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Episode 248



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lily rushes over to Luke and Kevin's. Once there, Luke informs her that Jade is taking a nap. She doesn't remember anything, but they did find blood all over her clothes. Lily insists they have Bob take a look at her to make sure she wasn't raped. At the hospital, Bob reveals that Jade was assaulted and Margo is on her way now. Lily comforts her niece until Margo gets there. Growing agitated at the questioning, Jade cries that she can't remember anything. Margo opts to let Jade rest for a while before coming back. In the mean time, she'll need Lily to keep Jade comfortable. Across town, Luke throws a bloody knife in the woods.

Alison walks through the lobby of the Lakeview, only to be bombarded by Aaron. Angrily, he confronts her for what she did with Dusty the other night. After asking him to continue this outside, Alison denies that she did anything more than take Dusty home. Aaron reveals that Emily told him that she slept with Dusty. She scoffs that it's absurd and that Dusty told Emily that to spite her. Leaving Aaron behind, she heads off to confront Dusty. At his house, Dusty explains that the kiss was just a drunken mistake. It isn't until Alison reminds him of Emily's appearance that he remembers he called her Alison. Dusty vows to make everything right as Alison grunts that he better; her relationship is on the line once again because of him.

Lyla rounds the corner of her living room couch and hands Katie another box of tissues. Sympathetically, she preaches that Katie can't just sit here all day. Katie mopes that her career is now over thanks to Brad. Plus, her marriage was probably a lie; Brad was probably banging Carly the whole time. And now, Brad wants $10,000 to do what he did while they were married: eat burnt pizza and drink beer. Craig happens upon the conversation and offers to talk to Brad. Katie refuses the idea, but Craig stalks off to confront his brother-in-law anyway. In Old Town, Brad walks the other way as he sees Craig approach. Craig ridicules him for treating his baby sister the way he did, but admits amazement at Brad bedding Carly. He always thought she was too hung up on his brother to give a rat's tail about, much less sleep with, his ignorant brother. Fuming, Brad attacks Craig.

Clark knocks on the door, repeatedly calling out for Emma to open up. Holden comes up behind him with a pitchfork, fresh from working in the barn. Standing tall, he tells Clark that his mother has gone out of town to a farmer's market and won't be back anytime soon. He has two options; leave or be forced to leave. Clark obliges to do the former, but explains that he never meant for Emma to be hurt. Later, Emma thanks Holden for sending Clark away, moaning that she doesn't think she can bare to see him. If he didn't tell her he was once married to Lucinda, how is she to know he isn't keeping any other secrets? Holden gets word about Jade and heads off to meet Lily at the hospital. As they wait for the results of the rape kit, they watch the TV in the waiting room. As they watch, a news bulletin flashes that a body has been found, stabbed to death, in Lincoln Park just north of Luthers Corners.

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Luke would do anything for his cousin and vice versa. I've always enjoyed Luke and Jade's relationship. But I know the truth is going to come out sooner or later, and Jade's going to have to face the music. Good to have some suspense return to Oakdale!

God, Aaron and Alison just need to break up! And I don't think Alison should go to Dusty either if it happens. Alison needs a new doctor to come to town and sweep her off her feet.

Leave it to Craig to tell Brad the hard truth. The truth hurts, huh Brad? :lol:

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