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DAYS #52: Showdowns





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


At the Brady Pub, Eric sits down with photo albums, rifling through them. Caroline spots him and walks over, a pot of coffee in hand.

CAROLINE: What's all this for?

Eric looks up, as though snapped out of a dream.

ERIC: Oh, well...you did hear about Brady and Theresa's accident, right?

Caroline sighs heavily, a saddened look crosses her face.

CAROLINE: I did. I feel terrible for everyone. John, Marlena, Victor, I just...it's such a shame we lost Brady, and now Theresa's in a coma. I just...

ERIC: (sighs) Yeah. Well, this, I'm just going through pictures of Brady I took, you know, for Brady's funeral.

CAROLINE: That's a bit soon, no? I mean, they haven't even found a body yet.

ERIC: No, I know. But...Hope said the chances of Brady surviving were incredibly slim, and they pulled the car from the river, no one was inside, they...they figure Brady's body washed away.

Caroline puts a hand on Eric's shoulder.

CAROLINE: I have been around long enough to know that miracles can happen. They thought your father died too. And look what happened.

ERIC: I don't know, Grandma.

CAROLINE: Just keep your faith in God. Miracles do happen, Eric. Believe that.

As Caroline leans in to kiss Eric on the forehead, Nicole walks in with a box of photos. She overhears Caroline's remarks and smiles bittersweetly.

NICOLE: She's right, you know. Maybe we're doing this all wrong.

Eric looks to Nicole, confused.


Jenn hands Maxine some paperwork at the Nurses' Station at University Hospital, when Liam walks up behind her and covers her eyes gently.

LIAM: Guess who?

Jenn laughs, standing dead still, afraid to move lest she knock something over.

JENNIFER: Uh...(laughs) Gee, I don't know.

LIAM: Three guesses.

JENNIFER: Okay...uhh...Maxine?

LIAM: Is my voice really that close to hers?

Liam uncovers Jenn's eyes, as Jenn spins around and grabs Liam's hands. They share a laugh before sharing a kiss.

JENNIFER: I had a feeling it was you. How are you doing?

LIAM: I'm doing good, busy night, you know. Uh, I was wondering if you were close to finishing up for the night, as I figured we could catch a late movie, and then maybe stop for a quick drink at Club TBD? How's that sound?

As Liam describes his idea for a date night, a concerned Daniel approaches. Unsure whether he should interrupt or not, he hangs back a moment to hear Jenn's response.

JENNIFER: That sounds amazing. I am in.

Daniel now steps in, hesitantly, but knowing he should say something.

DANIEL: Uh...Sorry to interrupt, but...uh...can I speak to you for a second Jenn?

Jenn's smile fades and her warmth vanishes in an instant as she speaks to Daniel.

JENNIFER: Well, whatever you have to say, you can say in front of Liam. We have no secrets.

DANIEL: Uh...well...it's actually...you may have to postpone that date. Abigail's been admitted to the hospital.

Jenn looks to Daniel in shock, grasping Liam's hand for strength.


Inside the ICU room, Kim Brady leans over her daughter, the only sound heard is the occasional beep of the machinery keeping her alive. Kim is distraught, having finally reconnected with her daughter, only to have her at death's door so soon afterwards. She looks down at Theresa.

KIM: I love you, sweetie. I know I've let you down, and I know I've hurt you. But you're always my little Jeannie.

Kim sighs, kneeling down by her bed, she takes Theresa's hand.

KIM: I know, I know, you hate that name. But you'll always be Jeannie to me. That little girl who was so...happy, so full of love and wanted nothing more than to be a movie star. I remember, you and Andrew used to set up these movie sets and act them out for us...

Kim stops. She tears up as she thinks about how she failed her daughter by disbelieving her.

KIM: I should have listened to you. I should have never let Phil lay a hand on you. Never. I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry you couldn't count on me. I wish I hadn't been so desperate to hold onto his love that I'd...turn my own daughter away. I was wrong.

As she finishes, she hears a voice behind her, gently speaking to her. It's Billie, who's walked just inside the doorway.

BILLIE: You're right. You were so very wrong.

Kim looks back to Billie through tears, upset at the interruption, and at Billie's strong words.




EJ emerges from Abigail's hospital room, as Sami walks over to him. Concern in her expression as she walks over towards the door.

SAMI: Uh, hey. Is it okay if I go in now?

