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Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


John tosses and turns in his bed at the Salem Inn. Unable to fall asleep, he looks up at the ceiling, thinking about Brady, and the opportunity he's lost to try to win his son back. He sighs heavily.

JOHN: I gotta take a long walk. Clear my mind.

John pulls back the covers and jumps out of bed. Getting dressed, he checks his back pocket of his pants for his wallet. As he pulls his wallet out, a wallet-sized picture of Brady falls out onto the floor.

Looking down, John bends down to pick it up, looking it over intensely.

JOHN: I'm not gonna let the DiMeras get away with this, Brady. Trust me.

John looks up, puts the picture away, and heads out the door.



Marlena takes a leisurely stroll through Horton Town Square. As she rounds the corner, she spots Roman coming toward her from the opposite direction. They smile at each other as they approach. Roman spreads his arms to welcome a hug to Marlena, she accepts and hugs back.

MARLENA: It's so good to see you.

ROMAN: It always is to see you, Doc.

They linger in their embrace, and as they separate, Marlena gives Roman a wistful smile, knowing what's weighing on his mind.

ROMAN: How's Theresa doing? I haven't had a chance to get to the hospital this afternoon.

Marlena looks down, trying to formulate an answer for Roman.

MARLENA: Well, it's not great. But...she made it through surgery. She...

ROMAN: She's still in a coma, is she?

Marlena nodd regretfully.

MARLENA: Kayla and Daniel aren't sure if she's going to wake up any time soon, but...for now, yes.

ROMAN: My God. How's Kimmy taking it?

MARLENA: Oh as well as can be expected, I guess. I left her at the hospital when she went in to visit. Figured I'd give her some alone time with Theresa.

ROMAN: Makes sense. I'll probably head down tomorrow, myself.

MARLENA: I think she'd like that.

Roman shakes his head in sadness at his sister and niece's fate.

ROMAN: You know, Doc. It's been so hard on Kim, all these years. She really hasn't had it easy, you know?

MARLENA: It's been hard on Theresa too. The important thing is that the family's together, and Theresa has her friends and family on her side.


Billie steps onto the elevator at University Hospital, as she steps on, she looks up and is face to face with Daniel. She's surprised, but smiles at the doctor, who smiles a wry smile back her way.

DANIEL: Fancy meeting you here.

BILLIE: Yeah, well...it's not exactly a happy visit but...

DANIEL: You're here to see Theresa, aren't you?

Billie nods sadly.

BILLIE: Yep! ...Aaaand I didn't even get a chance to see her, really.

DANIEL: You alright? You did see a little shaken up.

BILLIE: Yeah, I mean...it's not like this is the best day anyway but...(sigh) Oh, I got into a fight with Kim Brady.

DANIEL: Ahhhh. Yeah.

The two quickly stop talking. Awkwardly, they stare forward, deeply pensive, both about their respective worries.

Finally, Daniel breathes in, and breaks the silence.

DANIEL: Uh...look. I'm done my shift in a minute. If you wanted to talk, I'd be more than willing to grab a drink with you and we could...


DANIEL: ...Yeah.

BILLIE: Well, you know...(laughs) with the day I've had, hey, might as well replace one vice with another, eh?

DANIEL: I'm...not quite sure what...you...

Billie holds up her hand to stop Daniel speaking.

BILLIE: It's...it's okay. I'd love to.

Daniel smiles, but is a bit confused and concerned by Billie's statement.


EJ stands in the waiting room at the hospital, breathing in to cool down from Abby's sudden backbone growth.

EJ: I'm sorry...WHAT?!

Abby tenses, clearly uncomfortable with challenging EJ, particularly with his volatile temper.

ABBY: I said...I am not going to Italy.

EJ smiles suddenly, as he walks slowly over to the coffee maker in the waiting room. He casually pours himself a cup, laughing to himself.

EJ: Oh you are funny, Abigail.

ABBY: There is nothing funny about it, EJ. I am not going. You can't force me to just...uproot my entire life because I inconvenienced you with this baby.

EJ: You see, that's your problem, Abigail. You don't know anything at all. About me. Or this child.




