance to going to Europe...Good...

And Kim and Billie.. the serve and volley of the past...perfect. It was raw and not one sided. Both women had to answer for their interaction with Philip Collier, and each called the other woman on their ish, and it's still affecting them today...and what's more, Kayla broke up the confrontation. A voice of reason that could calm the situation. Just brilliant..

You knocked it out the park once again!!!

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Now I see how my confusion came from reading 54 before 53

I was like wait happened to the Hortons showing up at at Abby's room.

But any way Who in the hell does John Black think he is.

Because EJ is a Dimera Jenn. Yes we know. Jenn sense something about EJ and Abby and Laura regarding that Liam. I wonder how Jenn will react to Abby's news. She's going to hit the roof and ask so many damn questions.

Poor Kayla She shoulda plucked Bllie in the lips. They would be hard to miss.

Im glad Abby stood up to the big bad british wolf. Take that Elvis you bossy jack ass.

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