EJ: Sure. She may be a bit emotional, but it's just exhaustion, I think. She took a hard fall.

SAMI: Oh that's...a shame to hear. Have you told her about the project?

EJ: I have, she's excited but has some mixed emotions. I guess it's better I leave that discussion up to you two though.

EJ smiles and Sami responds in kind, though with a kind of reluctance. She doesn't quite look EJ in the eye, either. Sami turns to the door and begins to open it.

SAMI: I'll see you at home?

EJ: Sure.

As EJ walks into the main lobby at the hospital, Anne Milbauer steps off the elevator. She lurches forward and grabs him by the arm, brusquely walking him towards her office.

EJ: What the...?

ANNE: You and I are gonna have a little chat right now.


Sami steps into Abigail's room, seeing Abigail with tears in her eyes. Sami rushes over to Abigail.

SAMI: Hey, hey! You alright?

ABBY: Sami! Hey, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just...really tired, that's all.

SAMI: Oh it's okay. I...look, I know you had a pretty bad fall, but...you're gonna be out of the hospital tonight, right?

ABBY: Soon as I hear back from Daniel, yeah.

SAMI: Good. Hey! Uh...I just packed Johnny, Sydney, and Allie off for their first day of school. You should see the pictures we took this morning.

Sami flips through her phone and then hands over her phone to Abby, leaning on Abby's bedside with a huge smile on her face as Abigail looks at the picture, smiling at the picture before her.

ABBY: Oh my God, they are SO adorable.

SAMI: It was a perfect moment for about two seconds before Johnny stole Sydney's backpack and Allie tackled him on the front lawn to try to stop him.

Sami and Abby laugh at Sami's story. Abby looks to Sami, a bit of sadness in her eyes.

ABBY: I'm glad you showed me that. I miss the kids.

SAMI: Well, there's nothing saying you can't come by and see them. They miss you too! You're fantastic with them. Seriously, Abby, you're gonna be a fabulous mother one day.

Abby's face drops upon hearing Sami's words. She tries to hide the pain she feels, knowing her situation.

ABBY: Thanks. (sighs) Who knows, maybe I'll meet the love of my life in Italy and I'll be a mother of six!

SAMI: Trust me, you'll wanna start off small. Four kids is a handful. Even between EJ, Lucas, and I. But I think if anyone can do it, it's you.

Abby smiles, taking Sami's hand and squeezing it.

ABBY: Thank you, Sami. You're...you know you've done so much for me, and I just...I sometimes wonder if I deserve it.

SAMI: Oh come on, Abby, you've been a great friend to me too! Why would you even say that?

Abby shrugs, trying to come up with a good answer.

ABBY: Just...how I feel sometimes.

SAMI: Well, don't. Because everything that's coming your way, you deserve every bit of it.

Just as soon as Sami finishes speaking, Jenn bursts into the room, visibly panicked, with Laura, Daniel, and Liam in tow.

JENN: Abby! Honey! Are you okay??

Abby looks to her mom and family awkwardly, shocked by their sudden entrance, while Sami spins around suddenly, caught off guard.


Anne closes the door to her office, and EJ adjusts his suit, annoyed at having it roughed up.

EJ: Alright, Ms. Milbauer, I'm not having a very good day and I'm rather busy so let's hurry this up, yes?

ANNE: Oh I won't be long. Trust me. I know what you're trying to do. But you've gone too far this time. Alright?

Anne slowly walks up to EJ, arms folded, trying to keep her cool, commanding presence before EJ's similar disposition.

EJ: I don't know what you're talking ab---

ANNE: ...Oh give it a rest, DiMera. We both know the lengths you'd go to cover up your little indiscretion with pretty little Abby Deveraux. So let me just lay it on the line, here. You win. I will leave town and keep my mouth shut, just like you asked. No more games. No more trying to make me think I'm crazy, no more threats.I'll go.

EJ: I honestly have had no hand in whatever's swayed you this way, but I am grateful that you've made the right decision, Anne.

ANNE: You should be. In fact, you should be groveling right now. Praying that I do keep my big mouth shut, because I know what Samantha Brady is capable of. You know that friend of mine in a coma down the hall there? That's her cousin. I've heard so very many stories about what she could and will do to you when she finds out, and believe me, EJ, she will find out.

Anne approaches EJ, getting right up in his face, and speaking almost so quietly she can barely be heard.

ANNE: But not from me. I'll leave that up to karma.