Kim stands in Theresa's hospital room, arms crossed, as if to hold herself together. She looks down at her comatose daughter, a great pain within her. Kayla walks up behind her and puts a hand on Kim's shoulder.

KAYLA: You gonna be okay?

Kim looks skyward, trying to hold in her tears.

KIM: I doubt it. You know, I JUST got my Jeannie back. She finally turned to me last night. Do you know how long it's been since I've held my daughter, Kay? For her to turn to me instead of Billie or...someone else for advice? She came to me. And now...not even a day later. Here she is.

Kayla leans in as Kim turns to face Kayla and they hug tightly. Kim begins to sob on her sister's shoulder, as Kayla pats her sister gently on the back.

KAYLA: It's okay. I know.

After Kim cries a few seconds more, then pulls back and looks intently at Kayla. Kim's expression changes quickly to one of anger and she points at Kayla, driving home her point.

KIM: I want her banned, Kayla.

KAYLA: Kim, I'm serious, I don't thi--

KIM: ...I don't care! She has no business being here, she has no right to be here.

KAYLA: Kimmy, she does! She was there for Theresa. Don't you see? She needed that confidant. She had nobod--


Kayla holds back what she was going to say. Kim takes Kayla's silence for understanding, and continues.

KIM: If that woman isn't barred from my daughter's room by tomorrow morning, I will get a court order. Do you understand?

KAYLA: I'll let Daniel know.

Kim walks away, closing the door to Theresa's room behind her. Kayla stays behind, deep in thought, shaking her head at Kim's unhinged anger.


Billie and Daniel are seated at Club TBD. Taking a quiet corner booth, the two are quietly taking over their drinks, laughing and looking at each other with intensity.

DANIEL: So, I hope you're feeling a bit better.

BILLIE: A bit.

Daniel pouts jokingly, making Billie laugh.

BILLIE: I appreciate the effort though!

DANIEL: Well, at least it wasn't a total waste, then. You wanna talk about what's bothering you?

Daniel reads Billie's suddenly less bright face as a sign, and stops himself from pushing further.

DANIEL: Or maybe not?

BILLIE: It's...better left alone. I just...I had a hard day.

DANIEL: Theresa's accident?

BILLIE: Yyyep. It never gets easier as you get older, seeing your friends struggling to hold on. And the worst part in all this is that, I'm looking at this girl, hoping that, at the same time you hope they come back to you, that...maybe this could end all the pain and suffering they're going through every day.

DANIEL: You really think she's suffering that much?

BILLIE: (sigh) I really shouldn't be talking about this.

DANIEL: Okay. So then...what shall we talk about?

Billie cracks a smile again, looking at Daniel while holding up a martini in her hand.

BILLIE: Hmm...well, good doctor...I'll leave that up to you.

DANIEL: Hmmm...that sounds dangerous.

BILLIE: You never know until you try.

DANIEL: Well, I admit, I'm glad you agreed to this drink. I wasn't sure you were going to.

Billie, mid-drink, almost chokes on it, surprised by Daniel's comment. She looks at him, surprised.

BILLIE: Why would you think I'd say no?

DANIEL: Well...I mean...I've hardly had the best track record with your family, Billie. I mean...between your mom, Chelsea, and what went down with Chloe when she was with Lucas...

Billie holds up her hands, waving them to get Daniel to stop.

BILLIE: Okay, stop, stop right there. Look. I know you've got history with my family. But I also know what I see. And I see a man who's come a long way through a lot of really...kinda awful circumstances. And he's learned a lot. And I sure as Hell can't judge you based on what I've done in my time.

Daniel smiles, looking down at his drink, somewhat sheepishly.

BILLIE: You're not perfect. None of us are. And besides, I thought we agreed this was only a friendly drink, nothing serious, we were going to get away from all the seriousness. What happened to that??

DANIEL: (laughs) That's the truth, right there. I think that calls for a toast.

Billie raises her glass, smiling with a seductive glint in her eyes. Daniel raises his as well.

DANIEL: To nothing serious.

BILLIE: (laughs) Cheers to that.

