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Episode 249



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lyla meets with Michael and asks that he keep the fact that her cancer has returned secret, for the sake of her children. Michael agrees, but later, Susan sees the two and wonders what she's doing there. Michael covers that it's just a check-up. The two make plans to meet for dinner at Mona Lisa. After dinner, Michael invites Susan to his house where Susan reasons that she wants them both to be completely honest with one another from now on.

Dusty tries to see Emily, but she refuses to come out of her office, even calling security to take Dusty away. Waiting outside, Dusty bombards her when she gets off work and explains that he kissed Alison, but she never kissed him back. When Emily returned, in his drunken stupor, he thought it was Alison. Later, Dusty tells Alison that Emily didn't listen.

Carly meets with Rosanna at Fairwinds. Rosanna painfully admits that Cabot is attached to Craig. He sees her as a stranger. She also brings up Craig's ultimatum about shared custody. Carly scoffs that it's just like Craig to make such a selfish ultimatum. Although she hates the man, Carly gives her sister the cold hard truth. Right now, Cabot comes first. If he needs Craig, Rosanna needs Craig. Period.

Lily paces the floor, unsure what's going to happen next. Luke and Kevin come in and Lily informs her son that they found a body in Lincoln Park. Kevin stays hopeful, asserting that it might all be coincidence. Bob interrupts to inform them that Jade wasn't raped. Meanwhile, Holden returns with even grimmer news. According to Margo, the body has been identified as Colin Taylor.

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Susan wanting Michael to be completely honest with her can't involve Lyla's secret, can it? That's something Michael can't be honest about. Doctor/patient confidentiality, anyone?

Dusty screwed himself over. Part of me doesn't want Emily to go back to him, but the other part of me wants these two together so damn bad.

Good for Carly to tell Rosanna the right thing and to think clearly, even though she hates Craig as much as the next guy.

Uh oh. Jade's got some 'splainin to do! :lol:

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