After a long, uncomfortable pause, Anne holds her hand out to a still-silent EJ.

ANNE: So where's my ticket.

EJ wordlessly turns and steps away towards the door, not turning once to look back at Anne, his grimacing face tells the story.

EJ: Be at the airport tomorrow morning at 7am, there will be a boarding pass waiting for you.

EJ closes the door behind him, leaving Anne looking on, shaking her head in disapproval.


Caroline scowls at Nicole, who has placed the box she was holding onto the table before her at the pub.

CAROLINE: What the Hell's that supposed to mean? You think I don't even know what my Shawn wanted for his funeral.

Caroline stops, as Eric and Nicole look to each other. Caroline snaps her fingers in frustration, realizing what she'd just done.

CAROLINE: I did it again, didn't I? Shoot!

ERIC: Grandma, it's okay.

CAROLINE: I know, I just...ugh, I hate getting so frazzled when I'm upset about something.

NICOLE: There's nothing to be upset over, I was just...suggesting that instead of making this a memorial service, why don't we make this a sort of...life celebration. As though he's somewhere still with us.

Eric looks at Nicole, slightly confused.

ERIC: I don't quite follow.

As Nicole explains herself, she begins going on an extended diatribe, but realizes halfway through how insensitive she sounds and becomes instantly self-conscious.

NICOLE: Well, for one, we don't even know for sure that Brady's dead, and we don't have a body to bury. And I mean, come on, we're in Salem, half the TOWN'S been savagely murdered before our eyes and they all turned up alive and I'm TOTALLY making an ass of myself right now, and I'll just...stop...talking.

Nicole sheepishly sits down at the booth next to Eric, wishing she'd never opened her mouth. After an awkward moment, Caroline speaks up.

CAROLINE: She's right.

ERIC &NICOLE: (in unison) What??!

CAROLINE:A wake. Celebrate Brady's life, instead of mourning his death. It's the perfect way to honour him. No?


Kim stares down Billie, enraged by her accusation, and her presence in the room.

KIM: What the Hell are you doing here?

BILLIE: Probably the same thing you're doing. Visiting Theresa.

KIM: Really, because it seems to me like you're here to lay blame at my feet for the fun of it.

Billie steps further into Theresa's hospital room, and closes the door behind her. She stands, stiff and nervous as she speaks to Kim.

BILLIE: I'm not, Kim. I'm really not. But, I mean, you have to know that this, this all...ugh, never mind.

Kim gets up from Theresa's bedside, and stares down Billie, though Billie maintains eye contact, not to be intimidated.

KIM: What?

Billie looks to Kim. She holds up her hand and shakes her head.

BILLIE: No, I...it's not important.

KIM: Billie, just spit it out, I know you want to.

BILLIE: (sighs) As far as I'm concerned, everything that's happened, all the changes that Theresa went through after Phil's sick, twisted games...how she's behaved, the drugs, the men...it's all on you Kim! All of it!

Kim steps toward Billie and slaps her hard across her face, stunning Billie.



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The scene with Kim really pulled on my heart strings. We saw how much Kim really cares about... BUT now it is time for Billie to show Kim who the boss is. I loved the scene with Caroline, Nicole, and Eric I can see that actually happening on TV. OH Daniel... NICE GOING! He ruins everything. Anne and EJ so much movement you have taken there and I LOVE IT!!!! Sami... that affair is like right under your nose... sniff it out LOL. And Liam & Jen so much character devolopment. Keep up the good work!

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You delivered again buddy!!!

I liked Nicole's historical reference to the Salem Stalker storyline with Nicole and Caroline..

Anne took the plane ticket and ran. I get a feeling that's not quite over.

The confrontation begins between Billie and Kim...Kim blames herself for what happened to Theresa, as she should have, and I think maybe it IS time someone let her have it.

I wonder if Sami ALREADY knows about Abby and EJ's affair.

Daniel THOT Jonas interrupts Liam and Jen. Tell him to get a life....LOL

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Caroline is such a warm soul to have around. ALWAYS positive. I love that about her.

Kims scene with her daughter was gut wrenching. I could see all of that in my head. It was nice admitting to some of the things in the past. Her remorse then in came Billie bitch what. Who the fukk are you? I Lisa Rinna Playing this? I assume she is. She and her fukking lips better sit down some where.

This has to be a trick. I know Anne aint bout to give in like that. Come on now.

Oh don't be stunned Billie that yo face got cracked.

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