Daniel and Billie toast, never taking their eyes off each other in the process.


Abigail sits in the hospital lounge in her wheelchair, incredulous at EJ's audacity.

ABBY: What the Hell is that supposed to mean, EJ? I know you love your kids. But this baby, how can you be so eager to make this baby go away?

EJ turns around, impassioned as he turns to face Abigail, raising his voice to stop her from making any further insinuations.

EJ: That is NOT what I'm trying to do, Abigail. I am trying to make sure that we are all protected.

ABBY: Oh well, that's a huge difference. So, we'll never see or hear from this child again, but we're not throwing them away, heavens no. Semantics make all the difference!

EJ: Abigail, I am not going to throw this child away. I have been kept from two of my children. One of them was dead before I even knew they existed. I was denied that opportunity. Don't you think I wanted to be there for them? To love them? To watch them grow, and become their own people?

Abby can't respond to EJ's comments. She looks down, mouth agape, trying to formulate something to say in response before finally choking something out.

ABBY: I'm sorry.

EJ: Yes, well...I just need to be clear about this. This is not about making this child disappear. I will see to that. But for your own protection, you need to take this trip. It's the only way our secret will be safe, and that we won't be put in a position that will potentially destroy us both.

Abigail laughs a bit. She shakes her head before responding to EJ's second sermon.

ABBY: You, EJ. It will destroy you. That's the thing, you see. I don't have as much to lose now, having this affair come to light, as you do. So why should I have to be the one to completely just...uproot their lives to accomodate your potential public shaming? Huh?

EJ: Fine then, Abigail. What exactly do you propose we do then?

ABBY: We can just say the baby is Chad's and that I conceived it before he was shot.

EJ laughs now, shaking his head at what he sees as Abigail's silliness and naivete.

EJ: Oh you silly little girl.

ABBY: What? It's not that far from the truth. I mean...Chad and I didn't have sex that long before you and I did.

EJ: But it was long enough that there would be questions, Abigail. You would have to induce labour early to make that story work, and that is too dangerous for the baby. I will not risk that child's health. Got it?

ABBY: Clear as mud.

EJ: Look, you have no choice about this. You have to go to Italy. Tomorrow morning, you will be on that flight.

ABBY: And what if I'm not, EJ?

EJ puts his head in his hands, unable to comprehend Abigail's bullheadedness on this subject. As EJ speaks, Abigail's defenses begin to finally break down again against the onslaught of information EJ presents to her.

EJ: I...do...do you not understand how Samantha will react to this if she finds out? Don't you get it, Abigail?? If people find out about this, it will not just be my head on a platter, you'll be on the next dish over. You should be well aware by now of the damage Samantha can cause when she's been wronged. Alright?! Think about it. Your mother, your brother, your grandmother, all of your friends and family, the scandal in the community, you'll probably never work in this town again, I mean, your father would be spinning in his grave knowing that--

ABBY: ALRIGHT! EJ...I'll do it. Just...don't ever bring up my father EVER again like that.

EJ calms down, relieved by Abby's agreement to go ahead with the move. He nods. Abby begins to sob in her chair as the gravity of the situation begins to weigh into her.

EJ: Deal.

Abby begins to wheel herself out of the room, struggling with the act through her tears. EJ walks up behind her to push her toward the elevator. As he pushes her, he leans down close to Abby and speaks softly.

EJ: And for the record, I will make sure you can see your baby whenever you like. I promise.

Abby shakes her head, completely disbelieving him.


Roman and Marlena sit on a bench at Town Square together. They sit quietly together, when Marlena turns to Roman and asks him a question.

MARLENA: You know, I just remembered, back to when you left Salem before, after you found out about John and I...I...remember...I sat down at a park bench, kind of like this one, and I remember thinking...I'm never going to have a moment just...sitting quietly with you ever again. And wishing I could.

Roman stares off into the distance. A blank expression across his face as he listens to Marlena.

ROMAN: Heh, well...a lot's happened since then.

MARLENA: It has.

ROMAN: You know, I'm glad we've been able to come together and be friends again, though. I know we had some rough times before, but it's just like you and John. No matter what comes between you, you always managed to find your way back to each other.

MARLENA: Leave it up to fate, I guess.

ROMAN: Absolutely.

Marlena smiles and looks at Roman warmly. She laughs a bit, causing Roman to turn to her, a bit confused.

ROMAN: What are you laughing at?

MARLENA: I just remembered how much you used to hate when people would talk like that in movies. We used to watch these romance movies and it'd be like pulling teeth to get you to sit through them for about an hour, and then by the end you'd be crying like a baby.

Roman makes a face at Marlena of mock disgust and disbelief.

ROMAN: I would never!

MARLENA: Oh yes you would!

ROMAN: Name ONE time!

MARLENA: I can think of about four.

ROMAN: A pack of lies, all of it!

Marlena laughs, Roman joins in moments later. As they do, John walks into the square, walking slowly behind them but far away where they don't see him. He spies their tender moment. but hangs far back, not able to hear their whole conversation.

MARLENA: And the best part was when the movie was over, you'd decide to get all romantic and run to the kitchen to get my favourite dessert.

Roman looks to Marlena, a bit of confusion still lingering on her face as she talks.

ROMAN: (softly) Doc?

MARLENA: Chocolate-covered strawberries. And you'd put them on the tray, you remember the silver one with the--

ROMAN: Doc! I don't...I don't know what you're talking about I...

Marlena looks to Roman, having forgotten about his memory failings the last few weeks. She looks guiltily at him, as Roman looks down, fighting back tears and attempting to hold back his rage. He slams his fist against the bench.

ROMAN: I don't...remember.

MARLENA: Oh Roman! It's okay.

Marlena pulls Roman in tightly, holding him closely to her, as he responds by putting his arms around her. John looks off in a distance at the scene, a great pained look on his face as the wife he turned away appears to be caressing her ex-husband.



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The episode was set up well.

John/Marlena/Roman - John taking a walk. Set up well, and it wasn't like he's just appeared and found Marlena in a tender moment with Roman, who does not remember what Marlena was telling him. Hmmm what's wrong with Roman? At the same time, John misinterpreting (Possibly) the moment.

Billie/Daniel. Tiptoeing around what was really bothering Billie was good. I could feel and see the conflict with Billie here. Should I confide in this guy that dated my mom, daughter and broke up Chloe's relationship with my brother? Then she relented and just kept things on the surface. You really get Billie's character...

Kimberly and Kayla - Another family moment that you capture well, and you brought Kim's rollercoaster of emotions to the forefront very well.

EJ/Abby - So Abby FINALLY relented and is going to Europe. I get the feeling this is just the beginning of this story...EJ seems very self serving here, as he is most of the time, except when it comes to his beloved Samantha.


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Al I have to tell you this was probably the best constructed episode yet. I saw each characters agenda clearly. You hit the main things to focous on. First E.J. and Abigail. I loved your details to those scenes. Those scene were the icing on this episode 54 cake. Billie/Daniel will be interesting to see if you unravel them more. Anything without Jen and Dan together is great LOL! I liked bow you set up the walk with John. Very DAYS! You used history with Marlena and Roman and you are using history with John. You are taking us to this new story with Roman that TV Days writers would never even think of! Finally, Kimberly and Kayla! I do not think that could have gotten any better! Kayla really took Kim's feelings into play. Very nice moment! Keep up the great work!!!

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  • Members

LMAO I dnt care what happens in Salem, John wil ALWAYS blame a Dimera. LOL!!

Ok So I am feeling Billie and Daniel, although the are both whores. But its a breath of fresh air.

Damn poor Abby. I know she not going out like that. Shame on tat DEVIL EJ. I can't stand him. Why does abby have to uproot herself. What inconvenience does EJ have to go through fukking bastard.

Oh My poor Roman. That was a great scene. I had a smile on my face I love these two together and Ira elly feel they have done him so wrong. But John has see the embrace. The story is deepening. And I love every minute of it. Wow man good stuff. Felt like 1993 or 4 all over again. Ty for that. That was a great time for days. So rich in story.

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